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WikiNodes for iPad - IDEA

WikiNodes for iPad - IDEA

Try out These Cool iPad Video Making Apps Creating videos nowadays is way simpler than it ever used to be. Gone are the days when one had to buy and install software to create videos. Besides being expensive such software always eat up a lot of space from hard disk. Now with the boom of web 2.0 technologies, there are dozens of tools that one can use to create instant videos and without any need for any software installation. Everything is done in the cloud. But if you have an iPad and you want to be able to create videos on the go then we suggest you try the apps below. 1- Video Editor " Video editor for free" is a fast and easy to use video-editing tool that let’s you trim, merge, and share your video clips!.." 2- iStop Motion for iPad " Easily tell your story using inanimate objects such as toys or clay figures and bring them to life frame by frame. " Choose your photos, video clips, music, and video style. 4- Explain Everything " Animation Creator HD allows your creativity to come to life on your iPad! 6- Cinema-trax

8 Useful Video Apps for your iPad 1- Animoto Video " Turn your photos into stunning, professional-quality videos, complete with music and text, with Animoto’s free app! " 2- Videolicious " Videolicious 2 is completely rebuilt to make video creation even easier and faster! 3- Vidify app " It’s an automatic video editor that takes different clips from the footage you shot and spreads them around throughout the soundtrack using our proprietary algorithm creating a video that looks like it was edited by a professional. .." 4- ReelDirector ' ReelDirector is the 1st and the most feature rich, powerful video editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch..." 5- Magisto " Magisto is a fun and easy way to automatically edit videos and share them with your friends and family. 6- Super 8 " Using Super 8™, you can make your own vintage movies and add lens, filter and shake effects, arrange clips and scenes the way you want them; you can even add your own credits..." 7- Vintagio 8- iMovie

10 Good iPad Book Creator Apps to Use with Your Students March 7, 2014 Below is an updated list of some powerful iPad apps for creating books that you can use with your students. I have only selected ten of what I think are the best and ideal apps for using with different age groups from kids up to adults. I invite you to check them out and share with your colleagues. 1- Book Creator The simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks, right on the iPad.Use Book Creator to create a personalised story for your child, or arrange family pictures and art into a beautiful eBook. 2- A Novel Idea A Novel Idea is a good tool for plotting your story and recording bursts of inspiration. 3- Creative Book Builder Creative Book Builder enables everyone to create, edit and publish ebooks in a few minutes on the go. Using the easy-to-use interface of this app you can add text, place photos on pages, and share with your friends within a few seconds. Create Amazing Story Books, even with your personal Narration!