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Public Art Concepts - Dan Sternof Beyer 2011

Download the PDF of these ideas : Public Art Concepts - Dan Sternof Beyer 2011 (2mb) [ New American Public Art ] Related:  Unusual Finds

postcards from google earth by clement valla mar 19, 2013 postcards from google earth by clement valla ‘postcards from google earth’ by clement valla, 2011-2013 image © clement valla brooklyn-based artist clement valla, scours the algorithmic confines of google earth in search ruptures of the archive’s ‘universal texture’, the mapping method by which google generates models of the planet’s surfaces. the three dimensional model, however, is characterized by a fluidity generated by two dimensional parameters. when texture coincides with picture plane and is subsequently stretched across 3d space, there are often seams at which the hyper-real representation betrays the dynamic data points that make up the map. valla collects these incongruous seams and exposes the points where perception confronts reality. more ‘postcards’ can be found here. millau, france los angeles, california rome, italy deception pass, washington, usa powell, montana valley pass switzerland catskills,new york, usa cat garcia menocal I designboom

Understanding Common Motivation Behind Suicide Resources Understanding The Motivations Behind Suicide: While no single reason can account for each suicidal act, there are common characteristics associated with completed suicides. Perhaps they can help you to understand why someone you love died by suicide. 1) The common purpose of suicide is a solution. Suicide is many things, but it is neither random nor pointless. To those who choose to end their own lives, suicide is an answer to an unsolvable problem or a way out of a horrible dilemma. 2) The common goal of suicide is to cease consciousness. 3) The common stressor in suicide is frustrated psychological needs. 4) The common stimulus in suicide is intolerable psychological pain. 5) The common internal attitude in suicide is ambivalence. 6) The common emotion in suicide is hopelessness and/or helplessness. 7) The common cognitive state in suicide is constriction. 8 ) The common interpersonal act in suicide is communication of intent. 9) The common action in suicide is escape. Suicide

Surfing The Apocalypse FEBRUARY 2000 The following item was placed for sale to the highest bidder at the online auction site Ebay. A SURFING THE APOCALYPSE exclusive interview with the new owner of the painting can be found following the copy of the ad. Here is the unedited text of the original ad. This auction is nearing the end. The Original Ad Can Be Viewed HERE Until Ebay Ceases To Archive It. SURFING THE APOCALYPSE followed up on this story in an email interview with the new owner of the painting. SURFING: What attracted you to the "Haunted Painting?" L.B.: Visually, it seemed like a good composition, the artist displayed a certain professional handling of the medium, and the subject matter was compelling. SURFING: How long have you had the painting? L.B.: Since March 7. SURFING: Has anything "unusual" happened with the painting? L.B.: I wish I could report a bizarre happening or mind possession type of thing, but the unusual things started happening with the first email and counting. L.B.: Yes.

James Rhodes: 'Find what you love and let it kill you' After the inevitable "How many hours a day do you practice?" and "Show me your hands", the most common thing people say to me when they hear I'm a pianist is "I used to play the piano as a kid. I really regret giving it up". I imagine authors have lost count of the number of people who have told them they "always had a book inside them". Do the maths. What if you could know everything there is to know about playing the piano in under an hour (something the late, great Glenn Gould claimed, correctly I believe, was true)? What if for a couple of hundred quid you could get an old upright on eBay delivered? What if rather than a book club you joined a writer's club? I didn't play the piano for 10 years. Reading this on a mobile? The government is cutting music programmes in schools and slashing Arts grants as gleefully as a morbidly American kid in Baskin Robbins. Charles Bukowski, hero of angsty teenagers the world over, instructs us to "find what you love and let it kill you".

The most beautiful suicide On May 1, 1947, Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Photographer Robert Wiles took a photo of McHale a few minutes after her death. The photo ran a couple of weeks later in Life magazine accompanied by the following caption: On May Day, just after leaving her fiancé, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale wrote a note. 'He is much better off without me ... I wouldn't make a good wife for anybody,' ... From McHale's NY Times obituary, Empire State Ends Life of Girl, 20: At 10:40 A. The serenity of McHale's body amidst the crumpled wreckage it caused is astounding. Update: Here's a better photo of Warhol's print. Update: Here's the page as it appeared in Life Magazine. Update: Codex 99 did some research on McHale and her activities on the day she died.

12 Lonely Negative Words Are you disgusted, disgruntled and disheveled? Well, unfortunately you’re never going to be gusted, gruntled or sheveled. Disgusted, disgruntled and disheveled are what you might call “lonely negatives.” 1. (Via French or Italian, from Latin dis- ‘expressing reversal’ + gustāre ‘to taste.’) English adopted only the negative version, leaving us without the useful expression, ”That gusts me.” 2. (From the late Middle English word, now obsolete, 'dishevely,' which derives from Old French deschevelé, past participle of descheveler, based on chevel, 'hair,' from Latin capillus. You can be disheveled without ever being “sheveled.” 3. (From late Latin in- ‘not’ + scrūtārī ‘to search or examine thoroughly’ + -able. Inscrutable refers to "something that cannot be searched into or found out by searching; unfathomable, entirely mysterious." 4. (Via French from Latin in- ‘not’ + effāri ‘to utter’) She: Are you dumping me? 5. Disappoint was once was the negative of appoint. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

The Smoked Corpses of Aseki, Papua New Guinea We tend to associate mummies with ancient Egypt, but a lot of culture around the world practiced mummification. The Anga tribe of the Aseki region of Papua New Guinea is one of them. Anga’s mummies, however, aren't wrapped in bandages and placed in tombs. One of the most important process of mummification is the removal of moisture from the dead bodies, because water promotes decomposition, and a decomposed body cannot be preserved by mummification. Photo credit: Michael Thirnbeck/Flickr The elaborate process began by slicing open the knees, elbows, feet, and other joints. Most of what’s known about the mummies is based on the exaggerated tales of one British explorer named Charles Higginson, who was the first person to document a report on the smoked corpses in 1907. Photo credit: Ian Lloyd Neubauer/BBC After the body was smoked and dried, it was covered with ocher, a claylike form of iron oxide, to protect the mummifying remains from scavengers and the elements.

