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Art of Hosting

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Chris Corrigan You’ll see on the sidebar a bunch of different offerings for this year. Seems my Art of Hosting teaching practice is making a couple of shifts. First, there are lots of places around the world where you can go and do a basic introductory Art of Hosting. Co-Creation The participation and involvement of consumers in the creation process formerly dominated by businesses. "A quick search on Google Scholar confirms the pattern: from only 23 articles citing ‘co-creation’ in the 1970s, the 1980s delivered a paltry 102, the 1990s a more substantial 658, while the first 9 and a bit years of the 21st Century has already spawned an impressive 3,660.

Dialogue Theories » Dialogue Society ISBN: 978-0-9569304-7-7Dialogue Theories gives an accessible introduction to the ideas of ten thinkers who have made insightful contributions to thought on dialogue, from quantum physicist David Bohm, to social theorist Jürgen Habermas, to Islamic scholar and peace advocate Fethullah Gülen. This book aims to advance theoretical and practical engagement with dialogue by introducing the work of ten individuals who have made important and insightful contributions to thought in this area. The thinkers selected come from diverse fields, from religious studies and interfaith dialogue, through philosophy and social theory, to communication studies, public opinion analysis and even quantum physics. A great deal of hope seems to be pinned on ‘dialogue’ in the contemporary world.

Art of Hosting Advanced Practice Course Register this course is made for you Registration is now closed! conceptualisatiion semiotique et communication Accueil Pages du chapitre sur la conceptualisation Positionnement épistémologiquePremier rapprochement conceptuelDeuxième rapprochement conceptuelNiveaux et récursivitéNéguentropie du signeSémiotique et informationSémiotique et communicationSémiotique et systémiqueSémiotique et constructivismeSémiotique et complexitéSémiotique en trois niveauxSémiotique et BatesonSémiotique et WatzlawickSémiotique et phylogénétiqueSémiotique et interprétationSémiotique différentielleSémiotique dramaturgiqueSémiotique statiqueSémiotique cinématiqueSémiotique dynamiqueSémiotique énergétiqueSémiotique et régulationSémiotique du harcèlement moral (en cours) Andrew Willis Garcés » Teaching Storytelling: The Story “Twist” This tool is inspired in part by US radio host Ira Glass. I was listening to an interview with him in which he was describing how This American Life staff decide which stories are worth going on the air. To me, a longtime listener, it was an intriguing question – which stories are the most likely to grab (the staff’s) attention, from the dozens of pitch ideas the show gets every week? According to him, TAL stories share four fundamental characteristics:

Invitation à une improvisation culinaire! Bonjour chers praticiens AoH!!! Pour célébrer l’été et pratiquer une dernière fois avant notre relâche estivale, vous êtes invités à une improvisation culinaire hors du commun! Chacun est invité à amener un ingrédient frais avec lequel nous allons cuisiner. Pendant cet atelier expérientiel et participatif, nous nous amuserons à faire des liens entre l’alimentation vivante, l’improvisation appliquée et les pratiques collaboratives. Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change The following is an excerpt from the introduction of the book, "The Most Important Leadership Skill They Don't Teach at Harvard Business School (Or Anywhere Else)." Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change Chris Ertel & Lisa Kay Solomon

Use our methods DP0 (Design Project Zero) is a 90-minute (including debrief) fast-paced project though a full design cycle. Students pair up to interview each other, create a point-of-view, ideate, and make a new solution that is “useful and meaningful” to their partner. Two versions of DP0 are “The Wallet Project” and “The Gift-Giving Project”. They have the similar format, only the topic is different. The original DP0 The Wallet Project was created for the’s very first course in 2004 and the project starts with students looking at the content of their partner’s wallet or purse (and goes on to ask every student to design something for their partner).

[Espace d'échanges du site IDRES sur la systémique] : Présentation de l'espace de travail collaboratif sur la thérapie systemique Cet espace collaboratif rassemble le travail collectif du réseau de savoir (d’expérience et théorique) autour de la systémique. Il est directement associé au site de l’I.D.R.E.S. Vous devez vous y inscrire pour y participer comme rédacteur. Si vous voulez comprendre comment fonctionne ce site, venez nous rejoindre à cet article. Sept façons pour participer au site : 1.

Communities of Practice (Formation and Facilitation) Mike Baird, "Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly" (Wenger,2006) A classification of communities of practice (2006).

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