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Multitouch Barcelona

Multitouch Barcelona
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NOR_/D Who, Where, When. . . Nortd Labs is an international research and development studio founded in New York City by Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger in 2006. Nortd generates work in the area of art, architecture, and system design. Nortd is defined as a collaboration based studio of creative thought that engages science, art and design. Our open source hardware has been built and used by thousands of people, labs, hacker-spaces and universities worldwide. We believe that people should collaborate globally and build locally. Ping us helloworld [at] nortd [dot] com Selected Press Fellowships and Awards: Mozilla Eyebeam Open(Art) Fellow 2013 Carnegie Mellon University STUDIO for Creative Inquiry Resident 2012 Hyperwerk Institute for Postindustrial Design Resident 2012 Maker Faire Bay Area Editor's Choice 2011 CultureLab UK Fellow 2011 Eyebeam Art and Technology Center Fellow 2007/2008 Books:

Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion Arborescence - festival d'arts numériques - Digital Arts festival Gemma Degara Creating interaction beyond the computer 3-D It Yourself, Thanks to New Library Site (Courtesy NYPL Labs)Samuel Dixon crossing Niagara. Four years ago, a San Francisco artist and writer named Joshua Heineman began making animated versions of digitized vintage stereographs from the New York Public Library’s collection and posting them on his blog. The project quickly went viral, attracting as many as 70,000 visitors a day to its mesmerizing 3-D animations of old-school cyclists zipping around on penny-farthings and heavy-skirted matrons reclining over a picnic. Now the library itself has done Mr. Heineman’s populist raid on the archives one better and created its own Stereogranimator, a graphic tool that allows users to try their hand at bringing the more than 40,000 digitized stereographs from its collection back to flickering life. “It’s a nice example of the cool things that can happen when you put library collections online in free, repurposable forms,” Ben Vershbow, the manager of NYPL Labs, the unit responsible for the project, said in a telephone interview. Mr. Mr.

arts numériques max-o-matic = Máximo Tuja Obscura Digital