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Atlantis World's Fair

Atlantis World's Fair

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Ausweis Ausweis A Reality-Hacking Experiment. The world's changing. We're getting so concerned with the descriptions and symbols that represent ideas, we're losing all contact with the substance. On a tape I bought at a yard sale, I heard the narrator say, "People are conditioned to believe the printed word." The Many Faces Of… Leonardo DiCaprio Are you being chased by shadows? Is reality being called into question by strange circumstances? Do you regularly fall into CGI-enhanced flashback sequences? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then there’s a good chance that you are FREAKING OUT AND GOING CRAZY!!! Apocalyptic Detailed Models By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 15:23 GMT, 3 April 2012 | Updated: 18:18 GMT, 3 April 2012 These amazing models give an eerie glimpse into the end of the world. Artist Lori Nix spends weeks painstakingly constructing the incredible sculptures, which show what everyday places might look like after the apocalypse.

Festival - International Digital Festival - Accueil Still looking for teams for KIKK Kontest We are still looking for teams to participate to KIKK Kontest, a 24h non-stop multidisciplinary kontest taking place on at the venu of the festival and lasting during the whole event. There are more than 6000 € worth of prizes to win; a trip to Resonate Festival in Serbia, Adobe Suites, Wacom tablets, 500 € in cash, 1 year of Mobile Vikings phone membership with data, and many more… Register now! A few places left for Friday's workshops We have a few places left for the 3 workshops taking place on Friday 9th of November: Musical Experimental Board, 3D Wall Printing and Noisy Jelly.

A Brief History of Snow Globes The way Erwin Perzy's family tells it, if Thomas Edison had designed a better light bulb, Perzy would never have invented the snow globe. Back in 1900, Erwin Perzy I was working in Vienna as a fine instruments mechanic when a surgeon came to him with a problem. Although the surgeon had electric light bulbs installed in his operating theater, the newly invented product didn't cast great light. He wanted to know if Perzy could improve on the dim bulbs and make them brighter. So he got to work. As Perzy hunted for inspiration, he noticed that shoemakers had stumbled into an interesting trick: By filling glass globes with water and placing them in front of candles, they created tiny spotlights in their shops.

Startup Giraffe We’re looking for software engineers to join us in building the highest performing motorcycle ever: Our ultimate goal is to replace gas engines with electric across the entire planet, starting with the most difficult transportation vertical – high performance motorcycles. We’re building a ton of really cool software including an OS for the bike itself, fleet management software, mobile …

A 1970's teenager's bedroom - Not concerned with Medicare or other adult things my bedroom was filled with stereo equipment Updated 05 Sep 2012 Introduction: This page shows some of the evolution of my stereo system and involvement with electronics as a teenager in the mid 1970s. About Us SoBuzzMe, LLC, derived from Social Buzz Media, is a technology services Company that focuses on three specific areas: →Digital Marketing→Cloud Solutions→IT Support Basically, we’re battle-tested geeks for hire. Our team is driven to create solutions that are easy to understand and that maximize the benefit and ROI for our clients. Based in Metro Detroit, the SoBuzzMe team insists on finding the solutions that meet our clients’ business goals.

Cool Abandoned Places In The World 8 - Glorious Mind Posted by admin on 10 Dec 2012 / 2 Comments Cool Abandoned Places In The World -Part 8 :Varosha In the early 1970’s, the Varosha quarter in Famagusta, Cyprus was one of the Mediterranean’s most popular and glamorous tourist destinations. Create a One-Page Retro Web Design Layout in Photoshop In this tutorial we will explain how to create a one-page retro web design using Adobe Photoshop. While most of the design is created in Photoshop, we will also use Illustrator to create various shapes and elements. Let's get started!