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The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You?

The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You?

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What Drives Entrepreneurs? Ask entrepreneurs about their companies, and they answer with alacrity and specificity. Ask why they wanted to start those companies, and they grow vague: "It's in my DNA." "I have a passion for it." "No one else would hire me." 17 Designers Dish Their Best Advice Terry Lee Stone asks a group of seasoned design pros: If you could give young designers one piece of career advice what would it be? In other words: early in your career what do you wish someone had told you? Their thoughts may surprise you… 1. "Mobile Gardening," the Hottest New Trend? 6 Ways to Mash-Up Bikes and Gardens FriendOfHumanity/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Last year I participated in the installation of the Mobile Garden, a garden installed on a CTA train by Joe Baldwin of NoisiVelvet, which TreeHugger Jaymi wrote about here. Since then my interest in “mobile gardening” has led me to research ways people are creating mobile gardens of their own.

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Really Connects Last Updated Jul 6, 2011 5:46 PM EDT LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice for many entrepreneurs and business owners. Too bad most of their LinkedIn profiles, and in particular their "summaries," do little to create those business connections. I definitely fall into that category. I set up my profile long ago and haven't touched it since. That's why I asked Matt Scherer of Sherer Communications for advice on creating a great LinkedIn summary. The Portfolio of the Future Ignacio OreamunoPresident IHAVEANIDEA I know it makes me sound old but eleven years ago I was job-hunting for my first art director job. Since I’d decided to study web and art direction at the same time, I had a combination of interactive and print campaigns in my book. The advice I got from CD’s was always the same: “If you want to be a web developer, make a web portfolio.

Swim Down Through a Sea of Trash With Dramatic, Eerily Beautiful Photos by Mandy Barker © Mandy BarkerSOUP: Bird's Nest. Ingredients: discarded fishing lines that have formed nest-like balls due to tidal and oceanic movement. Additives: other debris collected in its path. YouTube Gets Even More Social, and Stories You May Have Missed Businesses should already be channeling YouTube as a key part of their social media marketing strategy. But this has been the week of major YouTube makeovers and the results are not only impressive, they reconfirm the importance of using video to tell compelling business stories that are worthy of sharing and recommendation. The changes started earlier in the week with the announcement of the new YouTube Analytics, replacing Insight as the metrics tool for those uploading videos.

6 Steps for Designers to Successfully Partner with an Illustrator Illustrators of work shown, clockwise starting at top left: Mark McGinnis, Edward McGowan, Daniel Krall, Kate Hindley and Susy Waters Pilgrim. (Editor’s note: This post was contributed by Hannah Fichandler with Connecticut-based, marketing and communications company Taylor Design. This post originally appeared on the company’s blog 247 Main.) I can’t draw. Well, that’s not entirely true. Scholten & Baijings Scholten & Baijings I have fallen in love with Scholten & Baijings textiles featuring fantastic plaids by by Thomas Eyck. They’re available for purchase at Gessato . I really enjoy the presentation of their blankets, draped over pieces of modern furniture. Soul Focus - Christian Leadership Alliance Making Jesus the centerpiece of your ministry can be a moving experience. Ken Blanchard Twenty years ago, I turned my life over to the Lord.

Video: Five-Year-Old Girl Provides Insight on Popular Logos If the cute voice of the 5-year-old doing the voiceover on the video doesn’t make you smile, then certainly her opinions on popular logos will—either because of her lack of knowledge of some brands and obvious indoctrination from others. Adam Ladd, a graphic designer from Cincinnati, sat down with his 5-year-old daughter, Faith, and showed her more than two dozen logos, recording her reactions to them with a Phil Wickham song, aptly titled Eden, playing in the background. Faith obviously has no clue about some of them, and thus describes them as a typical 5-year-old might, comparing them to a marble, a shooting star or a parade elephant (sorry, Republican Party, you have your work cut out on this little one). Others, though, Faith knows quite well.

A Case For Recycled Tire Bags & Chic New Models By Cyclus Photos: If you've been around the green scene for some time, you may feel some ideas get a little tired over time. That could have been the case for bags from recycled tires, but ever since I got one (not from this brand, of course) I've felt quite in love with it: it doesn't need any cleaning and looks exactly the same every time, resembles leather nicely (which as a vegetarian I don't use or buy) but you can see it's something else, and the rubber is super durable.

5 Best Free Blog Hosting Websites to Make Your Free Blog Site What exactly a blog is? The word blog is a short form of “ “. That means a blog is a website/ journal or a dairy which is indented to present/publish information/personal ideas regularly.