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Old to Young Case Study in Photoshop by Cassio Braga

Old to Young Case Study in Photoshop by Cassio Braga
Reading the comments about the Photoshop Battle and I noticed the a lot of people were interested in knowing and seeing the images that were created during the event. Because of that I decided to recreate one of the images I did in my first battle, which was my favorite. This time however I had more time to pay attention to some details, in the event we had only 30 minutes to come up with an idea and make it come true. So as I mentioned before this image, I will present in this case study, was created in my first duel and the subject was water. I really like the result because besides the visual strength it has a simple idea that makes us wonder and think about life and aging. Video of the Photoshop Battle Abduzeedo - Battle of Photoshop from Alexandre Guterres on Vimeo. For the whole composition I used 6 other images as you can see in the case study that follows now. Step 1 Step 2 After that I did a color adjustment to make the hue of the skin of both photos match. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Related:  photo editingGraphic tips & tools

Quick and Simple Worn Out Psychedelic Poster in Photoshop Adobe Photoshop offers a lot of ways to apply color effects to your images. But maybe the Gradient Map adjustment layer is the most flexible and easy to use of them all. With this tool you can apply one of the many great sample gradients provided by Adobe in the standard Photoshop installation. you can create all kinds of color or artistic effects with just one click. And believe me, many, many of them are really outstanding. In this tutorial we are going to create a psychedelic poster with just an image, a gradient map and a texture. Download the base image. Now, go to the layers palette and click on the ADJUSTMENT LAYERS icon. A new adjustment layer will be created using the default gradient map. The gradient will be applied to the image giving it a psychedelic style This is all you need to give a psychedelic look to your image. Now let’s add a creased grunge paper texture to the image. Open the image you just downloaded. You will notice that it is a bit large (1700 x 2246px).

A Perfect Lie in Photoshop #2 by Cameron Mon, 09/06/2010 - 12:16 Last year our friend and contributor of Abduzeedo Cameron Rad did a video tutorial called A Perfect Lie in Photoshop in which he showed us a really cool skin retouching technique. Even though the that tutorial was already cool he wasn't satisfied and spent another year trying to come up with a killer way to do skin retouchin. In this Photoshop Tutorial Cameron will present us what he has found out over this last year of Photoshop experiments. Well my name is Cameron Rad and I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer from Los Angeles, California. For more information about Cameron visit his Web site at Final Result Tutorial Time Lapse My name is Cameron Rad and I am a graphic designer and photographer from Los Angeles, CA.

Stylish Surreal Portrait Stylish Surreal PortraitReviewed by Carine Ma on Jul 2Rating: Preview of Final Results Stylish Surreal Portrait Photoshop Tutorial Tutorial Details Program: Photoshop Cs3 Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate Estimated Completion Time: 1 hour + Resources Step 1 – Brainstorm I love the concept behind surrealism. Gather some inspiration to get your creative juices started. Step 2 – Set up Create an A4 size canvas with a decent print quality of 200dpi (optimal is 300dpi). Step 3 Duplicate the woman image and apply a Black & White adjustment ( Image > Adjustments > Black & White) on it. ever wanted to do some stuff? like, different... ever wanted to do some stuff? like, different stuff? tired of having to scroll through your huge ref tag? LOOK NO FURTHER!! Art: Writing: General: Makeup: Gender: Getting gender-neutral pronouns on facebook Backgrounds: Clothing: Cheer up/Be happy Sowing: 8ft giant squid pattern Food: Exercise: Burning stomach fat Games: Mental health: Talking about your mental health 1 year ago 382,654 notes #masterpost #art masterpost #resources #art resources #reference #long post #REBLOG THIS GDI agender|Cancer|UK|he/him i'm baku & kyoya ootori is my king

