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Are you ready to play Five Card flickr?

Are you ready to play Five Card flickr?
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Five Card Flickr Changing the way you learn 3 Emoji Designs 3 Emoji Designs Flex your creativity by making a design based off three randomly generated emoji. Enter your name for diagnosis HOT diagnoses - The most popular diagnoses 69.nct as your twitter mutualshello im not an ot21zen 70.How do you die? Read more Creator Follow creator Pokéfusion GeneratorGenerate a monster that is a mix of two or th... Recommended how soft are you? Diagnoses on the same theme 3 Emoji DesignsFlex your creativity by making a design based... 3 Emoji DesignsFlex your creativity by making a design based... Random OC Generator! Latest diagnoses Rankings Thot meterHow much of a thot are you? attributesstupid horny baby cursed clown feral 「Your Stand」What is your JoJo stand? JoJo OC Stand GeneratorThis diagnosis generates an ability, type, st... Random OC Generator! Trending favorites 3 Emoji DesignsFlex your creativity by making a design based... Favorites Create a diagnosis Make your very own diagnosis! Menu Diagnosis list Creator Search diagnoses Follow @shindanmaker_en Powered by Translate

DC IELTS: Opinion vocabulary for IELTS speaking The language of opinions is vital in IELTS speaking. This post gives you some practical advice in a 3 step programme so that you can use it better. You will also find a simple – but very effective – practice resource to download or print off to help you do this. Step 1 – know when you can use opinion vocabulary – think Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious the examiner is asking you for your opinion. The question will not always contain the words “Do you think…?”. “Would you say it’s an easy job?” In each case you should be thinking about using the language of opinions. “Do you think it’s an easy job?” Tip: this needs some practice to get right – not all the questions are opinion questions. Step 2 – learn to extend your answer – why Of course it’s not enough just to use the opinion vocabulary: you also need to say a little bit more or, as teachers say, learn to extend your answer. “Do you think it’s an easy job and why?” Step 3 – learn to use varied opinion vocabulary Practice makes perfect

How to attribute a Creative Commons photo from Flickr Yes, the absolute correct way! I previously asked how you credit a CC photo from Flickr. Since then I’ve been doing my research and here is the results – The correct way to credit a photo. You need to follow the guidelines set by the license. keep intact any copyright notices for the Workcredit the author, licensor and/or other parties (such as a wiki or journal) in the manner they specify;include the title of the Workthe URL for the work if applicableIf you are making a derivative word or adaptation, in addition to the above, you need to identify that your work is a derivative work i.e., “This is a Finnish translation of the [original work] by [author].” or “Screenplay based on [original work] by [author].” My addition/suggestion Let the author know. That is a lot to include. Example 1. The monkeys are here! Originally uploaded by Librarian by Day blog this test Example 2. Example 3. CC Image courtesy of Librarian by Day on Flickr Example 4. Example 5. This photo, “The monkeys are here!”

Świat Nauczyciela - Wykreślanki należy podać słowa, które mają być w niej zawarte. Słowa podajemy rozdzielając je spacją lub zaczynając od nowej linii. Oprócz słów można podać własny tytuł np. do pobrania jako obrazek, który można zamieścić np. w pliku word; do pobrania jako dokument pdf; do bezpośredniego wydruku ze strony. Writing Exercises and Prompts DC IELTS: More opinion vocabulary in speaking Vocabulary is an extremely important factor in the IELTS speaking module and a large part of this is Range of Vocabulary. This means that you have enough words to speak about different topics accurately and that you do not repeat the same words all the time. However, the vocabulary you need for the exam is not just topic vocabulary but also functional vocabulary: words and phrases for explaining, giving examples and giving opinions etc.This video post looks at some useful language for opinions. Opinion language – when do you need it? The short answer to that question is: all the time. There’s a problem here though. Video – some variations of I think Take a look at this video. personal opinionsstrong opinionsweak opinionsusing adverbs You should note that if you can train yourself to use some of these variations, it will not just improve your Range of Vocabulary, it will also improve your communication skills: “I am sure” is not the same as “I guess”. Download Practice

Spell with flickr Please send me comments, suggestions or questions, I love getting emails about Spell with Flickr - and all my programming projects. It was just a few hours ago that I posted my Goals for 2008 and I'm releasing my first project of the year. It's nothing big, but it was a fun little distraction. The hide-an-image-in-text-with-css3-creator-thing If you're one of those folks who might care about how something like this might work, here's the source. read the rest at Meta | ateM Spell with flick grabs images from flickr (the One Letter and One Digit groups) and uses them to spell what you've typed in.

GroupZap — Welcome The Spy Who Never Was Wicked Uncle's - The Spy Who Never Was. Story and picture by Bertie. Read by Richard. Jemima & Mum by Jana. Dedicated to Henry in New York. The idea for this story was inspired by Richard's own electric Skateboard - and you can see him riding his skateboard and reciting poetry on his YouTube channel, YouTube channel, Sk8oetry This story is dedicated to Henry in New York City whose family generously supports us. The Spy Who Never Was - A Wicked Uncle Story for Storynory. One Friday night, Dad went out to the cornershop to buy popcorn chocolate-coated-peanuts, and fizzy drinks. Even since Dad had converted the back room into a TV den, it had become their favourite spot to spend the evening. Jemima chose a film called, The Spy Who Proposed to Me, about some kids who hated their mother’s new fiance. As far as they knew, the new guy’s job was importing electric clippers for grooming cats and dogs. Little did they realise that secretly this goofy geek was a spy. “And what’s that?” Jeremy said:

BBC Learning English - Intermediate Unit 22 - Interjections The Internet Inferno