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Generare una caccia al tesoro online. QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator from Collaborative Mathematics - Current Challenge Video. Yummy Math. Geometriasferica IBL5E. Cosa si nasconde dietro il triangolo di Tartaglia? DESTINATARI: studenti scuole superiori del biennio.

Cosa si nasconde dietro il triangolo di Tartaglia?

CONTESTO: matematica. TEMPI: 4 ore di lezione in classe più lavoro a casa. PREREQUISITI: sapere che cosa sono i prodotti notevoli. MODALITA': Cooperative Learning. imparare l'approccio del metodo scientifico-matematico: partire dall'osservazione per ricercare ed interiorizzare meglio la teoria, metodo utile per lo studio e per sviluppare la capacità di problem solving. Geometriasferica IBL5E. A Collection of Project Based Learning End Products. I’m always on the lookout for products created by students through project based learning experiences.

A Collection of Project Based Learning End Products

I'd rather see what students create to express their answer to a driving question than just read a summary of the project. I can find loads project ideas and descriptions online, but it’s much harder to find quality end products by students. I've spent quite some time searching all over the internet for end products. I think these samples can be used as inspiration for your own projects. And, critiquing these samples can help students think of ways to make their own productions better. What I look for in projects: The project answers a driving question.The production is made by students or documents students’ learning.The production is made for an audience.The project is open-ended, so each end production is different.The product is hosted publicly online.Read more about project based learning.

Robert Kaplinsky - Glenrock Consulting, LLC. Robert Kaplinsky - Glenrock Consulting, LLC. Welcome to Bowland Maths. Il Blog di scuolaidea » Blog Archive » La risposta è…la domanda potrebbe essere… Author: Scuolaidea Ecco un’attività da realizzare con l’ausilio della LIM con tutta la classe oppure per gruppi di lavoro collaborativo.

Il Blog di scuolaidea » Blog Archive » La risposta è…la domanda potrebbe essere…

Un gioco (…ops attività) che permette di pensare a livello più profondo perché il viaggio per arrivare alla risposta esatta è fatto a ritroso. Si forniscono le risposte e gli alunni devono trovare tutte le possibili domande alla risposta esatta Difficile? No è un gioco da ragazzi…ma che permette di lavorare e collegare le conoscenze apprese portandole ad un livello più profondo e quindi garantendo una permanenza nei cassettini della memoria. Cosa serve? Si proietta alla LIM un’immagine come quella in allegato oppure si scrivono sulla lavagna interattiva o in ardesia se non si possiede la LIM le risposte collegate all’ argomento di studio. In alternativa si possono distribuire cartoncini plastificati con le risposte ad ogni gruppo, un cartoncino per risposta.

MathematicsArtProjectMath124Fall2013. Copy of Math 5-4 & 5-5: Proportions. Reflections in the Why. Yesterday’s post reminded me of an activity we created for a recent department head meeting/pro-d workshop.

Reflections in the Why

In pairs, DHs were asked to take a photo (with an iPad — sorry, Timon) of each of the following: a perfect squarethe use of a referent to determine the linear measure of an objecta positive & negative slopea non-linear relationan irrational numbersimilar 2-D shapes or 3-D objectsangles formed by parallel lines and a transversala contextual problem that involves the sine law or cosine lawa z-score of ±2elements in the complement, the intersect, or the union of two setsa stranger engaged in math. Math Review: Secret Phrase Scavenger Hunt. Another great night of learning at the Global Math Department last night, where Matt Vaudrey and Megan Hayes-Golding shared their ideas for Exam Reivew That Doesn’t Suck.

Math Review: Secret Phrase Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the playback and admire Matt’s enthusiasm for teaching, and great ideas for keeping kids engaged. And thanks to Megan for her continued willingness to facilitate and share. One of my favorite test reivew activities is a Secret Phrase Scavenger Hunt. The problems here are from a review of inequalities, but can be easily adapted for many grades and courses. Full disclosure: while looking through files for this example, I was shocked to discover that this Word document is one of the oldest files in my network drive, from September 2000!

Here’s the idea: take a sheet of probems, and assign each problem a “secret letter”, so that problems completed in order will spell out the “secret phrase”. Make an index card for each answer, and tape them around the room or the hallway. Hope you and your class enjoy the phrase hunt! Middle & High School Real World Math. AlgebraInternetScavengerHunt. Go on a Geometry Scavenger Hunt. Math Hunt. How To Create and Use a Math Scavenger Hunt. Lessons >> Browse Articles >> Math Create numbers excitement with a math scavenger hunt!

How To Create and Use a Math Scavenger Hunt

Math is a numbers game – and a math scavenger hunt can have your students searching the Internet for clues to the numbers with which you want them to work. Whether you decide to create a simple search or a robust investigation, your students are almost guaranteed to be excited about a math scavenger hunt. Planning your hunt A scavenger hunt is such a wide-open strategy that almost any topic will work and allow for an extensive list of math-skill reinforcement. There are two main types of scavenger hunts. Here are the steps to take for either style scavenger hunt. 1. 2. 3. I try to limit my scavenger hunts to one class period – or plan a second hunt later in the unit – to keep the excitement high while still focusing on the curriculum.