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Trivinet Textbooks w Google Docs Posted by Dianne Darlington, Director of Technology, Tullahoma City Schools Editor's note: Today’s post comes from Dianne Darlington, a Google Apps Certified Administrator and director of technology at Tullahoma City Schools, a school district in Tennessee that includes four elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. Our teachers at Tullahoma City Schools have discovered (and fully embraced) the benefits of incorporating timely, interactive material into the classroom—whether it’s a recent YouTube video or a breaking news article. Recognizing that technology plays a key role in learning, we recently expanded our use of Google Apps and Google Classroom throughout our schools. Now, teachers across the district use Apps and Classroom to assign projects and provide feedback to students, and students in grades three through nine bring home Chromebooks to continue learning outside the classroom walls.

Creative Idea Generator - Random Word Generator Movenote Make Kids' Books Online For Free! Mindmeister HTML5, EPUB 3, and ebooks vs. web apps One of the benefits of working on TOC is that I get to see some of the behind-the-scenes industry debates that take place via email. Since it’s “formats” month here in TOC-land I thought it would be fun to share a thread about HTML5 vs. EPUB 3 featuring O’Reilly’s Sanders Kleinfeld and the IDPF’s Bill McCoy. They’ve both agreed to share this thread with the TOC community since it helps clarify the state of both EPUB 3 and HTML5. It all started with an HTML5 interview I did with Sanders earlier this month. Your mileage may vary, especially on the Nook Bill: Your interview with Joe for TOC was interesting. I also agree with you that Web-technologies-based apps are the future for experience delivery, both in browser and increasingly for native-class apps that are liberated from the browser (whether wrapped in PhoneGap or CEF, W8 Metro apps or the new Chrome Packaged App model Google rolled out this summer at I/O). Distinguishing apps from ebooks That’s just part one, folks.

Your Scene Needs a Problem By Ken Hughes, @TheKenHughes Part of the How They Do It Series Conflict is a must in every scene, but problems come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. The tricky part is knowing what the right problem for your scene is. To help with that, Ken Hughes visits the lecture hall today to share some thoughts on adding problems to your scenes. Ken Hughes is a Global Ebook Award-nominated urban fantasy novelist, creator of the Whisperers and the upcoming Spellkeeper Chronicles series, and the Power Plays and Unified Writing Theory blogs. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indie Bound Take it away Ken... We figure we can’t do the major events of the story without writing quieter moments too. --And there’s the great myth: that the only balance for Big Conflict Scenes is moments that are conflict-free. What a small scene needs is to cope with a small problem. Speed bump – or speed by And if that moment isn’t the right one, you could show the next instead, or the next.

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