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The Minerva Project

In May 2014, the Minerva Academy will award the first Minerva Prize, a distinguished honor and $500,000 award designed to recognized extraordinary advancements in teaching innovation, excellence and impact. The deadline to nominate faculty was November 30, 2013. Nominations are now closed. More More info American sculptor Mark di Suvero works with abstract forms on a massive scale.

College and Career Readiness All Oak Hills High School Students will achieve success by graduating with a shared sense of global awareness and the critical skills to be career and college ready. Vision Oak Hills High School will be nationally recognized for innovative program of study, distinguished faculty, and exceptional student achievement. Core Beliefs Jobs Interested in working at GOOD? Excellent; we’re interested in you. A bit about us. GOOD creates media, community-based, and digital products that help make the world better place. We fuse smart business practices with a high-energy, creative culture and strive to incorporate our values of creativity, transparency, and utility into everything we do. We combine the hope of idealism with the prudence of pragmatism.

What is ACCUPLACER? - Student Assessment - College Board ACCUPLACER is a suite of tests that determines your knowledge in math, reading and writing as you prepare to enroll in college-level courses. ACCUPLACER is used to identify your strengths and weaknesses in each subject area and to help you improve your skills through interactive online learning tools. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with your academic background, goals and interests, are used by academic advisors and counselors to place you in the appropriate college courses that meet your skill level. How Does ACCUPLACER Work? No Six-Figure Pay, but Making a Difference SOME people might look at what Brentt Baltimore did and shake their heads in disbelief. Last year, Mr. Baltimore, a graduate of Claremont McKenna College in California who majored in economics and finance, turned down a six-figure job at a Los Angeles area hedge fund. Instead he took a $33,000-a-year position at a venture capital firm in Detroit.

Resources and Downloads for College and Career Readiness Educators from MC2 STEM High School in Cleveland, Ohio, have provided these resources and tools for integrated project-based learning, real-world experiences, and other strategies to prepare students for college and beyond. Principal Jeffrey McClellan (above) leads MC2 STEM High School, where campuses are embedded in STEM-related businesses such as the Great Lakes Science Center (right) to help emphasize the connection between school and the working world. Credit: Zachary Fink Tips for downloading: Mentoring Projects Caring adult volunteers are matched one-on-one with a Foster Youth as a role model, coach, and guide. Mentors spend one hour a week with the youth. They go on outings such as movies, musuems, parks, sporting events, and libraries. Mentors listen to the youth's dreams and give them assurance that their dreams can become reality.

STEM Connection: From Classroom to Workplace How Successful Careers Begin in SchoolAt this STEM high school in Cleveland, Ohio, integrated project-based learning and real-world internship experiences build the crucial link between academic achievement and future economic success. Integrated Projects = Deeper LearningHere's how one school designs rigorous projects that blend STEM with other core subjects. See how this strategy might work for you. Internships Provide On-the-Job LearningRespect, responsibility, and accountability: how opportunities for learning in the workplace bring out the best in students. Mastery-Based Assessment Builds AccountabilityHow you can help students take responsibility and meet high expectations by providing the right tools and support along the way.

Housing for Health Where was the project? A trial project was conducted in Brooklyn, New York City. 10 apartments were chosen to see if the Housing for Health method could be applied to this urban environment. Who helped? The trial project was organised by Common Ground and the Brownsville Partnership. Local community staff volunteered and were trained to complete the Survey Fix work and employed for a week. Local trades were employed to do some fix work on each apartment. Global Citizen Year » Resources The Brits do it. The Aussies love it. Even the French are fans. Join Our Team Ashoka hires the highest caliber, creative leaders in the world. Join our team. Why work at Ashoka? Take it from our leaders. This is why a few Ashokans love being part of this creative, driven, worldwide team of teams:

Item and Task Prototypes PARCC Task Prototypes and Sample Items Samples can be found by clicking on each grade level on the left menu. There are two types of samples found on these pages: • Task Prototypes, which were released in August 2012; and, • Sample Items, which were released beginning on August 15, 2013 VentureLoop : ON - Omidyar Network Description (1 year, full-time basis) WITNESS uses video to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. We empower people to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice, promoting public engagement and policy change. WITNESS was co-founded in 1992 by musician and activist Peter Gabriel as the realization of Peter's vision of capturing the stories of human rights atrocities on video and putting them at the forefront of human rights campaigns. Since then, WITNESS has trained and partnered with thousands of human rights activists to utilize video for change in over 80 countries all over the world. WITNESS ( is seeking a highly-motivated, self-directed individual to join WITNESS’ Program department in the role of Program Assistant.

Next-Gen Advisory: 10 Keys to College & Career Readiness - Vander Ark on Innovation College and career readiness means a lot more than passing a community college entrance exam (although that is the minimum bar for all kids). It requires a set of deeper learning experiences that result in the knowledge, skills and dispositions young people will need to succeed (for more see David Conley's new book, Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core: What Every Educator Needs to Know ). In many high schools, the shuffle of a discipline-based, big-catalog master schedule can lead to a lack of sustained relationships and opportunities for students to fall through the cracks.

Top global development groups in Washington, DC: A primer In international development, it’s hard to bypass Washington. Because it is home to some of the world’s most generous bilateral and multilateral donors, dozens of implementing agencies have taken root in the U.S. capital and its surroundings as well. The city’s Dupont Circle area boasts what may be the highest concentration of nonprofits and think tanks anywhere, with groups such as the Center for Global Development, Brookings Institution, Aspen Institute, United Nations Foundation, Freedom House and, a few blocks north, the D.C. offices of FHI 360. Downtown, Pennsylvania Ave. connects the U.S. Congress with the U.S.