Creating a Nature Inspired Digital Piece in Photoshop Nature is everything that was not created by man. Living things and life are in the context of philosophical or ideological way of thinking. But man acts as a part of nature and designers. Nature is set in relation to human existence. This tutorial will teach you how I created the digital piece “Man as a Nature Designer.” Artist: Manuel PlatzerTime: 30 MinutesSkill: Beginner Pro’s: Easy to follow tutorial with a beautiful unique outcome. Final Preview Step 1: Preparation I had a idea of how I wanted the final piece to look, so I started scribbling on a piece of paper and after a while I decided to start looking for photos that would relate to my idea for the piece. The second photo I was looking for was a grass related stock photo. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make use of some brushes to add some creativity to the idea that I had. Now that the preparation for the piece is completed we can finally move on to starting the manipulation. Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Step 7:

Super Easy Typographic Portrait in Photoshop Last year we posted on Abduzeedo a very cool post about typographic portraits, the 45 Amazing Type Faces - Typographic Portraits became one of the most popular posts on Abduzeedo, and a lot of people asked me how to create that effect in Photoshop. We have also posted a little tutorial showing how to do that using, Flash Photoshop Quick Tips #5 - Typographic Portrait, however I decided to create a nice typographic effect using just Photoshop. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a really cool and super easy typographic portrait in Photoshop. We will use the Displace filter and some Blend Modes to achieve the effect. The whole process is quite simple but it might take you some time to add the texts and elements, but once you do that the rest is very straight forward. Step 1 Open Photoshop and create a new document. Step 2 Duplicate the layer and go to Image>Adjustment>Desaturate. Step 3 With the Horizontal Type Tool (T) create text boxes and start adding texts. Step 4 Step 5 Step 6

Money Style Illustration in Photoshop Last Saturday I went to the movies to watch Wall Street Money Never Sleeps. It was a nice movie, even though I was expecting something much better in terms of story and special effects, there were some cheesy ones, however in the end during the credits the design they created a really nice animation with money illustration, I don't know the name of the effect in english, but I loved it, so I came back and decided to try to do that in Photoshop. So in this tutorial I will show you a nice technique to create a simple money style illustration using a regular photo, it's not as perfect as the money illustrations we see in the dollar bill for example, but it's a quick tip. There might be different ways so if you know another one share with us, this was the one I came up with and it's very easy. Step 1 Open Photoshop and use a photo that you have or want to apply the effect, in this case I will use of myself, the one I use on Twitter. Step 2 Go to Image>Adjustmenst>Desaturate. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

Simple Roy Lichtenstein Style in Illustrator and Photoshop I have been playing with the Halftone filter in Photoshop for the past few weeks and trying different things we can do with it. I also discover the Width Tool in Illustrator CS 5 and it was a great surprise because now we have much more freedom when playing with strokes. So with these two things in mind I decided that I had to create an image using them, and then the idea of a design inspired in Roy Lichtenstein. There are quite a few tutorials showing how to create this type of image, but I decided to try it myself. Roy Lichtenstein (October 27, 1923 – September 29, 1997) was a prominent American pop artist. Step 1 Let's start the tutorial in Illustrator. Step 2 In Illustrator, select the Pencil Tool (N) and start drawing over the photo using it as references. Step 3 Keep drawing with the Pencil Tool (N) and with the Pen Tool (P) when you need more precision, however it doesn't need to be super perfect. Step 4 With the Pencil Tool (N) create the contour of her hair. Step 5 Step 6 Step 9 Step 10

Create Beautiful Abstract Female Art in Photoshop Sometimes, all it takes to create a stunning piece of art is a stock photo, a bit of creativity, a great idea, and some time. Today, I will demonstrate how to create a piece of art that I created titled, "Beauty of Gold." Let's get started! Step 1 Let's start by creating a new document in Photoshop, I used A3 format but it doesn't really matter what size you use. Step 2 Now, have a good look at your stock, this technique is always easier when you have a stock with a lot of highlights and shadows. Step 3 Take out your 'Ellipse Tool' and begin to create circles that will form the shading. Step 4 Set the opacity of the 'Ellipse Tool' to about 20%. Step 5 Work from large size to small size! Step 6 Repeat this same step again, but this time add some circles around you stock to create some flow, this will be used for effects later in this tutorial. Step 7 Now, we're going to add some color. Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Now start brushing on the darker and lighter areas that we showed in Step 2. Step 11 Step 12

