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Online Photo Editor -- Gateway Site for Media Literacy Education Home - Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software - Downloadcrew Edtech541 web page Glogster: Intellectual Freedom: Art, Music, & PE In today’s global society, cultural acceptance is key to preventing censorship by protecting intellectual freedom rights to include freedom of ideas, freedom of speech, and the freedom to seek information. This activity will allow students to learn about the arts from other cultures and help them understand the need for tolerance in our diverse world. After exploring all resources linked to Glogster: Intellectual Freedom: Select three countries you would like to research further from the “Three countries You Ought to Know About” videos.Create your own Glog with information about your three countries.Include at least one link to resources representing: art, music, and dance or sports for each of your three countries.Add at least one audio or video for each country.Your Glog will include at least nine links with one link for each country representing art, music, and dance or sports. Lesson Plan for TimeToast and Google Map Banned Book List 2010

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