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Using Humor in the Classroom “But why do I have to go? School is not fun!” That quote is from a first-grade child, asking his mom why he has to go every single day to this place that he was told was going to be a lot of fun, but has not lived up to the hype. If he could articulate further, he might say, "I am only six.

Best Presentations, Interactive Stories, Portfolios, and More - Flowboard Catalog Flowboard Guide The official guide to help you create beautiful stories with Flowboard. This guide will walk you through how gestures are used, working with objects, how to add video, images, or galleries, and how to modify your objects and screens. 10 Places to Visit Before you Die Dale Radio A “warped Johnny Carson” with a “voice like a shoulder squeeze," host Dale Seever entertains with enough hard candy & booze to make it feel like your favorite uncle landed a late night gig! In addition to the webseries, you can tune in to the Dale Radio podcast or catch one of his “brilliant” live shows. What is Flowboard? We just released the 1.3 version of Flowboard and one of the new features is that we have localized (or translated) Flowboard into 7 languages; Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español, Português, 日本人 (Japanese) and 简化中国 (Simplified Chinese). The story of a wonderful little chocolatier in Manhatten's Lower East Side.

James Newton-King - Json.NET Popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET Version 6.0.2 - Created by James Newton-King - Product product = new Product();product.Name = "Apple";product.Expiry = new DateTime(2008, 12, 28);product.Sizes = new string[] { "Small" }; string json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(product); Serialize JSON Deserialize JSON JArray array = new JArray();array.Add("Manual text");array.Add(new DateTime(2000, 5, 23)); JObject o = new JObject();o["MyArray"] = array; string json = o.ToString();

Let’s Laugh! 10+ Resources & Activities for Inspiring Laughter in Your Class “Laughter is more than just a pleasurable activity…When people laugh together, they tend to talk and touch more and to make eye contact more frequently.”~Gretchen Rubin April Fool’s day is around the corner and it’s a great time to get your students laughing while learning. Laughter is healthy and gets us to relieve the stress of language learning. PADILICIOUS: How to Add Finger-Swipe Support to Your Webpage One of the more interesting and fun aspects of iPad usage is the ability to effect change in a webpage by swiping a finger across the screen of the iPad. For example, swiping to the left to navigate to the next page in a series of pages, or swiping to display the next image in a series of images. For iPad users, these actions are intuitive and natural.

The funniest TED Talks Now playing The New Yorker receives around 1,000 cartoons each week; it only publishes about 17 of them. In this hilarious, fast-paced, and insightful talk, the magazine's longstanding cartoon editor and self-proclaimed "humor analyst" Bob Mankoff dissects the comedy within just some of the "idea drawings" featured in the magazine, explaining what works, what doesn't, and why. Creating Narrated Slideshows with Google Tools This week I am hosting some guest bloggers. This is a guest post from Mike Petty. Last fall our high school purchased Chromebooks and the new principal set high expectations for more project-based learning and technology integration in all subjects. As the instructional technology coordinator for the district, this was great news for me! This school year was a ton of work, but we’re now wrapping up what was certainly the best one of my career. Over the past several months I’ve often been asked by teachers for presentation options beyond PowerPoint.

Pascal Raabe - Multidisciplinary Design This project was undertaken as part of the Digital Media class taught by UX designer Eva-Lotta Lamm at the Zurich University of the Arts. Storybox is a cross-generational social network that allows users of different generations to share the stories they experienced in their lives. Users can upload or record text, video, audio and image files, tag them and make them accessible to the community. Visible links between the different pieces of media display semantic connections and form interesting and unexpected new stories. The ‘story universe’ is navigated via a dynamic timeline as well as click and drag navigation and various filters. This was a collaborative project between Pascal Raabe, Maria Benz, Janine Blöchlinger and Simone Näf overseen by Visual Communication professor Hans Tanner and visiting lecturer Eva-Lotta Lamm.

Engaging Students with Humor I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. – Dr. Seuss April Fool’s Day is almost here! Spice up a lesson plan, activity or project with humor. Humor is a great way to ease the anxiety of learning and can make learning difficult or stressful topics engaging and fun. Give Your REST APIs some Metadata Swagger! – Wintellect DevCenter Make your REST based APIs easier to consume by providing metadata using the Swagger JSON format. Not so long ago, creating enterprise grade APIs was an Indiana Jones level epic adventure in XML, XSD schemas, and obscure WS-* specifications. Microsoft made it easier with WCF but the resulting services were more than just a bit on the heavy side and not particularly AJAX friendly. Over time Web and Mobile developers pushed for lighter weight APIs with the current REST standard model being the result. Remote Procedure Call styled APIs gave way to HTTP verbs and resources, XML was not replaced but largely ignored in favor of JSON, and WSDL metadata was replaced with documentation; automatic or manual.

30+ Web Tools, Apps, and Resources to Engage With Humor – Teacher Reboot Camp I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. – Dr. Seuss Editable old newspaper template Views 393,984 Filed under Educational , english, history, newspaper, school, sepia We have just added to our popular editable PowerPoint newspapers with this Old Times newspaper design.

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