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Turn Google into your own personal (free) Napster

Turn Google into your own personal (free) Napster
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Hack Attack : Get Windows XP SP3 Through Windows Update « DailyApps Well If you have read my previous Hack Attack on How you can download Windows Vista SP1 through a Hack and it worked for you then here is another Hack that will allow you to download Windows XP SP3 RC1 directly from Microsoft. Windows XP SP3 will be the final service pack that we will see for the World’s biggest Operating System from Microsoft. SP3 will bring a host of bug fixes and some new features borrowed from Vista. Well here is how you can download SP3 straight from Microsoft. Follow the instructions carefully and you’ll be running Windows XP SP3 in no time. Don’t fret too much, this won’t take much time. Download this file ( WindowsXPSP3Hack.cmd ). Please note this hack is the exact way Microsoft expects its beta testers to try Windows XP SP3 out, so you don’t have to worry too much about Microsoft catching hold of you. I tried this on Windows XP Machine and this hack worked like a charm. Spread the word around, so that many more people can download the 3rd Service Pack.

Top Ten Uses for Duct Tape Top ten reasons why you should wear duct tape to the prom by the Duct Tape Guys, authors of The Duct Tape Book(s) 10. Cheaper than renting a tux or gown. 9. Resistant to punch spills. 8. Prom decorations start falling down? Just peel off part of your outfit and repair 'em on the spot. 7. Nah, that ain’t enough... Media: This list is based on Duck® brand Duct Tape’s Prom Contest. Best OFFICE Uses for Duct Tape by the Duct Tape Guys, authors of The Duct Tape Book(s) 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Media: If you use this list on the air, please mention - Thanks Want to have Tim do this list live with your station? Valentine’s Day Uses for Duct Tape by the Duct Tape Guys, authors of The Duct Tape Book(s) 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. St. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. How Duct Tape can Help with any Energy Crisis: by the Duct Tape Guys, authors of The Duct Tape Book(s) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. How to prepare for a Hurricane using Duct Tape: 10. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5.

7 unbreakable laws of user interface design Are you a web designer? If yes, then you are also a user interface designer, and in the near future, this role will become even more important for you. While web pages today have simple user interfaces with no more than navigation and contact forms, the rise of new technologies and standards will create a demand for more dynamic and customized experiences. This, inevitably, means more user interface work. 1. The user will avoid interface elements without a clear meaning. Are you using Gmail? Then Google decided to “simplify” and move everything behind an abstract icon. People avoid and often ignore things they cannot understand — that’s basic human nature. 2. The user will feel more comfortable when they understand what the preferred action is. Look at the Twitter screen above. Obviously, they should start tweeting. Users should never wonder what to do next — the preferred action should be obvious. 3. The user expects to see interface controls close to the object he wants to control. 4. 5.

DRM Removal How To Remove DRM from Audio Files Perhaps you've purchased music from iTunes and you want to play those tunes on a non-iPod music player. Apple says no. Maybe you've become a Mac or Linux user, and you need your WMA (Windows Audio) files in a standard, portable format. Microsoft says no. How about making backup copies of your music library? But that doesn't mean you can't. Yes, you CAN free your iTunes music from the shackles of DRM. If you're frustrated by the DRM protection roadblock, check out my list of audio converters below. The Big List of Audio Conversion Software Requiem - The Requiem software captures the audio stream of a song while it's being played in iTunes, and outputs it to an MP3 file. Do you have another DRM remover tool that works well for you?

Top 10 Secret Agent Security Tips and Tricks When dealing with computer security, an often overlooked security risk is so-called "deleted files". When files are deleted, nothing is actually done to them aside from marking them as "free-space". The OS may get around to overwriting them sometime when it needs the space, but a deleted file could sit on a drive completely intact for weeks of usage (the bigger it is the bigger the chance it will be at least partially overwrited). Encryption applications that do not involve real-time decoding (a special driver decrypting files on-the-go vs an application decrypting and re-encrypting files), often do not have secure methods of wiping files (or the user is unaware of them), and hence the files are left in an unencrypted state on the drive when deleted. The only way to assure deleted files remain that way (or at least make their recovery very difficult and time-consuming) is to have an application overwrite the drives free-space with random 0s/1s, ideally multiple times.

A Collection of Eye Catching Poster Design May 11 2012 Poster design is a true art form. Often the best posters will be bold, eye catching and visually intense, yet minimal and elegant at the same time. As with logo design, often a great poster will be great for what it omits, as well as what it features. Really the effectiveness of a poster’s design depends upon it’s purpose. Often poster designs will need to be pixel perfect, and very carefully designed as they will be printed at very high resolutions. Today we have featured a wide range of poster designs, each demonstrating a different style, purpose and agenda. The Poster Designs James White’s Poster Designs Whilst this post showcases a variety of artist’s and styles, with James White’s permission to feature his poster designs as part of this article, we had to load up on his works. Alejandro de Antonio’s Minimal Movie Poster Designs Minimal posters are very trendy, and Alejandro de Antonio has produced an excellent set of minimal movie posters in this vein. Slick Club Poster

Know the Trade – Your IT Security Information Portal CISSP/CEH/CISA/Hacker and Penetration Testing Specialist Google Hacking allintitle:Brains, Corp. camera allintitle:"index of/admin" allintitle:"index of/root" allintitle:restricted filetype:doc site:gov allintitle:restricted filetype :mail allintitle:sensitive filetype:doc allinurl:/bash_history allinurl:winnt/system32/ (get cmd.exe) ext:ini eudora.ini ext:pwd inurl:(service|authors|administrators |users) "# -FrontPage-" filetype:bak inurl:"htaccess|passwd|shadow|htusers" filetype:conf slapd.conf filetype:ctt "msn" filetype:mdb inurl:"account|users|admin|administrators|passwd|password" filetype:mdb inurl:users.mdb filetype:QDF QDF filetype:pdf "Host Vulnerability Summary Report" "Assessment Report" filetype:sql ("passwd values ****" | "password values ****" | "pass values ****" ) filetype:xls inurl:"email.xls" filetype:user eggdrop user intitle:"Apache::Status" (inurl:server-status | inurl:status.html | inurl:apache.html) intitle:"Welcome to IIS 4.0!" These log files record info about the SSH client PUTTY.

