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FLICKR TOOLBOX: 100+ Tools For Flickr Addicts

FLICKR TOOLBOX: 100+ Tools For Flickr Addicts
Flickr is back in the news this week with reports that it will add video. But we're still loving the photo-sharing element: here's 100+ ways to get even more out of the popular photo site. Desktop Applications 1001 for Mac OS X - Allows batch uploading and can notify you of new photos uploaded by your friends. Background Switcher - Will auto-change your desktop background on a Windows machine at intervals of your choosing from a pool of photos you pick. Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome - Desktop organizer for Linux that allows online and offline work on your photos and tagging. Flickr and Webimager - Lets you capture your entire screen, or just a portion, and auto-upload it to your account. Flickr Exporter for Aperture - Tag and upload your photos, store ID and URL for your photos in the Aperture program. Flickr Exporter for iPhoto -Edit photos, add tags, resize before loading and several other useful options. Flickr Finder - Mac OS X application for browsing your photos. Firefox Extensions Related:  Photo/Video/Audio-Editing

The Internet Inferno Spell with flickr Please send me comments, suggestions or questions, I love getting emails about Spell with Flickr - and all my programming projects. It was just a few hours ago that I posted my Goals for 2008 and I'm releasing my first project of the year. It's nothing big, but it was a fun little distraction. The hide-an-image-in-text-with-css3-creator-thing If you're one of those folks who might care about how something like this might work, here's the source. read the rest at Meta | ateM Spell with flick grabs images from flickr (the One Letter and One Digit groups) and uses them to spell what you've typed in.

ONLINE POLLING TOOLBOX: 40+ Online Polling Sites There's an election next year, and already blogs and websites are taking polls to see exactly how the candidates stack up. It's good news for polling startups, with the launch of another one, SubmitYourVote, last week. Here are more than 40 ways to assess readers' opinions on everything from politics to your fashion sense. Buzzdash - Start polls on topics including news, sports, politics to relationships, philosophy and religion. - Users can create and publish polls that can be sent to friends and families. Dpolls - Create as well as vote on polls for free. Easy-Poll - Multiple colors for your polls and options for ranging from a simple "yes/no" to multiple choice questions. EmbraceMobile - Site for carrying out market research surveys over cellphones for things such as user opinions, customer satisfaction or brand awareness. FeeFo - Tool for getting feedback from customers, ratings, opinions, and reports. FreePollKit - Lets you insert HTML snippet polls into your existing site.

The world's biggest collection of free greeting cards Design and print Business Cards, MiniCards and More | US Create thick, full color Postcards to give to clients and friends. Double-sided printing makes it easy to design customer thank you’s, promote an event, or detail a special offer. Shop Postcards Five Card Flickr How to attribute a Creative Commons photo from Flickr Yes, the absolute correct way! I previously asked how you credit a CC photo from Flickr. Since then I’ve been doing my research and here is the results – The correct way to credit a photo. You need to follow the guidelines set by the license. I’m only going to address attribution. According to Creative Commons you need to: keep intact any copyright notices for the Workcredit the author, licensor and/or other parties (such as a wiki or journal) in the manner they specify;include the title of the Workthe URL for the work if applicableIf you are making a derivative word or adaptation, in addition to the above, you need to identify that your work is a derivative work i.e., “This is a Finnish translation of the [original work] by [author].” or “Screenplay based on [original work] by [author].” My addition/suggestion Let the author know. That is a lot to include. Example 1. The monkeys are here! Originally uploaded by Librarian by Day blog this test Example 2. Example 3. Example 4. Example 5.

40+ Free Blog Hosts So it seems all we ever speak about is Wordpress, but don't forget that you have options when choosing a blog platform. Here are 40 free ways to get started.Danga Software Powered - Based on the same software as LiveJournal, offers free voice posts, 1GB of photo hosting, and space for up to 2,000 user icons. - Another site based on the Danga software that runs LiveJournal, offers free and paid accounts, paid benefits are only enhancements. - Runs on the Danga platform, very much directed towards various "fandoms" (i.e. - One of the most well known of the blogging hosts. Themed Blog Sites - A site dedicated to travel blogs with map integration and more. - A video blogging website. - A blog site specifically for your text messages and camera phone images. Freevlog - Designed for video blogging and completely free. - Create and share blogs of your travels. WordPress Powered

275 Flickr Mashups In the past few weeks we’ve seen an influx of new mashups built on the Flickr API, bringing the total number of Flickr-based mashups listed on PW to 275 (click here to see all 275). And it’s not that Flickr is the only photo API out there. Far from it, we have 24 photo APIs in our directory. Flickr Wrappr: Uses the DBpedia API and for each of the 1.95 million DBpedia concepts, the wrappr generates a collection of flickr photos that depict the concept, utilizing multilingual labels and geo-coordinates provided in Wikipedia entries. Europe Photo Helix: A helix designed of Flickr photos of Europe. Flickr Mania: Flickr browser that also lets you geo-tag Flickr photos via a GPS track file. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

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