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MySpace reposition on curation The launch of the new MySpace begins today; it marks not only the release of a completely overhauled design, but the start of a fundamental shift in focus for what was once the world's preeminent social network. MySpace will roll out a completely revamped interface to its users starting today, but the rollout won't be complete until the end of November. And because so much has changed, we can't possibly cover every aspect of the new website and mobile experience in a single article. Everything from the homepage to profiles to the new Topic Pages focus on transforming MySpace from a social network into a "social entertainment destination." The site is now focused exclusively on the 13 to 35-year-old demographic — Generation Y, in other words. Its new goal is to become "the leading entertainment destination that is socially powered by the passions of fans and curators."

Curation Tools - The Hindu : Business News : Content curation tools: a means for information collation A new class of products called content curation tools has appeared in the highly volatile search service segment. This edition of NetSpeak discusses yet another trend blooming in the cyberspace. Current information retrieval tools can be broadly categorised in terms of tools based on computer search algorithms and the ones linked to human expertise.

Why Symbaloo is an excellent iGoogle alternative. Were you using iGoogle mainly to keep track of the latest headlines? Then you are going to LOVE Symbaloo as iGoogle alternative! Symbaloo is a visual way for you to link to your favorite online news sources and sites and therefore the best iGoogle alternative. You can save any link along with an image, to a tile on Symbaloo so that you can easily find it later. With Symbaloo it is easy to create your own personal Internet "webmix". Storify: Social Media Curation And Storytelling Storify is a tool that allows users to ‘create stories using social media’. Storify caught our attention because it taps into two macro-level trends, or notions that we’ve been discussing for some time – curation and storytelling. The tool has applicability for journalists, bloggers, professionals, brands and even casual, personal online storytelling (i.e., “storifying” personal travels). One feature we found particularly noteworthy about Storify – vs. other curation tools like Posterous or Tumblr – is the ability to create a story utilizing specific lines of text from a larger story (that most relevant to the story you’re trying to tell).

SEO Doctor – Free SEO Audit Tool If you like SEO Doctor you will like the web-app I built. Automate your WordPress management with ManageWP! SEO Doctor is a modern SEO tool with one simple goal - make your website better optimized for search engines through an easy to understand, step by step, scoring and recommendation system. What's new in SEO Doctor Added support for Sucuri security scanCompatibility with Firefox 18.0 Fixed a bug with robots.txt validation Has Facebook's 'Like' killed off curators? Fark has been a longstanding aggregator of news site for more than a decade. You might have seen a Fark button on news articles so you can "Fark" a story, much like you'd do with a "Digg" button. But now that Facebook has its "Like" button across the Web, how has this changed the landscape for these established curators of news, like Fark and Digg? Basically, is it the news aggregator napalm?

Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation We are no longer just consumers of content, we have become curators of it too. In Part 1 of this Guide I have introduced why we really need real-time news curation and what is the basic idea behind it (Part 1 - Real-Time News Curation, Newsmastering And Newsradars - The Complete Guide Part 1: Why We Need It). In Part 2 I want to continue illustrating what "real-time news curation" is all about, and more specifically why it differs from automatic aggregation, and why you really need a human being to do it. As I see it: "Aggregation is automated, curation is manual."

SEO Keyword Graph Visualization Use this free Java application to explore the connections between related websites. Try it now! Enter keywords or a URL, and click 'Graph it!' is very similar to keepstream as it lets you build and share collections of content. All you need to do is specify a title, a description and a list of associated topics, then add in some content to the bundle. Content that is in a bundle can be commented on by other users. by isotope Jan 31

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