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Combining Custom Brushes for Wild Effects in Photoshop

Combining Custom Brushes for Wild Effects in Photoshop
Custom brushes can be an incredibly powerful way to add a touch of originality to your work. By photographing or otherwise capturing given effects such as splatters, drips and watercolor textures, you can easily create your own custom brushes in Photoshop, and apply them to your own work right away to make it stand out. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create some custom brushes based on scans of different types, and then you’ll instantly put them to use to come up with a wild finished result. Let’s get started. Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop A scanner (not required but preferred) Stock Images Final Image Preview: Step 1: Document setup We will start this pressing ‘CTRL N’ on your keyboard; this will bring up the new document dialog box. Once our document is up we will head over to Deviant Art to grab a texture for our background. As you can see our background doesn’t fit all the way, there’s a big gap at the bottom. Step 2: Custom brush creation. Step 3: Stock selection and manipulation

Photoshop Creative Elements Community • View topic - Angela's combined sketch tutorial I am posting this early for those not wanting to wait for the newsletter. I went back and redid it step by step so I could put more detail in. Post if you have questions. Start with Anita's sketch steps and follow:Open imageCntrl J to duplicateContrl shift U to remove colorCntrl J to duplicate this black and white layerControl I or invert this layerChange blend mode on inverted layer to color dodge.

Create Colorful Blog Web Layout Using Photoshop Published on Wed, Sep-01-2010 by Wojciech Hello, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to create an amazing colorful web blog layout using Photoshop. In this tutorial we will use only basic tools, like rectangle tool, gradient tool, layer styles, therefore this tutorial will be the good start point for web develop beginners. A result will be a professional web layout that you can convert to WordPress blog theme. You May Be Interested In The Following Posts Final Image Preview 1.Step Create new document 1200x1800px. 2.Step Import logo file and place it on the top. Gradient colors are #4e0101 and #ad1414. 3.Step Holding CTRL click on layer thumbnail. On the new layer fill new selection with white. 4.Step With Horizontal Type Tool insert some text using font Lucida Fax. Using Rounded Rectangle Tool create submenu. Now we have: 5.Step It’s very important step. You can erase gradients on the edges. 6.Step I found some icons on the Web and added some submenu positions. 7.Step [ad#300postad] 8.Step 9.Step

Photoshop converts a Photo to a Pencil Sketch Continued from the Previous Page Tim Shelbourne writes... (10) Now you can begin sketching... Be sure that the foreground color swatch is white. In the Options bar, increase the size of the brush to between 20 and 25 pixels. Scribble loosely over all of the required parts of the image, changing direction often to create a hand-shaded look. (11) Use plenty of cross-hatch scribble where the strokes overlap in opposite directions. (12) Increase the size of the brush a little by using the right-facing square bracket key on the keyboard. Continue to scribble over the image, remembering to keep the brushwork nice and loose, building up the tones around the features of the face. (13) Finally, reduce the size of the brush again and use it with white at full opacity to scribble more into the main features, adding some really dark strokes. See the "Before & After" with a rollover to compare the work to the original photo Tip FEEL THE PRESSURE! Good luck and keep on Photoshopping! Save up to 30%

A Handy Guide to Image Resolutions in Print Design Using an unsuitable image resolution is one of the most popular errors designers make when creating designs for print. The result is a fuzzy print quality, or having your file is rejected by your local printer. If you don’t keep an eye on your image resolution right from the start you may end up having to completely recreate your design file so here’s a handy guide on what to look out for, and how to ensure your designs are set up with the correct image resolutions. The resolution of an image refers to the density of the pixels (or printed dots) that make up that image or graphic. The higher the resolution, the crisper and more detailed the image will be. If you create a 10×10 inch document at 72ppi, and another 10×10 inch document at 300ppi in Photoshop, you’ll notice they’re totally different sizes on screen. When creating designs for the web, we can usually suffice with 72ppi. When creating designs for print we’ll usually need to use a 300dpi resolution document.

Create an Intense Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation Learn how to create this amazing apocalyptic photo manipulation with Photoshop! You’ll learn how to blend elements such as water and moon, create seamless structures with the Clone Stamp tool, and finish it off with a cold movie photo effect. Preview of Final Results Intense Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial Resources Wall – Pelleron Art Step 1 – Preparing the Wall Create a new document in Photoshop. Now download the picture of the wall and drag it into the manipulation. I would recommend you to use adjustment layers instead of the direct adjustments (from Image > Adjustment > …). Right click on the Levels adjustment layer and select the option Create Clipping Mask. Step 2 – Bending of the Wall In this step you will bend the wall. Place the new layer on the top of the layers and name it e.g. Click on the BACKGROUND WALL once again.

A Perfect Lie in Photoshop #2 by Cameron Mon, 09/06/2010 - 12:16 Last year our friend and contributor of Abduzeedo Cameron Rad did a video tutorial called A Perfect Lie in Photoshop in which he showed us a really cool skin retouching technique. Even though the that tutorial was already cool he wasn't satisfied and spent another year trying to come up with a killer way to do skin retouchin. Well my name is Cameron Rad and I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer from Los Angeles, California. For more information about Cameron visit his Web site at Final Result Tutorial Time Lapse My name is Cameron Rad and I am a graphic designer and photographer from Los Angeles, CA.

Shiny Calligraphy Text Effect in Photoshop Last week I posted some articles about typography and received quite a few emails asking me to create a tutorial on text effects. So I decided to play a bit with Photoshop to create a nice sort of 3D effect using a calligraphy font and a lot of Layer Styles. The effect is really simple and we will take a look at how to create patterns and light effects with Blend Modes. Step 1 Open Photoshop and create a new document, I used 1920x1200 pixels for the Size. Step 2 With the Background layer selected go to Layer>Layer Style>Gradient Overlay. Step 3 Now go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise. Step 4 Let's add the text. Step 5 Now right below the "Abducted" line type "by". Step 6 Type the word "Design". Step 7 To make the effect more attractive let's add some swirls. Step 8 Place another element in the end of "Design" using the "n". Step 9 Now add another swirl in the "Y". Step 10 Now that you have the text with the swirls convert it to Smart Objects. Step 11 After the Gradient Overlay select Drop Shadow. Step 12

70 Tutorials For Learning And Mastering Light Effects In Photoshop A collection of a range of different tutorials for learning how to master various types of lighting effects using Photoshop. There are a range of tutorials featured within the compilation which the end result can be achieved by a novice to Photoshop or even teach a guru of Photoshop a few new tips. A must bookmark resources for future reference hope you enjoy. 1. Create a Glowing Effect Scene in Photoshop This tutorial will teach you how to come up a cool glowing effects on your artworks. 2. Here’s a great effect that will bring some energy to your subject. 3. 4. in this tutorial It will cover a couple of different photoshop techniques. 5. For this tutorial you’ll need a photo that you want to manipulate and some special brush sets. 6. A great tutorial on how to create magical sparkles using Photoshop brushes. 7. A great tutorial on how to create magical sparkles using Photoshop brushes.Explosions are cool. 8. Instead of riding snow, this boarder is flying through flames. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

25 Advanced Photo Effects and Techniques with Photoshop :Speckyboy Design Magazine All of the tutorials in this article have been labeled advanced, simply because of the dramatic transformation on each photo after each tutorial, having said that you don’t need to be a professional photographer nor do you need to be a Photoshop expert to recreate these amazing effects. All you need is a little bit of patience, a little bit of time and pretty soon you will have fun learning how to transform your own photos into works of art. Comic Book Effect Comic Book Effect – View Tutorial » Cool Watercolor Effect Cool Watercolor Effect – View Tutorial » Retro Photo and Background Retro Photo and Background – View Tutorial » Old Photo Effect Old Photo Effect – View Tutorial » Water Effect Water Effect – View Tutorial » Photo To Oil Painting Effect Photo To Oil Painting Effect – View Tutorial » Urban Effect Urban Effect – View Tutorial » Frozen Liquid Effects Frozen Liquid Effects – View Tutorial » Photo Transfer Edge Effect Photo Transfer Edge Effect – View Tutorial » Paint Splatter Mold Evil Kid Effect

Photoshop Tutorial – Face Transform with Type :Speckyboy Design Magazine In this tutorial, written again by Violet Bag, you are going to learn how to change a normal and basic image of a little kid and transform his face so that it appears to be constructed with text. There are fifteen easy to follow steps to complete this tutorial and should not take you any longer than 30 minutes to complete. You can download the source file, including the .PSD file, here: And this is the final image you will learn to create: Step 1 First we start by opening this Picture of the face of the kid below (source files). Step2 We need to firstly resize the image so that it will work better with the parameters being used in this tutorial. Step 3 Now that we have our image resized go to the bottom part of the layers panel and add an Adjustment Layer: Curves. Step 4 We now need to merge the Picture and the adjustment layer. Step 5 Add another layer and fill it with black. Step 6 Grab the text tool and draw a rectangle that covers the entire image, as you can see below: Step 7 Step 8 Step 9

Create a Vivid Themed Illustration Using Simple Hand-Drawn Elements – Part I Drawn elements are certainly something that can enhance an illustration. Even if you're not very good at drawing, you can still create a quality piece. All you need is a good idea and some Photoshop skills. Final Image Preview Take a look at the image we'll be creating. Part I - Tutorial Details Program: Photoshop CS3Difficulty: Intermediate - AdvancedEstimated Completion Time: 2 hours Introduction and Preparation It's a themed illustration about "No Beauty," this hides an idea that no beauty lasts forever. And as I said this is kinda simple but you may be wondering why this tutorial is labeled as advanced level. Ok, now let's take a look what we're going to use: a piece of paper, from 123rf.comface, from 123rf.comscratchy texture, Step 1 I always try to work on a big canvas, but for the tutorial purposes I will go use a document that is 815 px by 1050 px. Now in the same image - two green frames show you where to cut the main paper to get a good connection. Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5