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Turn Any Action into a Keyboard Shortcut

Turn Any Action into a Keyboard Shortcut
SExpand We waste a ton of time every day clicking through menus and typing repetitive text. AutoHotkey is a simple tool that eliminates that waste, allowing you to turn just about any action into a simple keyboard shortcut. Here's your guide to getting started. AutoHotkey is a free and open source programming language for Windows, but don't let the words "programming language" scare you. It's insanely easy to learn.

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Scripts and Macros Table of Contents Introduction The Top of the Script (the Auto-execute Section): This portion executes automatically when the script starts. Escape Sequences: When to use `% and `, to indicate a literal percent sign or comma. VirtuaWin VirtuaWin supports modules for adding functionality without adding more features to the core application itself. This will insure that VirtuaWin will remain as small and fast as possible but still have the possibilities to add features for special needs. To use a module, just put the module in the ‘modules’ directory in your VirtuaWin installation directory, and upon startup or if the reload button is pressed in the setup dialog, the module should kick in.The module idea is quite simple; a module consists of an ordinary windows executable that communicates with VirtuaWin by sending messages.

Quick Launch - Add to Taskbar in Windows 8 How to Add Quick Launch to the Taskbar in Windows 8 and 8.1 InformationThis tutorial will show you how to add or remove Quick Launch as a toolbar on your taskbar in Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT 8.1. You can have Quick Launch display with small or large icons on either side of the taskbar. NoteQuick Launch is located in the hidden folder path below.C:\Users\(user-name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch TipYou can add more shortcuts into Quick Launch by using either method below.Drag any shortcut, file, folder, drive over Quick Launch on the taskbar until you see either Move to Quick Launch or Create link in Quick Launch, then drop the item to create a shortcut of it in Quick Launch.Open the hidden Quick Launch folder above, and create a new shortcut for the item in it.To Remove a shortcut from within Quick Launch, you can right click on the shortcut from either taskbar or hidden folder location above and click on Delete. That's it, Shawn

KeyRocket - Learn Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Example Sally installs KeyRocket and starts using Word. KeyRocket notices that Sally habitually uses the mouse to center align her text and suggests that she use a shortcut instead (in this case, Ctrl + E). Not Your Dad’s Office Assistant From the moment you finish installation, it starts learning how you work. How to Save Time by Automating Tedious Tasks with AutoHotkey Have you ever needed to perform the same mindless task over and over on your PC? Instead of wasting hours clicking buttons and hitting keys, this is the perfect time to use your AutoHotkey skills to make your PC do the work for you. Note: This particular example is a real one that I used earlier today to save a small amount of time, but these are techniques that I’ve used many times over the years to literally save myself days worth of time. The Scenario

Manual for Sumatra PDF reader Keyboard shortcuts Advanced settings Since version 2.3, SumatraPDF can be heavily customized by editing settings file. Command-line arguments For most complete documentation, read this page. 60 Windows 8 tips, tricks and secrets Windows 8 has been with us for well over a year now, and if you're used to previous versions of Windows then you're going to notice that quite a bit has changed. In fact, Windows 8 has seen the biggest change since the jump from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. Out goes the Start menu, in comes the new touch-oriented Start screen with new Windows 8-style apps and new interface conventions. Even experienced PC users may be left feeling a little lost. Don't despair, though, help is at hand. We've poked around every part of Windows 8, uncovering many of its most important tips and tricks, so read our guide and you'll soon be equipped to get the most out of Microsoft's latest release.

Keyboard shortcuts - Perform common Firefox tasks quickly This is a list of keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox. If you have enabled Emacs-style text editing shortcuts in GNOME, they will also work in Firefox. When an Emacs text editing shortcut conflicts with the default shortcuts (as occurs with Ctrl+K), the Emacs shortcut will take precedence if focus is inside a text box (which would include the location bar and search bar). In such cases you should use the alternate keyboard shortcut if one is listed below. Note: Keyboard shortcuts can be customized using the Menu Wizard extension. Some of these shortcuts require the currently selected tab to be "in focus."

The Beginner’s Guide to Using an AutoHotkey Script AutoHotkey scripts are a great way to customize your computer, but may seem daunting at first. Don’t worry – getting started is much easier than it looks! Read on to see. Ask HTG: How Can I Reclaim The Full Capacity of an SD Card? If you’ve used an SD card for more advanced purposes than simply storing digital photos (e.g. running a mobile or micro OS), you’ll find it requires a little more finesse than simply formatting the card to reclaim all the space. Read on as we show you how. Dear How-To Geek,I followed along with one of your great Raspberry Pi tutorials a few months ago. Just recently I upgraded to a bigger SD card for the Pi and pulled the old one to use for another project. When I went to reformat the card only 64MB out of the original capacity was available and even when I went into Disk Management in Windows the best I could do is dump the contents of the inaccessible (and presumably Linux-filled) partition.