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Occupy the London Stock Exchange

Occupy the London Stock Exchange
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Occupy the London Stock Exchange From Capitalism To Democracy No Impact Man Dear friends, I don't say this often but I am scared. Not scared to the point of paralysis. Not scared enough to run away. I was lucky when Hurricane Sandy hit. That night, the lights flickered a couple of times. But when I woke up, lower Manhattan was flooded and without power. We in the Tri-State Area didn't get Katrina. Yes, there are some good parts. But there is a lot of suffering. I hung up the phone with a friend just a few minutes ago. In a coffee shop this afternoon, everyone at every table was talking about climate change. Katrina, Irene, Sandy, droughts all summer, busted corn crops, water shortages in the southwest: it's hard to believe we aren't seeing what the climate scientists predicted. It feels ironic and sad. Fracking--the drilling for natural gas by injecting poisonous chemicals into the same rock formations that our drinking comes from. Especially when the sun shines everywhere. Of course, there are reasons for resistance. But this isn't a bitch fest. So what then?

Wikipedia: Occupy London The protests began in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York, United States, and with support from tax avoidance protest group UK Uncut and the London based contingent of the Spanish 15M movement.[2][10][11] In October protesters established two encampments in central London: one outside St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London and the other in Finsbury Square just to the north of the City.[2] In November a third major site was opened in a disused office complex owned by UBS. Named by protesters as the Bank of Ideas, the site was located in Hackney until occupiers were evicted in late January 2012.[12] A fourth site was established in late December, at the unused premises of Old Street Magistrates Court in east London. The site's owners objected to its long term use by Occupiers, and agreement was reached for the building to be vacated by the end of January 2012.[13][14] Chronology[edit] 2011 events[edit] October[edit] November[edit] December[edit] 2011 statements[edit]

オキュパイ・トウキョウ - OCCUPY TOKYO - 世界革命||Global Revolution - Forside 15 de octubre: Unidos por un #cambioglobal. Democracia real Ya. Spirit of Community