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40+ Free Online Human Anatomy Galleries - The Practical Nurse

40+ Free Online Human Anatomy Galleries - The Practical Nurse
As a nurse, it can help to have a knowledge of the human body. Understanding how different systems work, and the importance they have to the body can help you better treat your patients. Additionally, the human body is very interest. Anatomy offers insight into how we fit together, and even if you aren’t involved in health care, it can be fascinating. The Internet offers us a chance to look at just about anything. General and Developmental Anatomy These sites offer you the chance to see images from different systems. Brain and Nervous System Learn more about the way the brain is set up, and learn about the nervous system. Brain Anatomy Images: Posit Science offers this image gallery full of images related to the brain.Anatomy of the Central Nervous System: A great gallery of different images related to the nervous system of the body.Nervous System: View different images related to the nervous system. Respiratory System Find out how the lungs and airway work. Digestive System ShareThis

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New Era In Space Exploration Taking Off: Entrepreneurs Step In Where Big Government Left Off This post is written by Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom, VP of Operations for Singularity University. She spent two decades in the private space sector working on program development and operations for companies and organizations like Space Adventures, Odyssey Moon and the International Space University. She co-authored the book Realizing Tormorrow: The Path to Private Spaceflight. Go SpaceX! Space exploration has always been deemed too expensive and difficult for private enterprise, a realm that only massive government programs could hope to enter. And now with the recent NASA Space Shuttle retirement, and thousands of displaced NASA employees wondering where the future of NASA will be, it is therefore easy for the world to paint a bleak future of space exploration. Last month, SpaceX launched the Dragon on a Falcon 9 rocket, an orbital transport system capable of ferrying astronauts and rendezvousing with the International Space Station. Other groups are focusing on novel propulsion systems.

Downloads « What we are about… TrustedSec was created on the belief that security is possible and can be done simply. TrustedSec works with large, medium and small organizations to build information security through establishing, maturing, and enhancing security programs in ways that work. Learn More “TrustedSec focuses on identifying and reducing risk within any size of an organization, and we are darn good at it.” David Kennedy – TrustedSec CEO Our Philosophy TrustedSec isn’t just another information security company. Information security can be simple if you have the right partners in place. Our Staff Our team developed The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) and Artillery, and is one of the founders of The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES); the only standard for penetration testing. The TrustedSec staff consists of several thought leaders in the information security industry. Education and Awareness Communication and teaching through our assessments is our philosophy at TrustedSec.

Health Reform in Action Enrolled at; paying the same premium but with much better coverage. From Michael, Atlanta, GA Rates dropping from $837 to $432/month; Saving more than $5,000/year on health costs. John, Small business Owner, Atlanta, GA Previously denied coverage due to allergies/asthma. Mary, 57, Los Angeles, CA Enrolled at; paying $47/month after taxes (and $15/month for dental) Mick, Full-time student, Dade, FL Previously uninsured due to a preexisting condition; enrolled at for $150/month. Noelle, Assistant General Manager, Milwaukee, WI Saving $2,300 a year on her premium alone. Lucy, Sealy, TX Due to a preexisting condition, he was previously denied coverage. James, 54, Los Angeles Previously turned down for individual coverage. Julia, Oxnard, CA Enrolled at in one hour. Tom, 60, self-employed, Alexander, NC Qualifies for an $82/month subsidy, halving his monthly premium. Mark, Small Business Owner, Austin, TX Kathleen, Palatine, IL

A trustworthy guide to black hole astronomy Black holes are some of the most bizarre objects predicted by theoretical physics that actually exist in the cosmos. While many of the more exotic ideas about black holes coming from string theory and other quantum gravity models are far from testable, the existence of astrophysical black holes is uncontroversial. Even if you insist on separating out the observed black holes from the theoretical black hole properties (including everything that lies inside the event horizon, the boundary beyond which nothing can escape), we still have reason to believe they are the same thing. Black holes are real. In Caleb Scharf's forthcoming book, Gravity's Engines, the focus is on the observed and observable properties of astrophysical black holes. The subtitle—How Bubble-Blowing Black Holes Rule Galaxies, Stars, and Life in the Cosmos—may be a trifle grandiose, but the book itself is an excellent overview of the state of black hole research. Listing image by Caleb A.

About Ruby Wondering why Ruby is so popular? Its fans call it a beautiful, artful language. And yet, they say it’s handy and practical. What gives? The Ideals of Ruby’s Creator Ruby is a language of careful balance. He has often said that he is “trying to make Ruby natural, not simple,” in a way that mirrors life. Building on this, he adds: Ruby is simple in appearance, but is very complex inside, just like our human body1. About Ruby’s Growth Since its public release in 1995, Ruby has drawn devoted coders worldwide. Ruby-Talk, the primary mailing list for discussion of the Ruby language, climbed to an average of 200 messages per day in 2006. Ruby is ranked among the top 10 on most of the indices that measure the growth and popularity of programming languages worldwide (such as the TIOBE index). Ruby is also completely free. Seeing Everything as an Object Initially, Matz looked at other languages to find an ideal syntax. In Ruby, everything is an object. Ruby’s Flexibility class Numeric def plus(x) self.

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