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Online Music Collaboration

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Composing Music Online Sources. Music Creation Online. Online music collaboration. AUDiiO – The Collaborative Network for Musicians Creating Together Online in Real Time. WANT TO COLLABORATE OR JAM ONLINE?

AUDiiO – The Collaborative Network for Musicians Creating Together Online in Real Time

eJAMMING IS EASY... Plug in your guitar, drums, keyboards or mic. Fire up eJamming AUDiiO in your computer. Check out who’s in the eJamming Lobby. Look over their instruments and musical influences in their mini-profile. In today’s busy world, the hardest thing is to find time to make music. It's a lot easier than lugging your gear across town. Don't believe it? But you don't have to be a Rock Star to play together on this online music collaboration system. All you need is a computer. And you can jam online with musician friends anywhere. Tabitha Soren reports on eJamming on Bloomberg TV (right after the ad): <> Here's what BRASHER/BOGUE says about working together on eJamming: -The day I found eJamming, I knew it was going to change things for us in a big way.

. - As a writing/recording/touring musician, balancing home life and work life can be a challenge. You can even record together. eJAMMING AUDiiO – The Collaborative Network for Musicians Creating Together Online in Real Time. Faire de la Musique collaborative en ligne. Internet a ouvert la porte à l’explosion des circuits de découverte de nouvelles musiques, des groupes se sont rencontrés grâce aux réseaux pour jouer en vrai, toute la technique est aujourd’hui disponible sur le Net, et la mondre machine, même produite à 2 exemplaire peut se vendre, sans publicité honéreuse.

Faire de la Musique collaborative en ligne.

C’est quand même déjà pas mal, mais, car il y a toujours un mais, rien sur de nouvelles façons de jouer. Imaginons, une personne à Lille (par hasard), une autre sur Nantes (toujours par hasard), et un troisième larron sur Roubaix (le hasard décidement). Ces trois personnes bricolent dans leur coin de la musique électronique. Facile de s’échanger des morceaux, des pistes, par mail ou FTP, rien de terrible. Mais rien pour jouer un boeuf en live. Il arrive donc cette envie : créer un hub de synchronisation musicale live ! Tout le monde partage le son en retour, et une sortie « publique » est dispo pour profiter du son et de la ( des ! Free Collaborative Music Recording Software. Incorporated. NINJAM [about] [download] [public servers] [music made with NINJAM] [NINJAM forum] What is NINJAM?


NINJAM is open source (GPL) software to allow people to make real music together via the Internet. Every participant can hear every other participant. Each user can also tweak their personal mix to his or her liking. NINJAM is cross-platform, with clients available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. NINJAM uses compressed audio which allows it to work with any instrument or combination of instruments. Since the inherent latency of the Internet prevents true realtime synchronization of the jam2, and playing with latency is weird (and often uncomfortable), NINJAM provides a solution by making latency (and the weirdness) much longer. Latency in NINJAM is measured in measures, and that's what makes it interesting. The NINJAM client records and streams synchronized intervals of music between participants. Indaba Music - Indaba Music. has shut down. Kompoz. Make music, create songs in online music collaboration.

The philosophy and idea of is, that songs can be developed and enhanced in an evolutionary process by giving anybody the possibility to join or create an open music project and that way bring in his individual talent to this process.

Make music, create songs in online music collaboration

At you will have the possibility to find creative talents from all over the world and making music as part of an virtual online band by participating on an open music project. The ambition of is, that hobby musicians and professionals can come together to exchange their ideas, talents and skills, as we are confident that good ideas and the feeling for great sound is not reserved to anybody. Due to the possibility to assemble single tracks there may resulting different song or multimedia-composing versions from one and the same music project, which then are in competition with each other.

It´s simple! Once you signed up as a "Creative User" you can add a video to a music project as well. Musique collaborative. - Online Music Collaboration and Virtual Bands. Ohm Studio, the collaborative digital audio workstation. Online Music Collaboration: Best Tools And Services To Collaborate On Music Projects. Plink by DinahMoe. SongSilo™ Online Studio - Record, Collaborate, and Make Music. Sonoma Wire Works - RiffLink Online Music Collaboration. Since 2007, musicians worldwide have been using RiffWorks' RiffLink online music collaboration to record songs together (at the same time or different times) and chat while their at it!

Sonoma Wire Works - RiffLink Online Music Collaboration

Join thousands of RiffWorks users, and start jamming and creating songs online with them today! No matter how far apart they live, what time zone they are in, or whether they are using MacOS or Windows, an unlimited number of musicians can collaborate on a song using RiffWorks recording software. (What you Should Know before using RiffLink) Listen to Recent RiffLink Collaborations on RiffWorld! As a Riff layer is recorded, it instantly streams to other players. As the Riff loops, players can add layers to the Riff without latency or distance issues. UJAM – Make your music.