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Welcome to Apache Maven

Welcome to Apache Maven
Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information. If you think that Maven could help your project, you can find out more information about in the "About Maven" section of the navigation. This includes an in-depth description of what Maven is, a list of some of its main features, and a set of frequently asked questions about what Maven is. Learning about Maven This site is separated into the following sections, depending on how you'd like to use Maven:

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Rally Community Edition Move beyond spreadsheets and sticky notes and start using Rally’s free Agile project management online platform. Just sign up and get started in minutes! Tracks your iterations, stories and defects Teaches and reinforces Agile concepts Personalize your dashboard Add panels to track status, update tasks and work with your team. Customize up to two dashboards, set up notifications, and receive messages through Rally, email or your RSS reader. Team Blog A bit over a year ago we released Vaadin 7 renewing the framework inside out. Then came push support with 7.1. Now what? Let’s take a look into the future. First off, we do not see C# coming up (who is this Nutella guy anyway?). m2eclipse Maven Integration (m2e) The goal of the m2e project is to provide a first-class Apache Maven support in the Eclipse IDE, making it easier to edit Maven's pom.xml, run a build from the IDE and much more. For Java developers, the very tight integration with JDT greatly simplifies the consumption of Java artifacts either being hosted on open source repositories such as Maven Central, or in your in-house Maven repository.

Open Source Project and Task Management Software Jan 08, 2004 - 10:38 AM :: Admin :: 3970803 Reads :: Thank you for your interest in our web-based project management tool. dotProject is built using free open-source applications and is produced and maintained by a small, but dedicated group of volunteers. dotProject is programmed in PHP, and utilises MySQL for a backend database (although other databases such as Postgres could also be used).

Guide to Configuring Maven Maven configuration occurs at 3 levels: Project - most static configuration occurs in pom.xmlInstallation - this is configuration added once for a Maven installationUser - this is configuration specific to a particular user The separation is quite clear - the project defines information that applies to the project, no matter who is building it, while the others both define settings for the current environment. Note: the installation and user configuration cannot be used to add shared project information - for example, setting <organization> or <distributionManagement> company-wide. For this, you should have your projects inherit from a company-wide parent pom.xml.

Spring Web Flow The sweet spot for Spring Web Flow are stateful web applications with controlled navigation such as checking in for a flight, applying for a loan, shopping cart checkout, or even adding a confirmation step to a form. What these scenarios have in common is one or more of the following traits: There is a clear start and an end point.The user must go through a set of screens in a specific order.The changes are not finalized until the last step.Once complete it shouldn't be possible to repeat a transaction accidentally Spring Web Flow provides a declarative flow definition language for authoring flows on a higher level of abstraction. It allows it to be integrated into a wide range of applications without any changes (to the flow programming model) including Spring MVC, JSF, and even Portlet web applications. The following are common issues observed in stateful web applications with navigation requirements:

YAML YAML is a recursive acronym for "YAML Ain't Markup Language". Early in its development, YAML was said to mean "Yet Another Markup Language",[3] but it was then reinterpreted (backronyming the original acronym) to distinguish its purpose as data-oriented, rather than document markup. Features[edit] Examples[edit] Sample document[edit] 10 Free Tools For Effective Project Management Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. Project management is the process by which projects are defined, planned, monitored, controlled and delivered such that the agreed benefits are realised. Projects are unique, transient endeavours undertaken to achieve a desired outcome. Projects bring about change and project management is recognised as the most efficient way of managing such change.

Maven Release plugin - release:perform Parameter Details arguments: Additional arguments to pass to the Maven executions, separated by spaces.

Finally became usable in late maven 2.1.X. Tho again, if you step out side the normal workflow and want to do something that is not provided in the plugins life is a pain. Creating a plugin is a PITA. by superunknown Apr 10

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