It's because I think too much: Galactic Manicure I loved how my glittery gradient mani turned out so much that I decided to do a variation on it, using the night sky as my inspiration! Here's how I did it: 1. Prep I grabbed deep navy, silver glitter, and gold glitter polish along with my favorite top coat. I also grabbed an orange stick and some nail art rhinestones. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Surprising before-and-after pics compare movie scenes pre- and post-visual effects [37 pics] We know that many of today’s movies are filled with visual effects, but it’s rare that we get a behind-the-scenes look at where the acting and makeup ends and technology takes over. Here are just a few comparisons between what the cameras filmed and what you saw in the theater… Life of Pi 300 — Rise of an Empire Godzilla The Avengers Maleficent King Arthur The Life of Pi Rise of the Planet of the Apes RoboCop Elysium The Wolverine Brick Mansions A Good Day to Die Hard Prometheus The Chronicles of Narnia Ender’s Game Man of Tai Chi Tron: Legacy The Prey The Homesman The Monuments Men (via Twisted Sifter)

Using Googles Full Capabilities. « XBOX, XBOX 360, PS2, PS3, PSP, & MORE! – Your source for the latest in console modding. Well most of you use Google to probably look up porn. Other just search stuff. And others use Google to hack. Using Google, and some finely crafted searches we can find a lot of interesting information. For Example we can find: Credit Card Numbers Passwords Software / MP3′s …… (and on and on and on) Presented below is just a sample of interesting searches that we can send to google to obtain info that some people might not want us having.. Try a few of these searches: intitle:”Index of” passwords modified allinurl:auth_user_file.txt “access denied for user” “using password” “A syntax error has occurred” filetype:ihtml allinurl: admin mdb “ORA-00921: unexpected end of SQL command” inurl:passlist.txt “Index of /backup” “Chatologica MetaSearch” “stack tracking:” Amex Numbers: 300000000000000..399999999999999 MC Numbers: 5178000000000000..5178999999999999 visa 4356000000000000..4356999999999999 “parent directory ” /appz/ -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums ? Example: ?

25 Things Women Should Know How To Do I normally don't read mass emails but a good friend of mine sent this to me this morning and I couldn't resist reading the 25 Life Saving Tips Every Woman Should Know. I probably have mastered about 3 of these but now I have a good starting point of what I should learn. I'm not sure that you all will agree with these but I felt that as a member of Girls Guide To I should share this list with you. 1. The right way of applying blush is an important lesson to know. 2. The knowledge of self-defense could mean the difference between life and death. 3. We’ve all heard the line "it’s not you, it’s me," before. 4. It’s that time of the month again and what presents do we get besides bloating and crankiness? 5. The number one rule for accessories that every woman should know is that less is more. 6. Okay ladies, we can do this! 7. Did you know that most women wear the wrong bra size? 8. Getting dumped is never a good feeling. 9. Some women have a hard time spotting a loser. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

30 Breathtaking Space Themed Wallpapers I bet you love space, stars and planets as much as I do? Well here is 30 Breathtaking Space Themed Wallpapers for you to download free.I went about searching through deviantart for some breathtaking space scenes and those that were available as desktop wallpapers. All you have to do to download them is hit the download button below the image and you will be redirected to their respective galleries. Yes, it is that simple. Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper Download Wallpaper

How to use Google for Hacking. | Arrow Webzine Google serves almost 80 percent of all search queries on the Internet, proving itself as the most popular search engine. However Google makes it possible to reach not only the publicly available information resources, but also gives access to some of the most confidential information that should never have been revealed. In this post I will show how to use Google for exploiting security vulnerabilities within websites. The following are some of the hacks that can be accomplished using Google. 1. Hacking Security Cameras There exists many security cameras used for monitoring places like parking lots, college campus, road traffic etc. which can be hacked using Google so that you can view the images captured by those cameras in real time. inurl:”viewerframe? Click on any of the search results (Top 5 recommended) and you will gain access to the live camera which has full controls. you now have access to the Live cameras which work in real-time. intitle:”Live View / – AXIS” 2. 3. “? 4.

how to: repair a shattered eyeshadow How to repair your shattered eyeshadow. Today I’m going to share something with you, something precious and close to me. It will help you preserve your sanity and hard earned dollars. It might be a little bit of fun for your Monday too, but I don’t want to assume things on your behalf. Are you here from StumbleUpon? fixed eyeshadow container So, a little while ago I discovered makeup tutorials on YouTube. Where I found this tip and trick how to repair shattered eye shadow I don’t even have time enough in the day to watch all the good stuff out there. Do you ever break your eyeshadow? I’m here to teach you how to repair it. Here’s what you need: shattered eyeshadowcoin {I used an American quarter}rubbing alcoholtissuebutter knifemedicine squirter{not pictured} plastic bag or plastic wrap eyeshadow with plastic lid Step 1: Get everything together Place the shattered makeup carefully into the plastic bag holding the plastic carefully over the top. Step 2: Tear it all down back to the basics Allison