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William McDonough - Future city - Video on

William McDonough - Future city - Video on

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A Once-Polluted Chinese City Is Turning from Gray to Green by Christina Larson 17 Oct 2011: Report by christina larson Almost every day of his childhood, He Xin remembers the skies in his hometown of Shenyang being gray. “If I wore a white shirt to school, by the end of the day it would be brown,” recalls He, who was born in 1974, “and there would be a ring of black soot under the collar.” He grew up in Shenyang (population 8 million), the capital of northeastern China’s Liaoning province, a city famous for its heavy industry and manufacturing — and soot and pollution.

Our services With the help of Trucost, we have assessed how the price of a common basket of CPG goods might change if it were to reflect the costs of its environmental impact in terms, for example, of carbon emissions and water use that are currently unpriced in most cases. We help our clients understand the economic consequences of natural capital dependency to manage risk from volatile commodity prices and increasing environmental costs - and ultimately build more sustainable business models, products and brands.

Corridor forestier - Studio autoroute Noise Barrier / PAIN The ‘Forest Corridor’ proposal has won one of the 2nd prizes (Professional Category) in the Open International Competition for Noise Barrier/Enclosure organized by the Hong Kong Government. Designed by BREAD Studio, the project gives an alternative insight to the noise mitigation structure design in the dense urban environment of the city. More images and architects’ description after the break. With proximity to public space and residential units, this typical highway structure has 3 distinct conditions needing to be considered. 1: View down from the buildings: People from the residential tower are disturbed by not only noise but also lights from the highway. The climber plants on the barrier hide the barrier and highway. It also block off substantial portion of the vehicles lights and highway lights. 2: View up from the park: People from the park would see the concrete underside of the highway.

The Cato Hypocrisy I have long held that the greatest tragedy, among countless misfortunes that recur in the long and agonizing human story, is not when evil triumphs over good, or when oppression overcomes freedom, or even the wretched loss of ten billion potential might-have-beens. No, the most devastating defect in our character -- a trait that held us down ever since the caves -- is the very same twist in our natures that makes us such fine storytellers. I am talking about our incredible penchant for -- and creativity at -- self delusion and rationalization. The lengths that we all go to, in order to convince ourselves that we are the smart ones, virtuous and right... often in complete denial of blatant evidence to the contrary.

About Worldchanging "Architecture or Revolution. Revolution can be avoided." Le Corbusier, Vers une Architecture, 1923 Le Corbusier had it wrong. One billion people live in abject poverty. Four billion live in fragile but growing economies. New Study: Monsanto's Herbicide Chemical Damages DNA A new peer-reviewed scientific study has found that soybean workers exposed to glyphosate suffer from DNA damage and elevated cell death. Adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T) are the components of nucleic acid that make up DNA, and biotech is making these important parts of our biology a mash-up that no sane person would ever want to experience. Soybean workers in Brazil exposed to fungicides herbicides and insecticides (the main three chemical classifications used extensively by the biotech farming model) experienced an elevated level of cellular apoptosis, as well as remarkable DNA damage according to the Elsevier published, Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis.

Project Portfolio By Sona Nambiar and Joann Gonchar, AIA The global financial crisis has derailed construction all over the world — even in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. But certain megaprojects continue to march ahead, though with tighter budgets, more pragmatic goals, and less ambitious schedules. One such project is Masdar City, in Abu Dhabi. In 2007, the government-owned Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company chose a consortium led by London-based Foster + Partners to design the master plan for the 2.3-square-mile development it touted as the world’s first zero-carbon city. Originally slated for completion by 2016, plans for Masdar included housing, cultural institutions, educational and research facilities, and space for tenants focused on the development of advanced energy technologies.

The Relevance of Anarcho-syndicalism, Noam Chomsky interviewed by Peter Jay QUESTION: Professor Chomsky, perhaps we should start by trying to define what is not meant by anarchism -- the word anarchy is derived, after all, from the Greek, literally meaning "no government." Now, presumably people who talk about anarchy or anarchism as a system of political philosophy don't just mean that, as it were, as of January 1st next year, government as we now understand it will suddenly cease; there would be no police, no rules of the road, no laws, no tax collectors, no post office, and so forth. Presumably, it means something more complicated than that. CHOMSKY: Well, yes to some of those questions, no to others. They may very well mean no policemen, but I don't think they would mean no rules of the road.

Japanese Precut Timber Construction The traditional wooden construction of Japanese architecture is extremely detailed. Its exacting precision and craftsmanship has stood the test of time for centuries. However, the process of handcrafting each wooden beam with mortises and tenons is quite labor intensive, and with an aging workforce, automation of the production process is key to continuing the tradition. A recent example of this fully automated technology at work is Bakoko’s Onjuku Beach House, which was erected in 1 day by a small construction team led by two carpenters. What is truly amazing, besides the ability to assemble a house in one day is, the ease and precision of the construction. It all starts at the factory, where the architectural drawings are turned into shop drawings that the computers can read.

Glyphosate Toxic to Mouth Cells and Damages DNA, Roundup Much Worse ISIS Report 28/03/12 Further evidence of genotoxic and cytotoxic effects – a prelude to cancer, birth defects and reproductive problems Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji A fully referenced version of this articles is posted on ISIS members website and is otherwise available for download here Please circulate widely and repost, but you must give the URL of the original and preserve all the links back to articles on our website New research finds that glyphosate causes cell and DNA damage to epithelial cells derived from the inside of the mouth and throat [1]. It raises concerns over the safety of inhaling glyphosate, one of the most common ways in which people are exposed to the herbicide.

Twisting Acupuncture Tower for Taiwan-Green Architecture Home > 3D Architectures > Twisting Acupuncture Tower for Taiwan-Green Architecture Advertisement Twisting Acupuncture Tower for Taiwan-Green Architecture Design1 architectureholic facility where information on all the needs of home and inspiration on house construction. This is a Twisting Acupuncture Tower for Taiwan-Green Architecture. The Xtremes: Subversive Recipes for Catastrophic Times "In just a few short months, we’ve witnessed people power in action. From the Middle East to the Midwest, movements have risen up to overturn tired dogma and challenge entrenched power. Many of us were inspired by these events. And many of us were surprised. Perhaps we were growing skeptical that people power could still work. Maybe we had forgotten a vital fact about our world: that bold citizens, united around a common mission, can still come together to create major change against enormous odds." - (April 7, 2011)

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