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Anarchism and Other Essays: Anarchism: What It Really Stands For

Anarchism and Other Essays: Anarchism: What It Really Stands For
Emma Goldman, Anarchism and Other Essays (Third revised edition, New York: Mother Earth Publishing Association, 1917) Ever reviled, accursed, ne'er understood, Thou art the grisly terror of our age. "Wreck of all order," cry the multitude, "Art thou, and war and murder's endless rage." O, let them cry. To them that ne'er have striven The truth that lies behind a word to find, To them the word's right meaning was not given. They shall continue blind among the blind. THE history of human growth and development is at the same time the history of the terrible struggle of every new idea heralding the approach of a brighter dawn. Anarchism could not hope to escape the fate of all other ideas of innovation. To deal even remotely with all that is being said and done against Anarchism would necessitate the writing of a whole volume. The strange phenomenon of the opposition to Anarchism is that it brings to light the relation between so-called intelligence and ignorance.

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San Francisco Blocks Cell Service To Thwart Protest, Draws Ire of Anonymous Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) shut down cell service at four San Francisco stations Thursday night to thwart a protest attempt. The decision has drawn the ire of many, including members of hacker collective Anonymous. In July, a BART police officer shot and killed Charles Blair Hill, a transient who reportedly pulled a knife on BART officers. The incident enraged protesters who disrupted BART service a week later. Another protest was planned for Thursday night.

Crowdfund original novels by fanfiction writers and a Frank Cho artbook If you see something you'd like featured, shoot me an email at! I read through all the emails people send me about crowdfunding projects. I think this crowdfunding stuff is just out of control and open to abuse. Especially for creative projects that need to succeed or fail on their own merits. Here's a tip...make the thing, market it, and you'll see if people want it. Helping fanfiction writers? Sam Weinstein on Transplanting a Baby’s Heart - Best Doctors 2011 Doctor: Sam WeinsteinSpecialty: Pediatric Heart and Lung SurgeryLocation: Montefiore Medical Center Dr. Weinstein: The patient was 6 months old and had dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscle becomes too sick to beat strongly enough to sustain life. He had months to live. A good transplant has to go like clockwork.

Wilhelm Reich rotten > Library > Biographies > Mad Science > Wilhelm Reich "Man's right to know, to learn, to inquire, to make bona fide errors, to investigate human emotions must, by all means, be safe, if the word FREEDOM should ever be more than an empty political slogan." So spoke Wilhelm Reich, right before the U.S. government burned all of his books and papers, destroyed his orgone accumulators, and threw him in prison in 1957. Ah the '50s.

Anarchist Theory FAQ What is anarchism? What beliefs do anarchists share? Anarchism is defined by The American Heritage College Dictionary as "The theory or doctrine that all forms of government are unnecessary, oppressive, and undesirable and should be abolished." Anarchism is a negative; it holds that one thing, namely government, is bad and should be abolished. Aside from this defining tenet, it would be difficult to list any belief that all anarchists hold.

Facebook, RIM To Meet With UK Government Over Proposed Social Media Ban Facebook and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) are set to meet with Home Secretary Theresa May and other UK officials as the government investigates what roles the platforms played in organizing recent riots in London. When asked whether Twitter would be joining the talks, a spokesperson said merely, "We'd be happy to listen." Facebook's official statement read a little differently: "We look forward to meeting with the Home Secretary to explain the measures we have been taking to ensure that Facebook is a safe and positive platform in the UK at this challenging time." On Thursday, UK Prime Minister David Cameron alarmed free speech activists when he told Parliament that the government is examining whether it is possible to prevent suspected criminals from sending messages via social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Charles Bukowski Tapes: 52 Short Interviews with the Underground Poet I don’t remember exactly how I first came across Charles Bukowski’s Notes of a Dirty Old Man, a collection of essays in which the low-rent poet and writer details his lonely exploits as an unapologetic working-class alcoholic in L.A. But it was long before the days of personalized internet marketing, when I was more likely to make new finds by scouring used bookstores (record stores, video stores…) and grabbing something unfamiliar and cheap because I liked the cover and vaguely recognized it as important. I may have just been leaving a bar, or heading toward one, and found Bukowski a perfect drinking companion. He was a modern-day character out of Dostoevsky, the novelist Bukowski most admired.

Rent a Tiny Sleepbox At Moscow Airport. For Sleeping. Images credit Arch Group/Ivanov Ilya. When I first wrote about the Sleepbox two years ago, I was dubious that it would ever see the light of day, noting "It is an interesting exercise in seeing how small a space one can comfortably live in, but one suspects that the opportunity for, um, misuse might keep this idea of the 15 minute hotel room from going mainstream." But it has, with a working prototype set up in Moscow.

Jakob Bohme rotten > Library > Biographies > Mad Science > Jakob Bohme You are sitting in front of a computer that would have filled a skyscraper had it been built in 1956. You have terabytes of the world's accumulated wisdom at your fingertips via Google. Arguments For And Against by Albert Meltzer Table of Contents Introduction Inalienable Tenets of Anarchism The Class Struggle Organisation and Anarchism The Role of an Anarchist in an Authoritarian Society Bringing About the New Society The Marxist Criticism of Anarchism The Social-Democratic Critique of Anarchism The Liberal-Democratic Objection to Anarchism The Fascist Objection to Anarchism The Average Person's Objection to Anarchism Introduction The Historical Background to Anarchism It is not without interest that what might be called the anarchist approach goes back into antiquity; nor that there is an anarchism of sorts in the peasant movements that struggled against State oppression over the centuries.

Swearing to Make Your Point: A Tale of F**k and Sh*t Apparently I'm weird. I feel the complete opposite of a lot of people I'm seeing here. I actually find that people who are offended by swear words (or who think less of people for using them) are the immature ones. The 10 Rules of Surveillance Dystopia Stories The Black Mirror scenario was for me one of the closest to the current trend of things. In most others surveillance dystopias the state somewhat was outside the economy, not doing it for its own profit. But we are getting into a corporate surveillance dystopia, where profit is a big motivation behind the surveillance (including government one), where we become rats in a wheel, and if we manage to get out of it, we can't avoid turning into another mechanism of control for the rest.

THEY'RE HERE! 2010 DARWIN AWARDS - You've been waiting for them with bated breath, so without further ado, here are the 2010 Darwin Awards. Eighth Place In Detroit, a 41-year-old man got stuck and drowned in two feet of water after squeezing head first through an 18-inch-wide sewer grate to retrieve his car keys. Seventh Place All About Anarchism This classic statement of anarchism was written by a diverse group of anarchists in Cardiff around 1980 and it is an interesting historical record of the optimism of mainstream anarchist thought at that time. There is probably more rubbish talked about anarchism than any other political idea. Actually, it has nothing to do with a belief in chaos, death and destruction.