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Real-Time News Curation, Newsmastering And Newsradars - The Complete Guide Part 1: Why We Need It

Real-Time News Curation, Newsmastering And Newsradars - The Complete Guide Part 1: Why We Need It
The time it takes to follow and go through multiple web sites and blogs takes tangible time, and since most sources publish or give coverage to more than one topic, one gets to browse and scan through lots of useless content just for the sake of finding what is relevant to his specific interest. Even in the case of power-users utilizing RSS feed readers, aggregators and filters, the amount of junk we have to sift through daily is nothing but impressive, so much so, that those who have enough time and skills to pick the gems from that ocean of tweets, social media posts and blog posts, enjoy a fast increasing reputation and visibility online. Photo credit: dsharpie and franckreporter mashed up by Robin Good "What we need to get much better at is scaling that system so you don't have to pay attention to everything, but you don't miss the stuff you care about..."Ev Williams at a Girls in Tech event at Kicklabsvia Stowe Boyd's blog The Problem That is the the essence. Is that sustainable? Why?

30+ Cool Content Curation Tools for Personal & Professional Use As the web becomes more and more inundated with blogs, videos, tweets, status updates, news, articles, and countless other forms of content, “information overload” is something we all seem to suffer. It is becoming more difficult to weed through all the “stuff” out there and pluck out the best, most share-worthy tidbits of information, especially if your topic is niche. Let’s face it, Google definitely has its shortcomings when it comes to content curation and the more it tries to cater to all audiences, the less useful it becomes. The demand for timely, relevant content that is specific to our unique interests and perspectives has given rise to a new generation of tools that aim to help individuals and companies curate content from the web and deliver it in a meaningful way. These new tools range from simple, application-specific types such as social media aggregators and discovery engines, to more complex, full-blown publishing solutions for organizations. Comments(65)

My daily PKM routine (practices and toolset) Harold Jarche is a leading authority on Personal Knowledge Management, which he describes as a set of processes, individually constructed, to help each of us make sense of our world, and work more effectively. He has developed a popular Seek-Sense-Share framework which identifies the 3 key elements of PKM (see diagram on the right) Harold writes about PKM continuously in his blog, and has also helped thousands of people worldwide use this framework in his very popular online workshops, which he runs privately for organisations or publically. I have talked and written a lot about the use of social media for professional learning, and in particular how social tools have transformed the way I work and learn. I was recently asked how my own use of social media fits onto Harold’s PKM framework. Although I search for (ie seek) stuff regularly during the day on Google, most of what I find out comes from the continuous flow of information from my professional network.

Newscron, l’innovativo aggregatore di notizie: intervista al COO Patrick Lardi Newscron Internet sta diventando sempre più la fonte principale dalla quale attingere le notizie e le ultime novità su svariati temi. La possibilità di avere accesso a un infinito bacino di articoli, video e foto fa del web un vero concentrato di sapere. Like us on Facebook Abbiamo parlato di Newscron proprio con uno dei fondatori, Patrick Lardi, attualmente COO nella società: "L'idea nasce dalla volontà di risolvere il problema di sovraccarico d'informazioni, problema che andrà solo peggiorando visto che nei prossimi anni l'informazione disponibile sul web aumenterà in modo esponenziale. Newscron è rivolto agli utenti che vogliono rimanere informati ma che non hanno intenzione di perdere tempo prezioso: "È un aggregatore di notizie che consente di essere meglio informati in meno tempo", ci dice Lardi. C'è da dire che questo non è di certo il primo aggregatore di notizie presente su App Store e Google Play.

What are the best content curation tools for daily use Content Curation: 10 Thought Leaders on Content Marketing & Curating Companies are realizing the value in “brands as publishers” and are making real commitments to the creation of content in their online marketing mix. It’s no longer enough to provide fundamental features and benefits information about products and services to succeed competitively online. Consumers and of course, business buyers, seek additional information, resources and others to connect with on the topics of interest to them. Some companies choose a pure creation strategy and find it to be a formidable undertaking, especially creating unique and valuable content over a long period of time. Within the field of content marketing, curation is becoming a popular topic of discussion. As I am prone to do with topics of interest, I reached out to a few industry thought leaders to get their take on defining Content Curation and where it fits within the mix in an online marketing program: As an editor, journalist and marketer….what a great question! Content curation is editing on steroids.

Guida completa per usare i 70 mlr dell'Europa per le startup 100mln in scadenza a dicembre per 1000 startup e 70mlr stanziati per il programma Horizon2020: così l'Europa rivoluziona il mondo dei fondi, partendo dal basso Bandi rivolti all'ecosistema di supporto dell'imprenditorialità web (incubatori, acceleratori, investitori…) per lo sviluppo di azioni e servizi su scala europea; bandi open, ovvero il cui oggetto sarà definito presentando proposte innovative dal basso e senza i limiti posti da obiettivi prescrittivi concepiti dalla Commissione. E ancora, inducement prizes, dove la Commissione si limiterà a indicare quale sfida sociale e problema tentare di risolvere, senza alcun riferimento al tipo di soluzione da sviluppare.

Real Time Twitter Curation ‘Curation’ is a topic of many a conversation these days – from media properties to bloggers to even brands looking to add value to the story they tell and service they provide to their audience. However, the question of how to best record and track a real-time conversation stream related to a particular topic is still tricky – particularly in a continually-updated Twitter stream. Proposing to help resolve the need for real-time curation is, a soon-to-launch Twitter curation tool that facilitates cataloging and sharing collections of messages on any topic. will let you mix multiple media together – not just Tweets – and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface will allow for reordering and prioritization. seems to understand how people use the web and current tools like Twitter to inform themselves, how they share this content with others – and the value to be found in curating a prioritized, organized and real-time pulse on a particular conversation.

Curation - The Third Web Frontier Posted by Guest Writer - January 8, 2011 Here is a guest article by Partice Lamothe - CEO of Pearltrees (Pearltrees is a consulting client of SVW.) This is a lightly edited version of "La troisième frontière du Web" that appeared in the magazine OWNI - Digital Journalism - March 2010. The article argues that the founding pricinciples of the Internet are only now being implemented and that the next frontier is in organizing, or curating, the Internet. By Patrice Lamothe Everyone realizes that the web is entering a new phase in its development. One indication of this transition is the proliferation of attempts to explain the changes that are occurring. Although these explanations are both pertinent and intriguing, none of them offers an analytical matrix for assessing the developments that are now underway. The "real time web," for example, is one of the clearest and most influential trends right now. In contrast, other explanations are far too broad to serve any useful purpose.

Content Curation Tools: How to pick the right venue? By definition, content curation is the act of continually identifying, organizing, and sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific topic or issue online. When evaluating which content curation tool to use, there are three primary areas of consideration: 1.The Inputs – Where does the content curation tool get information from? What type of content will this allow me to curate? Will it help identify and recommend relevant content? 2.The Organization – What does this tool offer in terms of organizing content once it has been identified? 3.The Venue – How and where can I share the content once I have decided to curate it? In this blog post, I am primarily going to focus on the decided on a content curation tool based on the venue – the channels to which your content is curated. The Venue – Which ones are right for you? Embedded Widget What is it? Pro’s: Relatively easy to implement with Javascript code or create an iframe. Who should use it? Microsite What is it? Who should use it?