Photoshop Tutorials - Age Progression Disclaimer: None of the given Photoshop Tutorials are written by me. They are all taken from various sources on the Internet and I compiled some of them for you. Hope you understand. Here’s a little tutorial showing you how I basically go about aging a woman’s face in Photoshop. Preface I've been asked several times by different members to post a tutorial on how I age-progress a person. Men and women age a little bit differently but since I've only aged female celebrities thus far, I'll just focus on women for this tutorial. Step 1: Choosing an Appropriate Photo When deciding to age-progress a celebrity’s face, I try to select a picture that is touched-up as little as possible. I find that candid shots, or any shots that have not been taken in a studio, work best because the resulting harsh lighting reveals more of the skin’s details i.e. slight bags under the eyes and faint wrinkles. Step 2: Collecting Reference Material Reference material is key in my method of aging. Now the fun begins!

Combining Custom Brushes for Wild Effects in Photoshop Custom brushes can be an incredibly powerful way to add a touch of originality to your work. By photographing or otherwise capturing given effects such as splatters, drips and watercolor textures, you can easily create your own custom brushes in Photoshop, and apply them to your own work right away to make it stand out. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create some custom brushes based on scans of different types, and then you’ll instantly put them to use to come up with a wild finished result. You’ll see how simple custom brushes can make all the difference, and you’ll learn some great tips on how to get the best results. Let’s get started. Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop A scanner (not required but preferred) Stock Images Final Image Preview: Step 1: Document setup We will start this pressing ‘CTRL N’ on your keyboard; this will bring up the new document dialog box. Once our document is up we will head over to Deviant Art to grab a texture for our background. Step 2: Custom brush creation.

Mentaway Logo Design Case Study A few weeks ago my brother Eduardo Sasso showed me an idea he had for a web service that would be perfect for those who travel a lot or simply want to keep track of their adventures when they are away from their places. I loved the concept and I joined him along side with Gisele Muller and Fabiano Meneghetti to make that app become real. The name was already chosen, Mentaway. Talking to my brother and Gisele, the creators of the whole idea, they gave me some insights on how they see the service, the goals and philosophy behind it. My role would be come up with the design. The first thing I did was list some keywords: Traveling Map Route Compass Direction Away Pinpoint I started looking for compass, map and direction images. First concept: Lettering and Arrow. The first concept I explored was using an arrow in the lettering. After sketching I went to the computer and tried to come up with something based on those ideas. Second concept: Compass and direction sign The final concept.

Pendulum's Immersion album cover art step-by-step - Tutorials Recent Number 1 album Immersion by drum n’ rockers Pendulum features a photo-illustrative cover by Polish artist Maciej Hajnrich (aka Valp), which was also used across the Collector’s Box Set, including double vinyl, postcards and a bunch of merchandise. Here, Hajnrich shows off the techniques for photo manipulation, retouching and editing he brought to bear on the cover. It was created in collaboration with album cover guru Storm Thorgerson, best known for covers including Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. The real creative challenge for Immersion was to achieve an original and natural-looking scenario merged with some hyper-real techniques. The more you look at the cover, the more you can see. It’s designed to hypnotize and immerse the viewer. Step 1 The album’s title Immersion brought a sinister, deep ocean to mind, with strange creatures, corals and suchlike.

Create Beams Of Light From Nothing In Photoshop Here is some great insight on creating beams of light in photoshop. Check it out. Working With Layers The key to getting a beam of light to look realistic is using multiple layers while creating it. Adding Fog The second part to making the beam of light believable is adding fog to the image. Photo by Vincent Tullo