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The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You?

The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You?

17 Designers Dish Their Best Advice Terry Lee Stone asks a group of seasoned design pros: If you could give young designers one piece of career advice what would it be? In other words: early in your career what do you wish someone had told you? Their thoughts may surprise you… 1. Sean “What did I know? “What did I not know? 2. “Almost any situation gets better when you ask yourself this: How can I be most useful right now? Find More Advice: 29 Things That All Young Designers Need to Know. 3. “Emphasize your peculiar talents. “Also, think about your portfolio as a whole design statement and try to make the presentation format fit the work. 4. “Early on, if anyone had been able to tell me exactly the right thing, I would have dismissed it as preposterous because the world has just changed too much in unforeseen ways. “However, here’s my advice: get a second degree in something totally different— neuroscience, medicine, linguistics, or whatever feels right. 5. “Fortune demands being a professional. 6.

"Mobile Gardening," the Hottest New Trend? 6 Ways to Mash-Up Bikes and Gardens FriendOfHumanity/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Last year I participated in the installation of the Mobile Garden, a garden installed on a CTA train by Joe Baldwin of NoisiVelvet, which TreeHugger Jaymi wrote about here. Since then my interest in “mobile gardening” has led me to research ways people are creating mobile gardens of their own. Bicycle gardening is perhaps the most ingenious examples of mobile gardening I‘ve come across. 1. Instructables member, FriendOfHumanity, has a tutorial on how to create your own bike planter out of scrap wood, allowing you to take your herb garden for a spin. The blogger at A Year From Scratch created a bike planter out of a wire basket and some cheesecloth. 2. © Meg Meg’s example of a bicycle garden, at Upcycle Yourself, uses cheesecloth, old socks and burlap to create some mini gardens that she attaches to various parts of her bike. 1. You can see more photos of Meg’s bike gardens here and here. 3. © Colleen Jordan 4. Alastair Smith/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 5. 6. It happens.

It’s All In the Mix: Maximizing Return on Brand Investment Marketers commonly assume that investment in branding and advertising will increase sales, profits and brand loyalty, but a recent Nielsen study suggests that marketing dollars spent do not necessarily mean revenue realized. The study, conducted in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, shows that products supported by above the line – that is, mass media – advertising cost an average of 16 percent more and command an average of 31 percent higher share of category spending. Still, some above-the-line investments can actually hurt profitability and brand value, and internet-based marketing and that which generates buzz among consumers can often be more valuable than traditional marketing models. In the quest for market share, companies often offer discounts as a short-term strategy. Advertisers looking to spend on advertising and promotions should consider how they can consistently generate a positive, balanced return on investment (ROI).

Les 100 du numérique en France enquêtes encouverture LouisMontagne @xpoxpo Cofondateur et directeur général de AF83 et Bearstech L’opensourcecoopératif JeremyZimmermann @jerezim Cofondateur et porte-parole de La Quadrature du net Activisteprointernet turbul Pourpenserl’informatiqueautrement,cherchezLouisMontagne.DirectionParis,laCantine,lieudecoworkingdeSiliconSentier.Bearstech,sasociétédeserviceinformatiquelibre,estàdeuxpas.AF83,sonentreprisededéveloppementcoopératifd’applicationsopensourceprofessionnelles,aussi.Sinon,ilestchezFaberNovel,l’agencedestratégied’innovation,dontilestledirecteurtechnique. egurr C’estl’undesfondateursdeLaQuadraturedunet,«organisationdedéfensedesdroitsetlibertésdescitoyenssurinternet».EnFrance,enEuropeetdanslemonde,ilmiliteactivementcontrelesprojetsdeloisrisquantdebriderinternet.OpposantàHadopietàsespossiblesdéclinaisons,ilseconcentreaussisurl’impactdutraitéeuropéenAnti-counterfeitingtradeagreement(Acta). Jean-MichelPlanche @jmplanche Président et fondateur de Witbe Redresseurdenet BernardStiegler

Who Will You Be? Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel was a clever yet shy raconteur who created timeless work. For example; "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." It's one of my all-time favorite sayings and it's brilliant. It's not suggesting we disrespect those around us and for us to become unbearably arrogant. It points to the simple genius that says we need not worry so much about what others think about us. Don't Matter. Simon Sinek says leaders find others who believe in what they believe. Seldom does someone who fails to stand for something, find others who are interested in what they have to say or offer. Be who you are, and say what you mean, or someone else may try and make that decision for you. Kneale Mann image: dr. seuss

