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I'm Remembering! Image evolution What is this? A simulated annealing like optimization algorithm, a reimplementation of Roger Alsing's excellent idea. The goal is to get an image represented as a collection of overlapping polygons of various colors and transparencies. We start from random 50 polygons that are invisible. In each optimization step we randomly modify one parameter (like color components or polygon vertices) and check whether such new variant looks more like the original image. If it is, we keep it, and continue to mutate this one instead. Fitness is a sum of pixel-by-pixel differences from the original image. This implementation is based on Roger Alsing's description, though not on his code. How does it look after some time? 50 polygons (4-vertex) ~15 minutes 644 benefitial mutations 6,120 candidates 88.74% fitness 50 polygons (6-vertex) ~15 minutes 646 benefitial mutations 6,024 candidates 89.04% fitness 50 polygons (10-vertex) ~15 minutes 645 benefitial mutations 5,367 candidates 87.01% fitness Requirements

5 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Happened to Be Animals The most dangerous animal on earth is man -- nothing you read in this article will change that. Animals kill for food and territory, and out of fear, but it takes a man to kill repeatedly, just for the fun of it. Well ... usually. As we have previously shown, the animal kingdom has its fair share of diabolical serial killers. #5. The Time: 1957 The Place: Mysore, Near Bangalore The sloth bear of India sounds like the most harmless animal to carry the "bear" name outside of the koala. Wilfried Berns"You'd be surprised how good thin-sliced face tastes on a toasted bagel." That is precisely what the people of Nagvara Hills near Bangalore learned when a sloth bear decided to start murdering them. We're going to pause the article here so you can read that last sentence a couple more times. Possibly while picturing this. Over the course of several days, the enraged sloth bear mutilated about three dozen rural folk. Getty"A moment on the lips means a lifetime on the hips." #4. Getty #3.

701 SCP-701-1 in a still image from SCP-701-19██-A Item #: SCP-701 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: All materials relating to SCP-701 are to be kept in a triple-locked archive at Storage Site-██. Description: SCP-701, The Hanged King's Tragedy, is a Caroline-era revenge tragedy in five acts. Performances of The Hanged King's Tragedy do not always end with an outbreak. 1 to 2 weeks (7 to 14 days) prior to Event: During the dress rehearsal period, cast members will begin to spontaneously deviate from the published text of the play. For a typical case study of an outbreak, see Incident Report SCP-701-19██-1, an analysis of the events leading up to the last uncontained SCP-701 event in 19██, during a high school drama performance in █████████████, ████. In short, SCP-701 is a self-evolving memetic virus, transmitted through unknown means through the text of the play. History: The first known publication of The Hanged King’s Tragedy was as a quarto dated 1640. Additional:

Just Detention International – End Rape in Prison Agraphia 8 Artists Who Poured Their Heart and Soul Into Their Work (Also: Their Blood and Urine) All artists put a little bit of their soul into every piece. But these artists put their soul – and a whole lot more – into their art. 1. When Hananuma Masakichi learned he was dying of tuberculosis, he wanted to give his girlfriend a way to remember him. During the construction, Masakichi even sacrificed pieces of his own body to help his wooden doppelganger come to life. Masakichi finished his statue in 1885 and put it on display. When Robert Ripley began collecting the world's oddities in the 1930s, Masakichi's statue was one of the first items he acquired, paying a San Francisco saloon-owner $10 for it. 2. Van Gogh painted some famous self-portraits. The first Self was purchased by one of the Britart movement's biggest early supporters, Charles Saatchi, who paid £13,000 for it. 3. All artists suffer for their art, but Lani Beloso has made her suffering into art instead. 4. Few pieces of art have evoked emotions like Andres Serrano's 1987 Immersion (Piss Christ) . 5. 6. 7. 8.

Timeless Myths 231 Image removed by order of O5-██ seven seals, seven rings. seven brides for the scarlet KingItem #: SCP-231-7 (See Addendum re: SCP-231-1 through SCP-231-6)they gather round the natal bed, the foolish and the wise. they fear the child yet to be born, whose voice shall rend the skies. Object Class: Keterthe faithful watch the forest for the coming of the King. their lanterns bright, they wait at night for the new world he shall bring. Site and Personnel Requirements: Under special order of O5-██, the following addendum is attached to the beginning of the file for SCP-231-7.the dragon waits in shadows, his breath will scorch the land. the hero in the castle draws his sword and makes his stand. All personnel assigned to SCP-231-7 must rotate out for one month of psychological counseling after two months on-site. SCP-231-7 is to be kept at an undisclosed location. SCP-231-7 is to be kept restrained to a hospital bed at all times except for the purposes of Procedure 110-Montauk. 1. 2.

My Demands QDB: Quote Database Ausweis Ausweis A Reality-Hacking Experiment. The world's changing. On a tape I bought at a yard sale, I heard the narrator say, "People are conditioned to believe the printed word." You know I really thought that people would laugh and not let me get anywhere with them. But success came really quickly. My next big success came with the "50 Cents Off" card. What was it that compelled him? Of course, there's the story of the artist who paints replicas of U.S. currency to prove some of the same point. I started to get obsessed with how abstract and far-reaching I could make the words on the card...could they really overcome physical limitations? And why do these cards make everyone smile? I made the "Add To Your Family Card," after I realized most of the previous ones were rather masculine. A little further in the "far-reaching" direction... Trying to restore some balance to the noise most of these create. Another powermad one. Just how absurd can we make this?! Ninja-style... poof! Links

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