RJ Shaughnessy Photography El fotógrafo de Los Angeles, RJ Shaughnessy convierte lo ordinario en extraordinario ... "Las realidades de las situaciones son aburridas, ... tiene que haber algo roto dentro del marco", dice Shaughnessy. El trabajo de RJ llamó la atención de numerosas publicaciones y ha trabajado con empresas como Adidas, Nike, Sony PlayStation y Microsoft. Estas imágenes son el resultado de una vida en Los Angeles en medio de los muchos pensamientos de perfección (y su opuesto), ... pensamientos que sólo "la ciudad de los ángeles" puede evocar. Los Angeles based photographer RJ Shaughnessy transforms the ordinary into extraordinary... RJ´s work caught the attention of numerous publications and he has worked with companies such as Adidas, Nike, Sony PlayStation, and Microsoft. These pictures are a result of life lived in Los Angeles amidst the many thoughts of perfection (and its opposite), thoughts that only “the city of angels” can evoke.

Most Weird Book Ever Made : Le Livre Sans Titre | The Hidden Fact Le Livre Sans Titre (The Book without a Title) is dated 1830 and it illustrates how dangerous masturbation can be. Weird. He was young, handsome; his mother’s fond hope He corrupted himself!… soon he bore the grief of his error, old before his time… his back hunches.. A devouring fire sears his gut; he suffers horrible stomach pains… See his eyes once so pure, so brilliant; they are extinguished! He can’t walk any more… his legs give way Hideous dreams disturb his slumber… he cannot sleep… His teeth rot and fall out… His chest burns… he spits up blood… His hair, once so lovely, falls as if from old age; his scalp grows bald before his age…. He hungers; he wants to satiate his appetite; food won’t stay down in his stomach… His chest collapses… he vomits blood… Pustules cover his entire body… He is terrible to behold! A slow fever consumes him, he declines; all of his body burns up… His entire body stiffens! He is delirious; he stiffens against death; death gains strength…

One Night Stand in Wartime - Attacks on Boston I’m sitting in a strange kitchen right now, in a posh two-bedroom condo in Charlestown, Mass., with sprawling views of the Boston skyline and the upper deck of I-93. My head is pounding. I’ve already maxed out on the recommended daily intake of Advil, hung over from a long night of upending pint after pint of Guinness at the Warren Tavern down the road—a legendary pub located in the former home of Revolutionary War hero Dr. Joseph Warren, where my dad has been bartending for the better part of 20 years. My memory is a bit strained on the details, but I think it went something like this: As news broke of a MIT police officer being gunned down, followed by a hot-pursuit car chase between the two suspects in Monday’s bombing, I was bellied up to the Tavern’s rustic, centuries-old bar. I remember saying something like “blarphgmchp” out loud, which in my head sounded like “Good lord friends, this week has really been a doozie, what?” And it was then when I realized I had a problem.

Time Warp Wives: Meet the women who really do live in the past By Diana Appleyard Updated: 09:06 GMT, 8 August 2008 The credit crunch, a knife crime epidemic - no wonder so many of us are sick of the 21st century. Most of us just grumble, but some women have taken radical action to escape what they see as the soulless grind of modern life. 1950s Joanne Massey, 35, lives in a recreation of a 1950s home in Stafford with her husband Kevin, 42, who works as a graphics application designer. I love nothing better than fastening my pinny round my waist and baking a cake for Kevin in my 1950s kitchen. I put on some lovely Frank Sinatra music and am completely lost in my own little fantasy world. Enlarge Joanne Massey: 'Living like this makes me happier' We've been married for 13 years and we're extremely happy because we both know our roles. What's wrong with wanting to be adored and spoiled? I don't even put petrol in our Ford Anglia car, which is 43 years old, because I think that is so unladylike. I admit I am in retreat from the 21st century. 1940s 1930s

1940s Casablanca Dinner Party— We recently hosted a little belated Valentine’s Day soiree at our house with a 1940s Casablanca theme. The idea came from our friend, and evil genius, who gets a lot of fun and crazy ideas. This is easily explained by the fact that he is an artist by profession (he recently published an awesome book on monster mythology called “Monster Mythos” with several other artists), and does things like work on the animation team for Cartoon Network’s Sym-Bionic Titan, so he’s basically paid to dream up craziness every day. (He even gave everyone names for the night . . . I’ll share in a second . . . .) We gave our house a festive feel, hanging up some mini white Christmas lights and some paper lanterns. Then we gave the dinner table an elegant vintage makeover. Everyone came dressed to the nines. Left to Right: Danny Marco, Sam Blackwell, Mark Raeburn, and Tony Bandana The dames: Left to Right: Kathleen Connor, Lola “Smoky” Freemont, Isabel Morgan, and Tanya Joyce .

Most Interesting Libraries of the World The Royal library Black Diamond at the waterfront of Copenhagen owes its name to the black granite from Zimbabwe used for the facade of the building. The name was used by the public first and has been adapted officially later. Design by the Danish architects Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen.