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Curation Becomes Social: Pearltrees Launches 'Team' Version

Curation Becomes Social: Pearltrees Launches 'Team' Version
Posted by Tom Foremski - December 7, 2010 [For much of this year I have been working with Pearltrees, which offers a visual web site curation service based on the visual metaphor of 'pearls' please see below for an example.] Pearltrees this week launched a "Team" version of its curation service that allows groups of people to collaborate on curating a topic. Up until now each Pearltree was the responsibility of one person. Alexia Tsotsis at Techcrunch reported: Ideally this goes down as such: You really care about fashion so you search for fashion in the Pearltrees search box and are confronted with really elaborate visual cluster displays of fashion blogs, each blog its own “pearl.” Pearltrees is part of a growing number of companies that offer curation services. In addition, pre-fetching of web site content means that it is possible to browse a Pearltree faster than surfing from site to site. A reporter, for example, could grab that media kit Pearltree and use it in preparing a report.

Pearltrees Dives Into Social Curating With Pearltrees Team Content curation and mapping service Pearltrees has decided to focus on the fact that people want to do things in groups and has as of today upgraded its core product with a groups functionality, called Pearltrees Team. Now accesible just by logging in, Pearltrees Team allows you to hook up with other people in order to create a Pearltree collaboratively in realtime. Ideally this goes down as such: You really care about fashion so you search for fashion in the Pearltrees search box and are confronted with really elaborate visual cluster displays of fashion blogs, each blog its own “pearl.” You decide that anyone who likes The Sartorialist is probably a good egg and click on the puzzle piece in the Pearltrees detail window in order to ask if you can join the team. If the team leader accepts, you then can see all the Pearltree curation happening as it happens as well as as comment on individual Pearltree decisions. You can also share your team curation easily via Facebook and Twitter.

Comment animer une communauté d’utilisateurs par Pierre-Etienne Daviet, community manager de Pearltrees « Les membres satisfaits sont les premiers évangélistes d’un produit » Dans l’ère du Web social, une marque ne peut se satisfaire d’un site d’information : elle doit aller vers les clients et faire avec les clients. Mais la multiplication des plates formes et l’état « zapping » ou « béta » des internautes complexifient les tâches du Community Management. Cette difficulté s’accentue lorsque votre produit est un service totalement innovant (rupture totale avec des habitudes). Comprendre l’environnement du Community Manager Un petit descriptif de Peartrees s’impose pour comprendre la mission de Pierre-Etienne Daviet, le Community Manager ! Pearltrees est une Start-up française fondée par Patrice Lamothe qui vous propose une toute autre manière de naviguer sur le Web à partir de vos liens favoris (articles, photos, vidéos, etc.). Quatre effets marquants: Testez cette perle Double clic puis « suivant » Bonjour Pierre-Etienne Daviet Pierre-Etienne Daviet FB: Tu es le Community Manager de Pearltrees.

Hottest Stealth Startups [Graphic] Rumors of “the death of stealth mode” have been greatly exaggerated. Ever since angel investor Chris Dixon tweeted, “New early-stage start up trend: get big quietly, so you don’t tip off potential competitors” back in March you can’t grab a coffee at The Creamery without hearing a “We’re in stealth mode” come out some neophyte founder’s mouth. Multiple startups I have contacted for coverage have uttered the dreaded epithet and declined press despite a growing userbase. I’ve spoken to a handful of VCs who hold that it’s getting increasingly difficult to announce funding or undertake any sort of publicity for the nascent companies they’re involved with. Perhaps the most absurd thing about the state of stealth mode is that many of these under-the-radar companies still manage to be over-hyped (!).

l'organisation d'une bibliothèque ouverte Pearltrees est un outil visuel très sophistiqué mais gratuit d'édition (voire de curation) permettant d'organiser des contenus en grappes de données, selon une thématique particulière. Ces grappes de données, appelées des perles, viennent à former un arbre (la thématique) d'où le nom "arbres de perles" ou Pearltrees. Le curateur de contenus est un éditeur qui cherche, filtre, organise et présente des informations selon des attentes et des contextes particuliers. (Si vous n'êtes pas encore familier avec ce terme, voir mon billet à ce sujet ici). La curation de contenus vise d'abord des objectifs qualitatifs, stratégiques et sociaux. Pearltrees permet ce traitement particulier de l'information. Pour voir de quoi il s'agit, voici mes perles organisées selon une des mes thématiques favorites intitulée: Curateur de contenu. On remarque à droite de l'écran mes 16 perles reliées à l'affaire Wikileaks (j'ai pu en ajouter d'autres depuis...). Voici un exemple de notification de prise de perle.

Buzzing with Social Curation Tools! Today, we are all facing information overload, and it is often difficult to find what we are looking for, especially if we are looking for updated collections of resources to support a topic, issue or idea. Major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo don't exactly do a great job in assisting either, which might also be partially due to the growing influence and spam of 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' gurus, engines and companies. It is amazing how much spam comments I get on this blog alone (10 - 20 spam comments a day!), thanks to SEO strategies. As Yahoo is trying hard to kill (sell) off Delicious gently, it is perhaps time to find and explore other alternatives to sort out my management of juicy learning resources and discoveries (URLs). While the buzz word of 2010 was 'Social Media', don't be surprised if 'Curation' or 'Social Curation' (attempted definitions) will be the buzz word for 2011 (signs). WOW! Easy-to-Use Drag-and-drop and please minimize the clicks and loads...

Pearltrees Visualizes TechCrunch Disrupt Did TechCrunch Disrupt blow right past you? I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to watch that video of Eric Schmidt’s keynote about five times before I actually understand what was going on, and don’t even get me started on “Dancing Erick.” For those that are likewise, um disrupted, data curation tool Pearltrees has created the above tree visualization, which allows you to relive the three day info hurricane on your own terms by clicking through any of the available “pearls” or data nodes. For the uninitiated, Pearltrees is a free visual curation tool that allows you to organize the web into subscribable clusters, either by pulling in data from your browser or by crawling what you follow on Twitter. You can embed a Pearltree (like we have) on any website and it will update automatically as you add more content (like “Dancing Erick.”

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Curation Startup Says It Captures 10,000 Links a Day French startup Pearltrees offers a very unique interface for organizing and sharing collections of links from around the web. Tomorrow the company will release a new, faster version of its application and announce that it has passed 2 million links curated in 7 months since going live. That means an average of 10,000 links have been bookmarked in Pearltrees every day since launch, and presumably many more now that the site has grown. Last month the company announced that it raised $1.6 million in venture funding. It's hard to know what percentage of those thousands of links are pulled in automatically from synced Twitter accounts. What do you think about Pearltrees? Have you found yourself using the service regularly, though? The interface still just isn't quite there for me yet, though.

We are exploring possibilities with the Team approach. It's exciting to watch the Pearltree being organised in real time by another member of the team. It's intimate! by pauljacobson Dec 9