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How to Search Google Like a Pro: 11 Tricks You Have to Know Google is a powerful tool, but you’re missing out on a lot of that power if you just type words into it. Master Google and find the best results faster with these search tricks. Whether you’re an inexperienced user or a seasoned professional, you’ll probably find at least one search operator you weren’t aware of here. Many of Google’s search operators aren’t very well-known. Exact Words and Phrases One of the most basic and widely known search tricks is using quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.

The Rise of the Sharing Communities Creative Commons photo by Lobkovs As the sharing economy picks up momentum, its reach has become global. In cities and towns around the world, people are creating ways to share everything from baby clothes to boats, hardware to vacation homes. There are also groups emerging that consciously identify with the big-picture sharing movement. KNOW-HUB KNOW-HUB bridges the gap of shortage of knowledge, skills and experience of European regions in designing and implementing smart and effective strategies for innovation. The practitioners from 10 EU regions will collaborate in reviewing their policies and practices to identify issues for improvement and good practices to share with others. They will learn together how to apply the knowledge and experience identified in the peer review process, and sharing this knowledge with the aid of modern knowledge management tools. Now, more than ever before, Europe needs to remove the obstacles to the knowledge based economy in Europe, such as little demand for innovation, poor social capital, red tape, institutional barriers, shortage of skills and competencies of human capital or poor connectivity between innovation actors. European regions have a crucial role in helping their economies to develop and gain durable competitive advantages. The objective

Co-Creation The participation and involvement of consumers in the creation process formerly dominated by businesses. "A quick search on Google Scholar confirms the pattern: from only 23 articles citing ‘co-creation’ in the 1970s, the 1980s delivered a paltry 102, the 1990s a more substantial 658, while the first 9 and a bit years of the 21st Century has already spawned an impressive 3,660." ( List of English monarchs This article is about English monarchs until 1707. For British monarchs since the Union of England and Scotland in 1707, see List of British monarchs. This list of kings and queens of the Kingdom of England begins with Alfred the Great,[1][2] King of Wessex, one of the petty kingdoms to rule a portion of modern England.

Jean Lave, Etienne Wenger and communities of practice contents: introduction · communities of practice · legitimate peripheral participation and situated learning · learning organizations and learning communities · conclusion · references · links · how to cite this article Many of the ways we have of talking about learning and education are based on the assumption that learning is something that individuals do. Furthermore, we often assume that learning ‘has a beginning and an end; that it is best separated from the rest of our activities; and that it is the result of teaching’ (Wenger 1998: 3). But how would things look if we took a different track? Supposing learning is social and comes largely from of our experience of participating in daily life?

BRE Group: About the BRE Watford Innovation Park BRE Innovation Park Watford is home to some of the world’s most sustainable buildings, landscape designs and hundreds of innovative low carbon materials and technologies. Since opening in 2005, BRE Innovation Park Watford has continued to attract thousands of visitors – 60,000 at the last count – including royalty, prime ministers and TV crews. “The Innovation Park is much more than a collection of clever and sustainable buildings. It is a showcase of our evolving approach to integrated design which includes the use of passive technology and ecosystem services.” Wilder Associates The Rise of the Sharing Communities Creative Commons photo by Lobkovs As the sharing economy picks up momentum, its reach has become global. In cities and towns around the world, people are creating ways to share everything from baby clothes to boats, hardware to vacation homes.

Story Starters, Creative Writing Ideas for Fiction Looking for story starters and creative writing ideas? You've just struck gold. Here you'll find an endless supply of inspiration. Bye-bye, Writer's Block. The dynamics of managing/nurturing networks of practice Image by D'Arcy Norman via Flickr I received a beautiful article (thanks to Julie Ferguson!). Just got a tip through the comments that it's also online. This is the full reference to the article: Agterberg, M., Van den Hooff, B., Huysman, M., & Soekijad, M. (2010). Keeping the Wheels Turning: The Dynamics of Managing Networks of Practice. Ten minutes with ... Ayesha Mustafa, founder of Fashion ComPassion Tell us about your business I started Fashion ComPassion in 2011 as a sustainable online fashion retailer. We provide a platform for socially responsible brands empowering women artisans from war-torn and developing countries. We currently work with 15 brands, from 20+ women co-operatives in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We help them with such things as design guidance, product diversification and expansion into new markets. We've also partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme and every time an item is bought on our site, we help feed a schoolgirl in the developing world.

Julius Caesar is assassinated Biographies >> Ancient Rome Occupation: Roman general and dictator Born: July 100 BC in Rome, Italy Died: 15 March 44 BC in Rome, Italy Best known for: Being the dictator of Rome and putting an end to the Roman Republic Julius Caesar by Unknown Biography: Fall of Rome Honorius When Theodosius died in 395 AD, he left the Roman Empire to his two sons, Honorius and Arcadius. Honorius took the West and Arcadius the East. But like other emperors who had been brought up at court, neither of them was very good at ruling, or even very interested.

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