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50+ Amazing Jquery Examples- Part1

50+ Amazing Jquery Examples- Part1
Dec 20 2007 * This post is regularly updated. * Many of us have been using a good deal of jQuery plugins lately. Menu 1) LavaLamp 2) jQuery Collapse -A plugin for jQuery to collapse content of div container. 3) A Navigation Menu- Unordered List with anchors and nested lists, also demonstrates how to add a second level list. 4) SuckerFish Style Tabs 5) jQuery UI Tabs / Tabs 3 – Simple jQuery based tab-navigation 6) TabContainer Theme – JQuery style fade animation that runs as the user navigates between selected tabs. Accordion 7 ) jQuery Accordion Demo 8) Simple JQuery Accordion menu SlideShows 9) jQZoom- allows you to realize a small magnifier window close to the image or images on your web page easily. 10) Image/Photo Gallery Viewer- allows you to take a grouping of images and turn it into an flash-like image/photo gallery. Transition Effects 11) InnerFade – It’s designed to fade you any element inside a container in and out. 13) Highlight Fade jQuery Carousel Demo : Color Picker 17) jQuery Color Picker Related:  Structures esthétiques (HTML, CSS, Jquery...)

Fancy jQuery lightbox alternative Impress Your Friends With These 20 jQuery Tutorials I have always liked playing around with jQuery and I’m sure many of you do too! In fact we’ve published some jQuery ‘getting started‘ guides here on SpyreStudios in the past. So this time I thought we’d go more in depth and I’ve hand-picked 20 awesome jQuery tutorials (most of them have working demos) Here they are: Creating a Keyboard with CSS and jQuery ↓ In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a dynamic keyboard. Animate Curtains Opening with jQuery ↓ I thought this tutorial was pretty amazing! BBC Radio 1 Zoom Tabs ↓ I loved this tutorial! Sexy Drop Down Menu w/ jQuery & CSS ↓ Drop-down menus are not new and a lot of sites use them but this tutorial rocks! Learning jQuery: Fading Menu – Replacing Content ↓ I have utmost respect for Chris and his work and in this tutorial Chris teaches us how to create a fading menu which I think is pretty neat! jQuery Demo: Creating A Sliding Image Puzzle Plug-In ↓ This tutorial show us how to create a sliding image puzzle. Creating A Fading Header ↓

14 jQuery Plugins for Working with Images JavaScript frameworks have become very popular in the recent years by making the creation of dynamic effects much easier. Lightweight, used in the WordPress and Drupal core, jQuery is now one of the most used JavaScript libraries around. The following list of jQuery plugins will help you to improve the usability of your website or web applications by enhancing the display of your images. 1. s3 Slider s3 Slider Demonstration page. A simple way to add smooth image slideshows and showcases on your website. 2. jQuery Image Strip jQuery Image Strip Demonstration page. Nice little image viewer that uses fancy visual effects. 3. jQuery Thumbs Easy thumbnails creation with jQuery, jQuery Thumb dynamically wraps images and/or link images with a div. 4. jCrop jCrop Demonstration page. Quick and easy way to add image cropping functionality to your web application. 5. Image preview Demonstration page. Create image previews with this accessible and easy to implement script. 6. 7. jCarousel Lite 8. 9. 11. 12.

Useful JavaScript and jQuery Tools, Libraries, Plugins Advertisement Recently we’ve been receiving more requests for carefully selected, useful round-ups. We try to avoid round-ups on Smashing Magazine, but sometimes the format is useful and — if the resources are relevant — can be extremely helpful. Besides, we are glad to drive traffic to some obscure, yet useful resources and thus support the developers of these resources. In this round-up, you’ll find some of the useful JavaScript and jQuery tools, libraries and plugins that we have stumbled upon recently. You might want to take a look at the following related posts: Useful JavaScript Libraries Respond.js: Fast CSS3 Media Queries for Internet Explorer 6-8 and More5The goal of this script is to provide a fast and lightweight script to enable responsive Web designs in browsers that don’t support CSS3 Media Queries. Blackbird: Open Source JavaScript Logging Utility6Blackbird offers a dead-simple way to log messages in JavaScript and an attractive console to view and filter them. SlickGrid!

