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DIY Book Scanning

DIY Book Scanning
Oh, there’s so much we could talk about. May we start with a little bragging? DIY Book Scanner is notorious as an example of Open Innovation – that means that you, as a member of this community, are the one doing the important work of innovation and invention. Who recognizes this? Well, how about The New York Times? Or the BBC?

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Cerowrt CeroWrt is a project built on the OpenWrt firmware to resolve the endemic problems of bufferbloat in home networking today, and to push forward the state of the art of edge networks and routers. Projects include proper IPv6 support, tighter integration with DNSSEC, and most importantly, reducing bufferbloat in both the wired and wireless components of the stack. The CeroWrt 3.10 series of builds include the following features and capabilities: Linux 3.10 kernel.

A minimum income standard for the UK in 2012 What income do people need to achieve a socially acceptable standard of living? Soaring childcare and transport costs plus cuts to tax credits mean families need to earn a third more post-recession to make ends meet. A video and infographics illustrate the data. About Us In a nutshell Charmed Labs is a small company consisting of electronics industry professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Charmed Labs derives its unique name from its employees who are enthusiastic about the process of invention and applying new technologies in innovative and interesting ways. Our mission is to bring advanced technologies to new audiences by making the technologies easy to use and affordable. And to have fun in the process.

PayPal Launches PayPal Here, A Competitor To Square Designed By Yves Behar Today, Paypal announced PayPal Here, a triangle-shaped mobile creditcard-swiping gadget aimed directly at Jack Dorsey's reader, Square. And, just like Square, they’re aiming to convert customers with the power of their design: They tapped Fuseproject, the firm run by Yves Behar and a darling among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, to create the object. Obviously, the $4 billion in transactions being done every year on Square were an enticing market for PayPal. But PayPal is also trying migrate into offline, physical transactions. "We’re actually going after offline business in a serious way," says David Marcus, VP of mobile at PayPal. The gadget works similarly to Square, offering a simple attachment and merchant app that allows iPhones and Android smartphones to do the work of a cash register, swiping credit and debit cards, and tracking receipts.

Bufferbloat I received the following question today from Ralph Droms. I include an edited version of my response to Ralph. On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Ralph Droms (rdroms) <rdroms@yyy.zzz> wrote: Comparison of agent-based modeling software In the last few years, the agent-based modeling (ABM) community has developed several practical agent based modeling toolkits that enable individuals to develop agent-based applications. More and more such toolkits are coming into existence, and each toolkit has a variety of characteristics. Several individuals have made attempts to compare toolkits to each other (see references). Below is a chart intended to capture many of the features that are important to ABM toolkit users. Awareness at The Sheffield College Human Trafficking Awareness Human Trafficking Awareness is a general awareness raising course which gives a general overview and introduction to the scale and impact of human trafficking in the UK and beyond. It includes information on how to identify victims and action that can be taken to help protect them.

Amazon Drops Prices, FullContact Parses Names and 12 New APIs Amazon has dropped prices again on its popular Amazon EC2 API. CRM-as-a-service company FullContact added ambiguous name parsing as a useful new feature to its FullContact API. Plus: an API podcast, Facebook gaming and 12 new APIs. Amazon EC2 Lowers Pricing for the 19th Time Renosite (code name: CDEOp) Please take the time to read and understand the reasoning behind this product. This site is dedicated to a special project that has been missing in the computer industry. Once this project started other similar devices started showing up on the market, but to this day this one is the only open-source version out there.

Glossary API [Permalink] Application Programming Interface. For data, this is usually a way provided by the data publisher for programs or apps to read data directly over the web. The app sends the API a query asking for the specific data it needs, e.g. the time of the next bus leaving a particular stop.

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