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Old to Young Case Study in Photoshop by Cassio Braga

Old to Young Case Study in Photoshop by Cassio Braga
Reading the comments about the Photoshop Battle and I noticed the a lot of people were interested in knowing and seeing the images that were created during the event. Because of that I decided to recreate one of the images I did in my first battle, which was my favorite. This time however I had more time to pay attention to some details, in the event we had only 30 minutes to come up with an idea and make it come true. So as I mentioned before this image, I will present in this case study, was created in my first duel and the subject was water. I really like the result because besides the visual strength it has a simple idea that makes us wonder and think about life and aging. Video of the Photoshop Battle Abduzeedo - Battle of Photoshop from Alexandre Guterres on Vimeo. For the whole composition I used 6 other images as you can see in the case study that follows now. Step 1 Step 2 After that I did a color adjustment to make the hue of the skin of both photos match. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6

Amazingly Creative Drawing Vs Photography This wonderful work has done by a very talented Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer Ben Heine. This creative artist was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He Studied graphic arts and sculpture and I also have a degree in journalism. Lets take a look at some of his awesome works that he calls “Drawing Vs Photography” or “Imagination Vs Reality”. Blog Archive Beautiful 70 Years Separates Them by Sacha Goldberger This beautiful 70 Years Series produced by whiz kid photographer Sacha Goldberger demonstrates us his granny Monika with a much younger model girl named Therese. This series tells the fairy-tale of passing time and shows two way story of the same person, a young and old one. The photos are extremely related but at the same time there is a massive dissimilarity among them. The older ones explain a different feelings as well as life incident that can only come with age. Related posts:

22 Incredible Photos of Faraway Places Thailand Chances are you already know Steve McCurry as the man who took one of the most iconic photos of our time. It was of a 12-year-old Afghan refugee girl who's piercing green eyes told us her harrowing story. The image itself was named "the most recognized photograph" in the history of the National Geographic magazine and her face became famous as the cover photograph on their June 1985 issue. Beyond just that one photo, McCurry has shot over a million images spanning 35 years. Looking through his large body of work, we get to experience fantastic faraway places we can only dream about visiting. Afghanistan Sri Lanka Yemen Tibet Cambodia India Burma Eastman Kodak let McCurry shoot the last ever produced roll of Kodachrome transparency film. Steve McCurry More Incredible Photos:Capturing a Country's CultureBreathtaking Visions of EarthTragic Portraits of America's Endangered SpeciesIncredible Wildlife Shots by Rob Kroenert

National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 National Geographic is currently holding its annual photo contest, with the deadline for submissions coming up on November 30. For the past nine weeks, the society has been gathering and presenting galleries of submissions, encouraging readers to vote for them as well. National Geographic was kind enough to let me choose among its entries from 2011 for display here on In Focus. Gathered below are 45 images from the three categories of People, Places, and Nature, with captions written by the individual photographers. [45 photos] Use j/k keys or ←/→ to navigate Choose: Many people pilgrimage to Uluru, but what is seen there often depends on where you've come from. Eruption of the Cordon del Caulle. Beluga whales in the arctic having fun. This is a streetcar in New Orleans traveling back towards The Quarter on St. This image captures almost 6 hours of climbing parties on Rainier going for the summit under starry skies. Russia, polar region of West Siberia, Tazovsky Peninsula.

My Project: A Father Uses Photography To Communicate With His Autistic Son When the San Francisco-based photographer Timothy Archibald began photographing son Elijah at age 5, his intentions didn’t extend beyond documentation. Elijah was socially withdrawn, fixated on things like mechanical objects and a ritual need for repetition. One day, Archibald snapped a few pictures to bring to behavioral specialists—Elijah was later diagnosed with autism. But that first shoot would turn into a unique three-year collaboration between father and son. The series began with capturing habits that had driven Archibald crazy. Once he began shooting these moments, their roles shifted. Elijah, receiving positive rather than negative attention for his rituals, could share something special with his dad and has started taking his own photos. Most of all, though, Echolilia is a document of a father and son creating their own visual language. Archibald’s photos have appeared in Time, Forbes, and Smithsonian.

Back To The Future Article by James Pond I am the owner of / art lover / electrical engineer / software developer / MBA in e-business student. I blog for pleasure and love to share my Internet findings. Web site: Irina Werning, a Buenos Aires Photographer asked friends and family to “re-enact” old photos of themselves for an ongoing project, which she christened “Back to the Future.” Did you like these photos? Visit Website Do you want more visual fun?