A jQuery UI Combobox: Under the hood Update on 2010-08-17: This article was updated to reflect the changes to the combobox code in jQuery UI 1.8.4 The jQuery UI 1.8 release brings along the new autocomplete widget. An autocomplete adds a list of suggestions to an input field, displayed and filtered while the user is typing. This could be attached to a search field, suggesting either search terms or just matching results for faster navigation. But what if there is a fixed list of options, usually implemented as a standard HTML select element, where the ability to filter would help users find the right value way faster? That's a "combobox." Let's starts with the initial markup: Nothing special there, just a label and a select element with a few options. The code to apply the combobox widget to the select is quite simple, too: Let's look at the code for this combobox widget. JavaScript: Let's break this down, piece by piece: Let's break down the source implementation: if ( !"autocomplete"). And that's it!

Sliding Panel on CSS3 with iframe inside inShare2 I want to share some little experience of how to create a sliding panel on CSS3 with iframe inside and how to overcome unpleasant surprises of IE. It seems to me that this decision could be good for adding a feedback form on the site, or a chat with a consultant etc. Just in case I will remind that iframe has some minuses and when creating a site with iframe it is necessary to take them into account. However it has a lot of pluses, but we are not going to talk about that. Here div will play the role of sliding panel. And now styles with comments: Here, is what I’ve got, when a panel is drawn out: It might seem that this is it, but the program can’t leave us all without any surprises. doesn’t work in IE6. A small script on JS + JQuery, which is necessary to be included, comes for help, if the browser is IE: Cross browser availability: • FF — yes • Chrome — yes • Safari — yes • Opera — a panel emerges not smoothly, but sharply • IE — a panel emerges not smoothly, but sharply 2inShare

17 jQuery Plugins for Easy and Efficient Reordering and Filtering Page Elements By using jQuery filter and jQuery sort plugins you will be able to have a great control over the order, placement and organization of your page / or table elements. Further some of these plugins include drag-able controls making it possible to offer a more dynamic and user friendly design. Sorting and filtering is very useful if you have large datasets such as table views, however you can also use them for managing list views e.g. for a portfolio page. The Quicksand plugin found below is an example of this. Advertisement SortTables Responsive - MORE INFO / DEMO SortTable is a mobile ready and fully responsive jQuery sort and filter plugin. jQuery Sort and Order Portfolio Plugin - MORE INFO / DEMO jQuery Sort and Order os a script for adding the popular sortable portfolio grids we see all over the internet. tQuery – Dynamic tables - MORE INFO / DEMO tQuery makes simple HTML tables dynamic. Advanced tables - MORE INFO / DEMO Beautiful Data - MORE INFO / DEMO Ingrid - MORE INFO / DEMO

15 Great jQuery Images Gallery Plugins To Showcase Your Work If you are showcasing your portfolio and work, image gallery plays a very important part for your website. Not only, you required a fast loading process, good user navigation experience, easy maintainable and search engine friendly site, by adding a non-flash based gallery could add some cutting edges to your self web presence. There are many cool and nice flash based galleries around the web but that's not what we really needs. So I recommend 15 jQuery Image Galleries Plugins that convert your images into a nice looking non-flash gallery below. TN3 Gallery TN3 Gallery is a full fledged HTML based customizable image gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options. TN3 Gallery Full Screen Image Gallery Using jQuery And Flickr It’s a full screen image gallery that automatically scales the image with kept aspect ratio to fill the browser background. Full Screen Image Gallery Using jQuery And Flickr Fancy Thumbnail Hover Effect With jQuery Fancy Thumbnail Hover Effect With jQuery

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