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How To Redesign Your Resume For A Recruiter’s 6-Second Attention Span

How To Redesign Your Resume For A Recruiter’s 6-Second Attention Span
It’s frightening. You’ll spend most of your waking life at a job, yet, according to a new study by TheLadders, the average recruiter spends just six seconds looking at your resume. By the end of that time, they’ll determine whether you’re “a fit” or a “no fit.” “The only research that had been done in this domain was self-reporting surveys, which simply was not good enough for us to understand what drives recruiters’ decision-making,” Will Evans, Head of User Experience at TheLadders, tells Co.Design. So Evans led a study that followed 30 recruiters for 10 weeks. The result is this heat map tracking six seconds of someone’s attention span. “Both resumes and online profiles should have a clear visual hierarchy, following a format that matches recruiters’ mental model,” Evans advises. He recommends liberal use of both typography and white space to enable effortless scanning of titles, company names, and education. [Hat tip: Business Insider] [Image: Olaru Radian-Alexandru/Shutterstock] Related:  Career Development

Le UX Design expliqué au Docteur Watson | Linéaris Lorsqu’il s’installe un peu par hasard avec Sherlock Holmes, le Dr Watson essaye de comprendre à quel curieux travail s’adonne son colocataire, qui semble avoir des connaissances très précises dans certains domaines, et être ignorant dans d’autres pourtant normalement associés. Ainsi il s’étonne de le voir posséder des connaissances en anatomie mais aucune en médecine. Il dresse un tableau des compétences éclectiques et inégale de Sherlock Holmes: Connaissances en littérature : nulles.Connaissance en philosophie : nulles.Connaissances en astronomie : nulles.Connaissance en politique : faible.Connaissance en botanique : inégales. Le docteur Watson ignore encore que loin d’être un in indécrottable dilettante, son compagnon est en réalité un expert en criminologie. Cette science naissante et méconnue doit piocher dans les autres disciplines ce qui fonde sa future axiomatique. Le cabinet de curiosité du XXIème siècle La boîte à outil du designer Sciences de l’information Epistémologie Logique

Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued [Editor’s note: At nearly 7,000 words, you probably don’t want to try reading this on an iDevice. Bookmark it and come back later.] Imagine something a wee bit outside your comfort zone. Nothing scandalous: just something you don’t do often, don’t particularly enjoy, and slightly more challenging than “totally trivial.” Maybe reciting poetry while simultaneously standing on one foot. If I told you I would pay you a hundred thousand dollars if you did five minutes of poetry recital while standing on one foot, would you do it? Would you read poetry for me? Of course you would. What if you were talking about this at dinner with your friends, and one of them said “Oh, no, I’d never do that. This is pretty much how I feel every time I talk to my engineering friends about salary negotiation. Dude, it’s five minutes. (New to the blog? Why Negotiation Matters Your salary negotiation — which routinely takes less than 5 minutes to conclude — has an outsized influence on what your compensation is.

6 Steps to a More Marketable LinkedIn Profile Overall, LinkedIn is the best social media platform for entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. Unfortunately, your LinkedIn profile may not be helping you to create those connections. So let’s tune yours up with six simple steps: Step 1. Revisit your goals. At its most basic level LinkedIn is about marketing: marketing your company or marketing yourself. But don’t just whip out the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and identify popular keywords. Go a step further and think about words that have meaning in your industry. Use a keyword tool to find general terms that could attract a broader audience, and then dig deeper to target your niche by identifying keywords industry insiders might search for. Then sense-check your keywords against your goals. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Share why you love what you do in your profile. Keywords are important but are primarily just a way to help potential clients find you. Step 5. Take a look at your current photo. Step 6.

Qual è il miglior formato per il curriculum? Archiviato in CV, Lavoro il maggio 1, 2012 con nessun commento Email Guest post di Susan Ireland. Cronologico? Perché il formato del vostro curriculum è così importante per la vostra ricerca lavoro? Il formato del curriculum più adatto alla vostra situazione comunicherà al datore di lavoro o al recruiter il perché siete qualificati per ottenere il lavoro, il tutto attraverso una facile lettura del curriculum stesso. I tre più importanti formati per un curriculum Ci sono tre formati che vengono comunemente usati: cronologico, funzionale e una combinazione dei primi due. Andiamo ad analizzare le tre alternative. Quando usare il formato cronologico Questo formato presenta la vostra esperienza professionale in modo lineare in base alla sua evoluzione temporale. Ogni dichiarazione dei risultati ottenuti viene piazzata sotto il titolo di lavoro ed il nome della ditta dove i risultati sono stati ottenuti. Usate un curriculum cronologico se volete: Quando usare il formato funzionale Perché? CV gia' fatti

How Can Entrepreneurs Learn About User Experience (UX) Design How Can Entrepreneurs Learn About User Experience (UX) Design Author: Lis Hubert Throughout my time as a User Experience Designer, I’ve had the privilege of meeting with and talking to people from many different backgrounds. These backgrounds range from people trying to get into the UX field, visual designers, front end/backend developers, product managers, company founders, etc. No matter the background or level of expertise I tend to get one question over and over again: “How do I learn more about User Experience and what it is?” When thinking about how I learned about User Experience (UX), one thing sticks out: Reading. Books: For more UX Books check out: 20 User Experience Books you should own The UX Canon: Essential Reading for the User Experience Designer Blogs: 52 Week of UX Boxes & Arrwows The UX Workshop UX Booth 10 UX (User Experience) Blogs to Watch in 2010 Another great way to learn is by being a part of the User Experience Community. Groups: Tags: No tags where found. Share:

Interview Tips For When Someone Asks, "What Questions Do You Have For Us?" "When a potential employer asks if you have any questions, they don’t want inquiries about parking validation," writes Kelly Gregorio for Brazen Careerist, "they want to see if you’re prepared, educated, and inquisitive." Interviewers are probably--not unlike a date--sizing you up to see if you're compatible with them (and maybe even the company). Part of the weirdo company courting process is when you, the interviewee, get to ask questions. Keep these in your quiver: If I started tomorrow, what's the first project you'd want me to tackle? Beyond showing how you'd hit the ground running--and helping the interviewer to picture you doing so--this question will preview what the working state of the gig is like. What are the must-have personality traits for this position? This question will help you further fill in your forecast: Self-starting might mean you have little guidance; collaborative may mean you'll be mired in meetings. Do you like it here? Why would I not be a fit for this job?

9 minuti al giorno per costruire la vostra carriera You are here: Home » Lavoro » 9 minuti al giorno per costruire la vostra carriera Archiviato in Lavoro, Linkedin il maggio 14, 2012 con 1 commento Email Arruda è un esperto di ‘branding personale’ che contribuisce regolarmente al blog di Linkedin. In base a cosa può essere realisticamente inserito all’interno della propria giornata lavorativa, Arruda crede che nove minuti sia il tempo massimo (ed ottimale) da dedicare a tutti quei compiti che aiutano l’individuo a progredire la propria carriera verso l’obiettivo desiderato. Secondo Arruda la gestione continuativa della propria carriera è essenziale per mantenere un profilo professionale appetibile ai futuri datori di lavoro. La velocità del mondo lavorativo sta accelerando a dismisura e quindi bisogna mantenersi al passo con i tempi, sia dal punto di vista tecnologico che dal punto di vista del proprio profilo professionale. Cosa fare durante questi nove minuti?

52 Weeks of UX The user experience is made up of all the interactions a person has with your brand, company, or organization. This may include interactions with your software, your web site, your call center, an advertisement, with a sticker on someone else’s computer, with a mobile application, with your Twitter account, with you over email, maybe even face-to-face. The sum total of these interactions over time is the user experience. The interaction designer plans for these moments. User experience spans multiple practices. Web designers, traditionally secure in the role of page creators, now have a wider purview. How To Build a Personal Brand I think most female tech CEOs can appreciate my frustration: How can male tech CEOs get away with T-shirts and ragged jeans up on stage, but as a female tech CEO, I couldn’t? The guys were considered hip, but I was just underdressed. I needed a brand. A hip female CEO tech brand that I could make my own. Along the way, I discovered that a personal brand is more than what you wear. Here’s how I developed my personal brand, and how I continue to refine it. 1. I looked for examples of women I wanted to emulate. 2. The first step in any branding exercise is to determine what message you are trying to convey. 3. Next, I focused on how I could turn those words into a great look. 4. Once I had my personal message crafted, I began to incorporate it into my psyche. Guess what? 5. Change is a constant in life. I went looking for an outfit, but found my personal brand.

SLCC - Learning Handouts Skip navigation links ugs : life and learning in sync Sanger Learning Center is UT Austin’s main resource for academic support. Each year, we help more than 20,000 students achieve their academic potential. We are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Come in for one-on-one or drop-in tutoringImprove your study skills with a learning specialistMeet weekly with a peer academic coachAttend free classes and workshops Learn how self-testing can better prepare you for your next exam.

Startups, This Is How Design Works – by Wells Riley Give Your Resume an Edge by Making It More Modern I suppose I can't criticize the "45% of employers view potential candidates online" and "24% said they made a hire after reviewing a social media profile" stats because of the way they're worded. An employer who hires hundreds of people each year takes the time to look up one online, and that counts as part of the 45%. An employer looks up one social media profile once and hires that person and they're part of the 24%. However, I sincerely doubt the number of candidates who will have their social media profile and online activity checked is very high, I'd say it's less than 5%. Yes, there a couple careers where some of those things could be helpful, but again, like 5% of jobs.

25 User Experience Videos That Are Worth Your Time Advertisement We’re all mostly accustomed to educating ourselves by reading articles. Rare are the opportunities to attend conferences or watch live shows on subjects that we’re interested in. User Experience Videos The State of User ExperienceJesse James Garett, founder of Adaptive Path and author of the book The Elements of User Experience, speaks on what UX and UX design is, what UX looked like before and what are some of the challenges people are encountering now. UX Best PracticesIn this excellent video session, Nick Finck pries open the most popular websites today, including eBay, Amazon, Toyota, Flickr, Twitter and Netflix, to explain user experience best practices. The Three Ways That Good Design Makes You HappyIn this short but fantastic lecture, Don Norman, known to many as the author of The Design of Everyday Things, explains visual, behavioral and reflective design and the ways in which each of them affects people. Bonus videos (al) It's done.