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Windows Metro Style Apps Developer Downloads

Windows Metro Style Apps Developer Downloads
Newest downloads Ready to increase your reach? Start building apps now for Windows 8.1 Update and Windows Phone 8.1. The Windows SDK and the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK are components of Visual Studio 2013 Update 2. Get the details. Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Create innovative and compelling Windows Store apps on Windows 8.1 using the tools in Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows. DirectX SDK Windows Phone SDK The Windows Phone Software Development Kit (SDK) includes all of the tools that you need to develop apps and games for Windows Phone. Get the Windows Phone SDK Visual Studio Extensions for the Windows Library for JavaScript Resources that enable you to more easily build Windows Store apps using the Windows Library for JavaScript. Multilingual App Toolkit Tools to help you localize your Windows Store app with translation support, translation file management, and editor tools. Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2013 Live SDK Bing Maps SDK for Windows Store apps Design assets

Bringing Hyper-V to “Windows 8” - Building Windows 8 In this post we talk about how we will support virtualization on the Windows "client" OS. Originally released for Windows Server where the technology has proven very popular and successful, we wanted to bring virtualization to a core set of scenarios for professionals using Windows. The two most common scenarios we focused on are for software developers working across multiple platforms and clients and servers, and IT professionals looking to manage virtualized clients and servers in a seamless manner. Mathew John is a program manager on our Hyper-V team and authored this post. One note is that, as with all features, we're discussing the engineering of the work and not the ultimate packaging, as those choices are made much later in the project. --Steven PS: We didn't plan on doing so many posts in a row so we'll return to more sustainable pace -- sorry if we inadvertently set expectations a bit too high.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Product Guide for Developers Download the full Windows 8 Product Guide (English) (973 KB, PDF) German (2.07 MB) Spanish (1.67 MB) French (1.69 MB) Japanese (2.27 MB) Windows Performance - Hardware Compat, Device, Driver Find resources and tools to help you install and manage devices, troubleshoot hardware compatibility issues, and monitor and improve performance in your Windows client environment. Springboard Series Spotlight Consumerization of IT: Frequently Asked QuestionsGet answers to common questions about the growing consumerization trend and get recommendations on how to approach the management of user-selected devices, applications, and services within your desktop environment.

Windows 8 app certification requirements Document version: 6.0 Document date: April 10, 2014 In this document, we describe the criteria an app must meet to be eligible for listing in the Windows Store. Windows Newsletter - Desktop Tools, How To, Springboard Get the latest news, resources, tools, and guidance to help you deploy Windows 8.1, migrate from Windows XP or Windows Vista, and manage your existing Windows client infrastructures successfully—and with less effort. In each edition of the Springboard Series Insider, you will find: Information about all of the new resources and tools available.Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Windows 8.1 experience, including advice on deploying and managing Internet Explorer and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) technologies as part of your overall desktop infrastructure.Best practices and tips from Microsoft product team members, industry experts, Microsoft MVPs, IT professionals, and IT managers around the world.Insight into upcoming events and new training and certification options.Advance notice -- for Insider subscribers only -- of upcoming tools, resources, events, and evaluation opportunities.

HTML5 Remote Desktop Access any Windows Desktop remotely from anywhere, through a Web Browser Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Workstation delivers secure, high-performance Remote Desktop access and Screen Sharing over the web by taking advantage of the latest web technologies like AJAX, WebSockets and HTML5. Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Workstation can be used for personal or commercial use at no charge. PrinciplesOfOod The Principles of OOD What is object oriented design? What is it all about? Win32 and COM for Windows Store apps Windows Runtime apps can use a subset of the Win32 and COM API. This subset of APIs was chosen to support key scenarios for Windows Runtime apps that were not already covered by the Windows Runtime, HTML/CSS, or other supported languages or standards. The Windows App Certification Kit ensures that your app uses only this subset of the Win32 and COM API. The following topics list the Win32 and COM API elements that are provided for developing Windows Runtime apps for Windows.

Startup Programs - Change How to Change, Add, or Remove Startup Programs in Windows 7 Information This will show you how to either add, remove, enable, or disable a startup program in Windows 7. Note