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Intro Phys Comp Labs Not sure which lab to do for the homework? Check the syllabus, they are all linked there by week. Intro Phys Comp Video Tutorials Ohm's Law Part I Introduction to Ohm's Law. Ohm's Law Part II and Voltage Dividers Why you need the fixed resistor! Shop Skills Tutorials Microcontroller Tutorials Pic Microcode Studio Tips and error corrections with Microcode Studio (the environment that you program PicBasic Pro in). Programming Tutorials Reading A Serial Protocol in Processing. C TutorialsInstalling Eclipse Where to get eclipse and prepare it for programming in C. Cellular Network Tutorials Get connected to the ITP OpenBTS NetworkQuick Start How to register and get up and running on the ITP GSM network.

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Blondihacks Pushing Johnny’s secret buttons. Every pinball machine from about 1980 onwards (the solid-state era) has a diagnostic control panel inside it. This is a set of buttons used to control service menus for running game tests, setting prices, gathering gameplay statistics, modifying game rules, and anything else an operator or technician might have needed to do. It has arguably become an even more important tool as these games age, because breakdowns become more frequent. Using Arduino, Firmata and processing together Even with the power of a real Atmel328 microcontroller running at 16MHz, the 32Kb of space is not enough for larger projects. It would be great if we can harness the power of our PC to do the complex processing while the Arduino can be the platform for the sensors and motor controls. In this configuration, you can do much more, the only draw back is you do need to keep your PC tethered, by USB or wifi. For some applications this is fine and preferred. In those cases, Firmata is one solution you can use to make this very simple.

interfaces:introduction · Sensors typically need to be interfaced to the computer in one way or another. It is possible to buy sensor interfaces, and it also possible to build them yourself. This page gives an overview of both. Tutorials Commercially available sensor interfaces

Digital IR Receiver Module (SKU:DFR0094) Introduction Digital IR Receiver Module (SKU:DFR0094) IR is widely used in remoter control. FabScan: The 100-Euro 3D Laser – open-source, do-it-yourself 3D laser scanner July 20, 2013 AT 2:55 am FabScan: The 100-Euro 3D Laser. FabScan is an open-source, do-it-yourself 3D laser scanner. bunnie's blog We’re launching a crowdfunding campaign around our Novena open hardware computing platform. Originally, this started as a hobby project to build a computer just for me and xobs – something that we would use every day, easy to extend and to mod, our very own Swiss Army knife. I’ve posted here a couple of times about our experience building it, and it got a lot of interest.

Download - Firmata From Firmata Pascal Example of Firmata Pascal unit written in Lazarus talking to Arduino(FirmataLite Library) Arduino Code Rhyduino Managed code framework for communicating with an Arduino device running a Firmata sketch. Targets .NET Framework 4.0 client profile. Pd (aka Pure Data) Processing Funnel for Processing, Ruby and Flash AS3 FirmataC plain C Linux client Linux C++ C++/openFrameworks pyduino for Python pyFirmata for Python. communication_protocols:introduction · This section of the wiki is devoted to church calendar software methods of getting data from sensor interfaces to host computers. RS232 serial Serial data is generally buffered by the operating system in order to provide the highest possible data transfer rates. This usually adds to latency and jitter. However, online bet RS232 often provides the simplest means to connect an inexpensive microcontroller to a host computer.

Colin Ord New for 2013Source Code available for my Duck Hunt Remake game! Android ProgrammingExample apps built using the awesome Basic4Android programming language! CrossBro - a realtime, multi browser refreshing tool.