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Accounting Today - Tools and Resources for the Electronic Accountant - An Investcorp and SourceMedia Publication

Accounting Today - Tools and Resources for the Electronic Accountant - An Investcorp and SourceMedia Publication

Top 5 Places to Work Online and Make Money - There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make money online. All of these ways are derivatives of two basic ways, which are selling your own products & services, and selling other people’s products & services. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and I personally do a little of both. Today’s post is basically to show you a few of my favorite places to work online. I do offer web services and have my own websites to make money as well, but now we will focus on other places I go to make even more money. Here are the top five places I do a lot of my online work: 1) Microworkers (Paid To Do Short Tasks) This is a place to make a little bit of money quick. 2) Fiverr (Create Five Dollar Gigs) Fiverr is the marketplace for $5 gigs, basically you get to list things you would do for $5. 3) Social Media (Paid to Tweet, Share on Facebook) 4) Freelancing (Find Paid Online Work Fast) 5) Write Articles (Get Paid For Your Writing Skills)

Chicago Law School, The John Marshall Law School, Chicago Illinois -- legal education 14 Ways to Accept Mobile Payments Looking to convert your tablet into a point-of-sale (POS) system for your business? Need a way to accept credit cards on your smartphone? There are dozens of services out there for those in need of simple, mobile solutions for business. Here are 27 mobile payment options for those looking to boost sales and build business with mobile solutions. Apple Pay Apple's new mobile wallet lets customers pay for purchases using their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Apple Pay uses near field communication (NFC) technology, so you'll need a POS system that supports the NFC chip. Flint Mobile You don't need a credit card reader to accept credit cards — just use your smartphone's camera. As a mobile management tool, Flint Mobile can also send invoices for online bill payment, handle cash and checks and manage customized coupons with Apple Passbook integration. The Flint Mobile app is free to download. Square If you're looking for a no-frills approach to mobile credit card processing, then check out Square.

Updating a Resume for 2011 Our Lady of Good Counsel High School - Olney, MD How new UK spouse visa rules turned me into an Englishman in exile | Richard Fabb Think of exiles in modern history, and you think of people forced to live away from where? Castro’s Cuba? Franco’s Spain? Apartheid South Africa? Today marks the first anniversary of draconian changes introduced by the British government to visas for foreign spouses brought in by home secretary Theresa May. The changes are barring thousands of British expats around the world from going home. What’s proved to be the most iniquitous change, and gained most attention, is the new financial hurdle – though that alone is not the main problem for me. What is ultimately leaving me exiled is the extension of the probationary period. The long probationary period is meant to make it harder for sham marriages to last, and to be a period in which the applicant can assimilate into society. In their zeal to keep people out, May and her colleagues show no understanding of the emotional and logistical complexity that international relationships face.

The 50 Best Careers of 2010 It's not a little bit optimistic to be establishing a list of best careers now, at the tail end of a particularly hard-knocks recession that has helped put 15.4 million Americans out of work. That's particularly so because no industry or occupation was spared the misery of layoffs, hiring freezes, benefit cuts, and general anxiety. But some industries were much safer harbors for workers than others. Healthcare, most notably, managed to expand its payrolls, though not at the clip customary for a healthier economy. It's clear that the recession is ending and that employers aren't slashing jobs with the blunt instrument they used over the past two years, but many unemployed workers and college students have a question that can't be answered by upticks in the GDP, namely: Where on earth will the jobs be? [Slide Show: America's Best Careers 2010.] For this year's list, U.S. In the end, we found a list of 50 jobs that present some of the best opportunities for workers in five categories.

The Brico Fund - Grant Making Priorities Grant Making Priorities Below are brief descriptions of The Brico Fund’s four focus areas. Use the menu on the right to get more detailed information on each program area. Women and Girls The Women and Girls grant making program focuses in two specific program areas: girls out-of-school programming; and reproductive health, justice and rights. Environment The Environment grant making area focuses in two specific program areas: improving the water quality and quantity of Lake Michigan and surrounding waterways; and building a healthy, locally sourced food system in Southeastern Wisconsin. Just and Equitable Society The Just and Equitable Society grant making program focuses on strengthening the capacity of and building leadership in organizations that advocate for fair policies and a better quality of life for Wisconsin families. Culture and Community

Research By Rebecca Hill Research Fortnight Kudos, an online service set up by publishing consultant Melinda Kenneway and two colleagues, aims to help researchers get their work noticed in an increasingly competitive environment. “The Kudos idea acknowledges that publication is still the heartbeat of research; it’s what people are judged on,” Kenneway says. “We’re in a world where the range of metrics available will grow significantly and researchers must make sure their articles are as widely read as possible.” She says that when the team spoke to researchers about making the most of their papers, it found some to be “very savvy”, whereas others “didn’t have a clue”. Both the Royal Society of Chemistry and publisher Taylor & Francis are backing Kudos’s beta phase, in which the online tools will be developed. “Our platform is good at the moment, but we want to know how to improve it and help authors improve their impact and amplify their voice,” Russell says. « back

We actually want you to be honest.: 21 Things Hiring Managers Wish You Knew - US News & World Report I see too many job applicants who approach the interview as if their only goal is to win a job offer, losing sight of the fact that this can land them in the wrong job. Think of it like dating. This means being honest about your strengths and weaknesses and giving the hiring manager a glimpse of the real you, so he or she can make an informed decision about how well you’d do in the job. Alison Green writes the popular Ask a Manager blog, where she dispenses advice on career, job search, and management issues. She's also the author of Managing to Change the World: The Nonprofit Leader's Guide to Getting Results. Next: We pay attention to the small stuff.

Presentation Zen The Cellular Shaman: How Cells Can Shape-Shift & Transform Our Consciousness The following is excerpted from Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body's Inner Intelligence published by Sounds True. A Shamanic Doorway - Crossing Over When I first took off my lab coat to spend time with children as the “balloon lady” on the pediatric floor of the hospital, I formed a special bond with a five-year-old boy named Alvaro, who had been diagnosed with leukemia. When his leukemia returned after a year of remission, I was overwhelmed—his death seemed inevitable, and I didn’t know what to do. I called on the support of Dr. Tomas Pinkson, a psychologist who was clinical director for the Center for Attitudinal Healing at the time. I met Tom in his office. From that moment, Tom’s nonintellectual, nonlinear “shamanic” approach to inner wisdom intrigued me, and he became my lifelong teacher of healing—heart, mind, and soul. My work with this shaman was a true turning point. What convinces the cell to choose one focus of attention over another? The Strings of Our Cells