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PayScale - Salary Comparison, Salary Survey, Search Wages

PayScale - Salary Comparison, Salary Survey, Search Wages

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Wake Technical Community College Welcome! We are pleased that you are considering Wake Tech as you plan for your education and career. Welcome! Please explore the information and resources on these pages. Gordon Research Conferences For students, by students… GRC provides many opportunities for early-career scientists to get involved at the Frontiers of Science, the most notable of which is the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) program. Gordon Research Seminars are a series of highly successful and unique meetings that enable young researchers to share in the GRC experience. Each seminar is held in conjunction with a related GRC and begins the weekend immediately prior to the GRC. Graduate students, post-docs, and other scientists with comparable levels of experience and education come together in a highly-stimulating and non-intimidating environment to discuss their current research and build informal networks with their peers that may lead to a lifetime of collaboration and scientific achievement. These seminars are organized by young investigators with the support of leading scientists from the associated GRC.

Examples of Strengths and Weaknesses In brief: “Before diving into this issue again, I would like to point out that many experienced interviewers will try to avoid these questions, because questions about strength and weaknesses immediately keep a person on the defensive and takes the interview into a negative atmosphere. However, if the interviewer does ask you about your strengths and weaknesses, you may need to have some intelligent answers that will not seem boastful or phony.” To be on the safer side, for your job interview preparations - this article provides examples on how to answer the question “what are your weaknesses and strengths?”. This is the third article of the weaknesses and strengths question series. You may also read – How to answer the weakness and strength question.

How to answer the toughest interview question – 'Why should I hire you?' Convincing a prospective boss to hire you without sounding like an automaton or flatterer is no easy task. With more qualified graduates leaving university and people going to greater lengths to get their CV noticed, the marketplace can feel tough for those in search of a job. And for employers who have the pick of the bunch, obvious tactics to persuade them to hire someone are unlikely to wash. A particular pet hate is the tendency of interviewees to try to spin the "what is your greatest weakness" question to their advantage. Instead, employers gave their top advice to interview hopefuls on website Quora. "If I am ever looking to hire someone, I would prefer someone who is honest in his dealings and is willing to discuss his true weaknesses instead of trying to disguise a strength as one," said one employer.

Job Seeker Technology Toolbox To help us put America to work, we provide a host of technology tools that make it easier for job seekers to find employment. This page will introduce you to several workforce technologies that are available to job seekers who are registered for services in our career centers. Job seekers registered in our career centers have 24-hour access to this proprietary online training platform that offers more than 4,000 free courses, which can be used for GED preparation and credential-earned training in more than 100 industries. This interactive employment tool simplifies the process of filling vacant positions in communities by using job listings, social media, video conferencing and other state-of-the-art technologies to ensure fast, quality matches between employers and job seekers who who take advantage of our services.

How to Write a Research Paper For a scientist, if you don’t publish your results, it may as well not exist. Communicating the results of your experiments is crucial, so others in your field can learn from, repeat, and expand on your work. While there are a wide variety of journals and other publication venues from which to choose, the actual process of writing a paper varies little between them. Professor Peter D. Battle, an inorganic professor at Oxford University, recently shared the process he uses to write a research paper with a group of students at Edinburgh University, and kindly allowed me to share his process here as well. Apply for College Scholarships Awarded Exclusively by Finding and applying for scholarships to pay for college is important, and is here to help! Each year, funds several unique scholarship programs for high school students, college students, grad students and non-traditional adult learners. Take a look at our scholarships listed here, and apply, apply, apply!

become instantly likable. businessinsider Getty ImagesBecome instantly likable. Within seconds of meeting you, people are already making judgments about your personality. Those assessments can influence whether they want to hire you, date you, or be your friend. So you'll want to do everything you can to make the best impression possible — before it's too late. To help you out on that front, we checked out "How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less" by speaker and author Nicholas Boothman. The book highlights a key strategy for ingratiating yourself with your conversation partner while greeting them.

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