The Portfolio of the Future Ignacio OreamunoPresident IHAVEANIDEA I know it makes me sound old but eleven years ago I was job-hunting for my first art director job. Since I’d decided to study web and art direction at the same time, I had a combination of interactive and print campaigns in my book. The advice I got from CD’s was always the same: “If you want to be a web developer, make a web portfolio. If you want to be an art director, make another one but don’t mix them up. Fast forward five years and suddenly traditional print portfolios began getting more interactive, as gutsy juniors added banners to their print campaigns. “How wrong he was,” I thought last year, as I looked at the juniors attending Portfolio Night 9 in Amsterdam, armed with all sorts of tablets, mobile applications and laptops. This is the first time since the days of the Mad Men that portfolios have truly transformed and it puts a lot more pressure on creatives trying to get that dream job. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Swim Down Through a Sea of Trash With Dramatic, Eerily Beautiful Photos by Mandy Barker © Mandy BarkerSOUP: Bird's Nest. Ingredients: discarded fishing lines that have formed nest-like balls due to tidal and oceanic movement. Additives: other debris collected in its path. What would it be like to swim down through the estimated 100 million tons of trash swirling around in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Looking at the images in the U.K. © Mandy BarkerSOUP: Refused. "I have always been interested in collecting natural objects from the beach but began to notice that there was more and more man-made materials debris amongst them," Barker told TreeHugger in an email this week. Inspired By Photographer Chris JordanThe visually striking, even beautiful "SOUP" photographs were inspired, Barker says, by TreeHugger favorite Chris Jordan, who famously photographed the extensive collection of plastic pieces found inside albatross chicks after they died. © Mandy BarkerSOUP: Translucent.

Future of TV_Mindshare Comment créer une structures optimisée pour le SEO C’est une question qui revient souvent (et à raison!). Aujourd’hui, avoir une structure de site optimisée pour les moteurs de recherche est primordial pour améliorer votre SEO! ceci est encore plus vrai lorsque votre site est destiné à gérer beaucoup de pages. C’est souvent le cas des sites de vente en ligne, de news… Les stratégies de SEO ne seront pas les mêmes en fonction du site à optimiser, mais l’optimisation de la structure est un chantier presque commun à tous les site surtout ceux disposant d’un certains volume de pages à indexer. Qu’est-ce qu’une structure de site optimisée? Avant tout, une structure optimisée est une structure de site qui est utile à la fois pour les moteurs de recherche et pour les internautes. Pourquoi optimiser la structure de votre site? L’optimisation de la structure de votre site est importante lorsque votre site gère plusieurs dizaines voir centaines de milliers de pages. Quelques chantiers structurels à considérer: 1. Site de voyage en linge:

Stop Working Hard to Remain Stupid Inexperience is under rated. Inexperienced people enjoy the courage of ignorance. They say, “Why not” rather than “we tried that.” Stupid and experienced: Benjamin Franklin said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” I’ve enabled my stupidity by working hard at not changing. I’m the victim of perseverance gone wrong. Right experience: Thomas Edison wisely said, “Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” The wisdom of perseverance is adaptability. These days, I’m including inexperienced people in my circle of friends. Three Benefits of inexperience: Open minds.Quick to complain.Don’t know it can’t be done. Three Drawbacks of the inexperience: Talking too much.Neglecting relationships.Discounting ramifications. Six strategies for leveraging the inexperienced: Character matters more than experience. Stop working hard to remain stupid. Subscribe to Leadership Freak today. Like this:

6 Steps for Designers to Successfully Partner with an Illustrator Illustrators of work shown, clockwise starting at top left: Mark McGinnis, Edward McGowan, Daniel Krall, Kate Hindley and Susy Waters Pilgrim. (Editor’s note: This post was contributed by Hannah Fichandler with Connecticut-based, marketing and communications company Taylor Design. This post originally appeared on the company’s blog 247 Main.) I can’t draw. Well, that’s not entirely true. At least not the way I once could and certainly not the way an illustrator can. I’ve been fortunate to work with wide range of illustrators, not just in style or personality, but also locale. I’ve also been fortunate to have 99% of these collaborations work out really well. So, that got me pondering: What is it about my process of commissioning an illustration that is so successful and enjoyable? 1. 2. I have a collection of illustrators’ reps sites bookmarked, as well as an ever-evolving list of links to individual artists’ site. 3. I usually make initial contact with an illustrator by email. 4. 5. 6.

Scholten & Baijings Scholten & Baijings I have fallen in love with Scholten & Baijings textiles featuring fantastic plaids by by Thomas Eyck. They’re available for purchase at Gessato . J.Špakauskas. A.Užkalnio terapija – smurtas žodžiu Profesinė autoriaus rašančio apie pyktį dilema – kaip pačiam netapti piktam, nes stiprios negatyvios emocijos veikia sniego gniūžties principu – pyktis sukelia pyktį, užgautas ir apmaudą dėl to jaučiąs žmogus neretai pasiduoda pagundai negatyvias emocijas „nudrenuoti“ kitą užgaunant. Idealiame pasaulyje užsikrėtimo principu turėtų veikti ir stiprūs pozityvūs jausmai – šiltas apkabinimas ar geras žodis turėtų šildyti ir kitą, sykiais ir visai nepažįstamą. Galbūt tokiu būdu prasidėtų masinė gerų emocijų epidemija? Profesinė ir žmogiškoji šio teksto autoriaus dilema – kaip rašant apie itin piktus autorius atsispirti pagundai pačiam būti piktam, nors tai ir yra veikiau formos, nei turinio vilionės. Dėl tos formos išsyk ir turiu atsiprašyti, nes žinau, kad prastas burnos kvapas kartais gali užbaigti vos beprasidedantį puikų pašnekesį. Išniro A. Jaunius Špakauskas Kad ir kaip benustebtų bet kuris sveiko proto skaitytojas – nors tie A. To rašytojo, tiesa, esama netgi labai talentingo.

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