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The participation and involvement of consumers in the creation process formerly dominated by businesses. "A quick search on Google Scholar confirms the pattern: from only 23 articles citing ‘co-creation’ in the 1970s, the 1980s delivered a paltry 102, the 1990s a more substantial 658, while the first 9 and a bit years of the 21st Century has already spawned an impressive 3,660." ( "Co-creation is a very broad term with a broad range of applications. From the Wikipedia: "Co-creation is the practice of developing systems, products, or services through the collaborative execution of developers and stakeholders, companies and customers, or managers and employees. Co-Creation is under-defined! "The literature review itself threw up two related observations: 1. 2. Non-market Co-creation Chris Lawer: But in a non-market context, there is no economic mechanism or price for exchange and no ownership of information or goods. Loncin Co-Creation Companies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Related:  Collaboration

amazon Immanuel Kant Kant, ImmanuelBritannica Student Article (1724–1804). The philosopher of the 1700s who ranks with Aristotle and Plato of ancient times is Immanuel Kant. He set forth a chain of explosive ideas that humanity has continued to ponder since his time. Kant was born on April 22, 1724, in Königsberg, Germany (now Kaliningrad, Russia). After leaving college he worked for nine years as a tutor in the homes of wealthy families. Kant never married and he never traveled farther than 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Königsberg. Kant's most famous work was the ‘Critique of Pure Reason' (published in German in 1781). For example, we see only one or two walls of a house at any one time. Kant said that thoughts must be based on real things. Map View Larger Map Gallery Kant's tomb in Kaliningrad Königsberg, with Kant's house in the front/left and the castle in the background Kant's manuscript: "Zum Ewigen Frieden", last 2 pages "Perpetual Peace", the two final pages in Kant's own hadwriting

Pomegranate Digital Agency and Creative Talent Network, Seeding Ideas ® In response to the rapid change in the digital and creative world, Pomegranate has shifted the paradigm from the traditional agency structure to a new virtual network or “digital cloud” agency structure. Our innovative model enables teams to support the ever-changing needs of enterprise companies regardless of time and place and without fixed overhead. As an international cloud of talent, our value to our clients is virtually limitless. "The effect of a true network is that for each member that is added to the network, the more valuable the network becomes to its members." Powerful - Our teams form organically into “Pods” by industry, region and skill sets. Unique - We offer our network members vested interest in opportunities and the agency which creates a powerful center for collaboration and creativity. Could not load updates.

Creative community for the Collaborative Economy Why Partners Need Complementary Strengths Several decades ago, a junior high shop teacher wanted to impress upon his new students the dangers of the oxyacetylene torch. "Pay attention, class," he said, pulling a balloon from his pocket and holding it to the nozzle of the torch. "I am going to fill this balloon with oxygen." When the balloon was full, he lit a match under it, producing a strong pop. "Not bad, eh?" Before you can forge a successful alliance, you must understand what you bring to the combination, and equally important, what you don't. He pulled another balloon from his pocket. The teacher pulled yet another balloon from his pocket. The mixture exploded with such force, the students could hear it loudly despite their plugged ears. Was it the oxygen or the acetylene that caused the explosion? What you bring (and don't bring) to the collaboration Your partnerships work on the same principle. These statements reflect not just interdependence, but a mutual recognition of it. The polymath myth Blame Leonardo da Vinci.

Hållbar shopping chockar konsumtionen USA:s första dam, Michelle Obama, har anlagt en ekologisk köksträdgård på Vita husets ”South Lawn”, Miljöpartiets gruppledare Åsa Jernberg har kommit med det omdebatterade förslaget att införa en köttfri dag per vecka i Stockholms skolor. Och på Rosenhills musteri utanför Stockholm lockat bakluckeloppisar allt fler deltagare för varje gång de ordnas. Spännvidden må vara stor, men gemensamt för alla de här initiativen stavas hållbar konsumtion. Hållbar konsumtion är en tydlig trend och samtidigt en motreaktion på den konsumtionskultur som kritiserats hårt under senare år, men som fortfarande dominerar i många delar av världen. En tredjedel av all mat som produceras i världen, 1,3 miljarder ton, kasseras. Den här överkonsumtionen och överutnyttjandet av jordens resurser anses ligga bakom många av de miljöproblem vi står inför i dag – växande soptippar, förgiftade vatten, utdöende arter och stigande temperatur. Den 31 oktober 2011 deklarerade FN att jorden fått sju miljarder invånare.

In Principo | Dynamiques collaboratives Exhibition Monet 2010 - RMN - Grand Palais - Paris Pendant plus de soixante ans, Claude Monet a peint sans relâche, élaborant une oeuvre qui incarne l'expression la plus pure de l'impressionnisme, pour constituer au début du xx e siècle un des fondements de l'art moderne. C'est l'ensemble de ce parcours riche et fécond que l'exposition des Galeries nationales réinterroge. Cette exposition monographique est la plus importante manifestation dédiée à l'artiste depuis près de trente ans, lorsque s'était tenue aux Galeries nationales en 1980 une rétrospective en forme d'hommage. Depuis, les recherches sur l'artiste se sont multipliées et ont mis en lumière des aspects moins connus de son oeuvre. Tous les jours de 10h00 à 22h00. Le mardi jusqu'à 14h00. Le jeudi jusqu'à 20h00. Tous les jours de 9h à 23h pendant les vacances scolaires. Fermeture exceptionnelle à 18h00 le 24 et 31 décembre. Fermé le 25 décembre. Dernier accès : 45 minutes avant la fermeture des Galeries. Fermeture des salles à partir de 15 minutes avant la fermeture des Galeries. Adresse