Hilarious Portraits of Animals Dressed Like Humans by Ago Partal ‘Zoo Portraits’ is a hilarious photo series by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal… Yago Partal | Zoo Portraits «Portraits Zoo» est une série de photos hilarantes par le phtographe basé à Barcelone Yago Partal… Day and Night in New York City Captured in Single Images Photographer Stephen Wilkes has created a project called “Day to Night” where he combined day and night photos of various iconic New York places… Stephen Wilkes Le photographe Stephen Wilkes a créé un projet appelé «Day to Night» où il a combiné les photos de jour et de nuit des différents lieux emblématiques de New York…

Kyle Thompson - Fine Art invisible man liu bolin at galerie paris-beijing jan 15, 2013 invisible man liu bolin at galerie paris beijing ‘mobile phone’ by liu bolin liu bolin: hiding in the citygalerie paris-beijing, parison now through to 9th march, 2013 galerie paris-beijing presents the return of liu bolin with a new series of his camouflage photo-performance images as part of his ‘hiding in the city’ project. the chinese artist perfectly disguises himself to match the surroundings of china and paris – a faint disruption in the image caused by his outline flirts with the visible and invisible. bolin combines a number of techniques to achieve the imagery without the use of photoshop – from sculpture to body art, and from performance to photography, he is able to model for hours without moving to achieve the remarkable trompe l’oeil. if you like what you see, check out more of bolin’s ‘invisible photography’ work here. ‘green food’ ‘family photo’ ‘beijing magazine’ ‘graffiti in beijing no. 2′ ‘art paris’ lara mikocki I designboom

Lviv photos from Ukraine For all English-speaking people, who have no idea what is this all about... This project is about Ukrainian city Lviv and its history and architecture. Sorry, guys, I have not managed to translate my texts to English yet (my English is a bit poor), but you can try to use Google Translate to get a clue what's going on :) Інформація до фотографій зібрана з багатьох різних інтернетів, тому якщо в когось будуть якісь уточнення, то буду радий їх отримати в коментарях до цих фотографій на Пікасі. Друга частина проекту і ще 22 фотографії тут: Відео репортаж про цей фотопроект: — Стопмоушн відеоролик про Моменти з минулого Львова Тепер у Львові можна знайти відкритки з цими фото! Вул. Проспект Свободи. Проспект Свободи. Початок вул. Вул. Вул. Площа Міцкевича. Вул. Проспект Свободи. Площа Міцкевича. Вул. Вул. Вул. Проспект Шевченка. Пл. Пл. Головний залізничний вокзал. Пл. Пл. Пл. Гранд готель, пр. Пл. Пл. Пл.

Flights in Dreams and in Reality by Jan von Holleben Born in 1977 in Cologne and brought up in the southern German countryside, Jan von Holleben lived most of his youth in an alternative commune and identifies a strong connection between the development of his photographic work and the influence of his parents, a cinematographer and child therapist. At the age of 13, he followed his father’s photographic career by picking up a camera and experimenting with all sorts of „magical tricks“, developing his photographic imagination and skills with friends and family and later honing his technique in commercial settings. After pursuing studies in teaching children with disabilities at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Freiburg, he moved to London, earned a degree in the Theory and History of Photography at Surrey Institute of Art and Design, and became submerged within the London photographic scene, where he worked as picture editor, art director and photographic director. View the website

Flying Houses A series of photos "Window to the past» (Ablak a Múltra) Mindig nagy öröm, ha Magyarországról vagy magyar tehetségekről posztolhat az ember a blogjára, Kerényi Zoltánnak köszönhetően pedig a két dolog ráadásul most egyszerre teljesül. A fővárosunkról szóló albumában régi helyszínek és alakok szerepelnek jelenkori környezetben, az eredetivel pontosan megegyező beállításban. A fiatal építészmérnök 2011 februárjától ötvözi a Fortepan online privátfotó gyűjtemény archívumából felhasznált fotókat a saját képeivel, melyek olyan bravúrosan sikerültek, hogy mára már a Redditen, a Business Insideren vagy épp a Buzzfeeden nézik ezrek a fotókat. Ötletes kompozíciók, melyek egyben Budapest hírnevét is öregbítik!