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Learn how to make your own vectorportraits

Learn how to make your own vectorportraits

Photoshop - Six Revisions - Part 2 26 Professional Photoshop Retouching Tutorials Adobe Photoshop is the go-to tool for digital artists when it comes to professionally retouching images. Enhancing and retouching photos in Photoshop is an effective way to "work with what you’ve got". There are many tips, tricks, and techniques for improving things like skin tone and imperfections, and enhancing the photo subject’s features. This article shares a huge variety of photo retouching tutorials for Photoshop users with brief descriptions of each. 1. continue reading » 26 Beautiful Photoshop Tutorials on Designing Posters Posters are excellent examples of art with a purpose: an effective poster must not only show, but must also tell. In this article, you’ll find top-notch tutorials for creating posters. 1. continue reading » 30 Brilliant Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials A current trend in design is adding lighting effects to enhance your digital art. Expressive lighting effects continue reading » 1. continue reading » 1. 1.

10+ Awesome Tutorials on Vexel Art | Design was here Vexel Art is a style composed of multiple layered shapes and focuses on recreating an imagery using a raster program. The name came from a combination of vector and pixel design. It is an entirely pixel-based raster image that imitates the vector graphics style and not necessarily using Vector Programs. The general idea is that they are raster images that look much like vector and in most cases are created using the same techniques. It may be composed using vector graphic techniques, however it becomes a vexel when the vector elements are rasterized and further manipulations are done in a raster program. On this post you will learn how to create your own Vexel graphics through the beginner and intermediate tutorials. How to Vexel This tutorial explains the basics about vexeling. Create a Complete Vexel Image Using Photoshop This tutorial will instruct the reader on how to take a picture and create a vexel image out of it, through Photoshop. Vector/Vexel Art in Photoshop Vexel Tutorial Hair

grunge backgrounds Today we are going to make a wallpaper with a flower text effect using Illustrator and Photoshop. The PSD File for this tutorial can be found at the bottom of this post. I will first tell you how can you get the flower text effect and then will continue with the making of the wallpaper. It’s pretty easy. Step 1 Open Illustrator and create a new document 1024px width by 768px height, with an RGB color. Step 2 After creating the floral layer, copy the layer and move it below the floral layer. Once the Artistic Effects dialogue box opens click on the “Paint Brush” effect. Now keeping the “floral_style” layer selected make the stroke color as black (#000000). Step 3 Then go to Effects > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Step 4 Now we will be adding the flowers to the text. Open the file in Illustrator. After ungrouping, take two yellow flowers and place them as shown below in the middle of the “floral” and “floral_blur” layers. Step 5 Step 6 Lets add some stones to it. Step 7 Step 8 Step 9

Awesome Floral Type in Fireworks and Photoshop in 5 minutes | Ab A few weeks ago we had a very nice Vector Packs giveway from Designious. For that article I did an image using some of the floral vectors to create a floral type. It was similar to the Frilly Bits effect, however for this one we combine the vectors with the font to create a different result. It reminds the work of Si Scott or Gingermonkey. In this tutorial we will use Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop. Step 1 Open Fireworks and type the text you want, I used GIVEAWAY. Step 2 Open the Floral Vector in Fireworks. Step 3 Select the first letter and the floral vector. Step 4 Place all the florals you want for your design before combining them with the text. Step 5 Now just repeat the Join command to the other vectors and letters. Step 6 Now let's go to Photoshop. Step 7 Select the background layer and apply some layer styles. Step 8 Create a new layer on top of the background layer and go to Filter>Render>Clouds... Step 9 Copy and paste the floral type from Fireworks to Photoshop. Step 10 Conclusion

Free Adobe Photoshop latest Tutorial - Adobe cs2 photo shop stud Title: Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Design a Flower for scrap booking project or website Template In this computer cs2 dummy photo shop tech tutorial learn how to make or draw a flower or floral design for digital scrapbooking project or website template.Use photoshop techniques for digital scrapbooking- photo shop custom shape effects Free photoshop tutorial how to make a Cool-Effect in photoshop. [1] Take a new file of 400 pixels, 400 pixels, of resolution 72 dpi in the RGB mode. [2] Fill the new document with black color. [3] Now select the custom shape. [4] Make the new layer from the layer pallete now make a selection and fill with color white. [5] Then go to Filter>Blur>Radial Blur apply these settings. [6] Your image should be look like this. [7] Now hold down ctrl and click the layer to load the selection . [8] Hit delete to delete the inside part of the selection your image should be look like this. [9] Go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation apply these settings.

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