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Discover Palettes — Art & Design Inspiration

Discover Palettes — Art & Design Inspiration
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Dictionnaire des couleurs Dictionnaire des couleurs Ah la magie des couleurs ! Pour attirer l'œil, attiser des sentiments, insuffler une ambiance ou un style, elles sont essentielles et rehaussent avec personnalité et atypisme un univers. Même si l'on dit communément que tous les goûts et les couleurs sont dans la nature, certaines ne se marient pas forcément comme on le penserait. Il faut donc avant tout s'imposer certaines " règles chromatiques " et ne pas jurer que par ses goûts personnels. Les couleurs primaires : la base indispensable Le rouge, le jaune et le bleu sont les couleurs primaires qui comme le blanc ne peuvent pas être obtenues en mélangeant d'autres couleurs. Les couleurs secondaires : un mariage productif Les couleurs dites secondaires résultent du mélange de deux couleurs primaires. Le vert : bleu + jaune L'orange : rouge + jaune Le violet : rouge + bleu Les couleurs tertiaires : trois en un Les couleurs complémentaires : les opposés chromatiques Les couleurs chaudes, froides et neutres : késako ?

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Logo Design & Branding Trends 2009 If there is one big no-no in graphic design, it is using complex geometrical shapes with a full color spectrum to create a logo. As to whether the capability to fax a logo is good or bad does not matter. This argument could persist through the years but one thing is certain: this complex geometry will be here for awhile. When this 80s trend first came out, it was a way of capturing the consumer's attention. Designers will not spare any effort; they will use their turbo-charged Macs to prove that in today's over-saturated market, they have carte-blanche to attract the attention of consumers. For years, monster-like geometrical logos have been used by aggressive and self-centered companies to shout, instead of politely introduce, their industry presence. There's a certain irony about using a full color spectrum for these creations. There's a chance of course that this may not thrive and be adopted widely.

Color Psychology by David Johnson Like death and taxes, there is no escaping color. It is ubiquitous. Colors often have different meanings in various cultures. Black Black is the color of authority and power. White Brides wear white to symbolize innocence and purity. Red The most emotionally intense color, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. The most romantic color, pink, is more tranquilizing. Blue The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is one of the most popular colors. Green Currently the most popular decorating color, green symbolizes nature. Yellow Cheerful sunny yellow is an attention getter. Purple The color of royalty, purple connotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication. Brown Solid, reliable brown is the color of earth and is abundant in nature. Colors of the Flag In the U.S. flag, white stands for purity and innocence. Food for Thought While blue is one of the most popular colors it is one of the least appetizing. Green, brown, and red are the most popular food colors.

Tutoriais | PAROXISMO RECORDS Skindeep Nessa série de retoques que Julien Palast fez p/Thierry Peureux o corpo humano vira objeto de estudo, brincando com cores, texturas, formas e sombras. Tweet Tutorial – CSS3+JQuery – Relógio Digital Esta é uma tradução deste ótimo e simples tutorial desenvolvido por Alessio Atzeni. Efeito de Texto Futuristico O tutorial de hoje vou falar sobre efetios de texto, que é muito bom para criação de logos ou para letras de cartazes, além de ser um efeito simples é muito bonito e sofisticado. Efeito água 3d PhotoShop CS5 Efeito água 3d PhotoShop CS5 Olá todos os visitantes do, esse é um tutorial sobre foto manipulação utilizando a ferramenta 3D do PhotoShop. Retrato tipografico usando PhotoShop Olá Leitores do Paroxismo, Ultimamente estou um pouco corrido no trabalho e não tive tempo de montar um tutorial. Trabalhando texto com layer styles. Hoje vamos Aprender um tutorial sobre efeito de texto, muito usado para criação de logos, letras para embalagens e tipografia.

Cognition Cognition is a faculty for the processing of information, applying knowledge, and changing preferences. Cognition, or cognitive processes, can be natural or artificial, conscious or unconscious.[4] These processes are analyzed from different perspectives within different contexts, notably in the fields of linguistics, anesthesia, neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, systemics, and computer science.[5][page needed] Within psychology or philosophy, the concept of cognition is closely related to abstract concepts such as mind, intelligence. It encompasses the mental functions, mental processes (thoughts), and states of intelligent entities (humans, collaborative groups, human organizations, highly autonomous machines, and artificial intelligences).[3] Etymology[edit] Origins[edit] Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) heavily emphasized the notion of what he called introspection; examining the inner feelings of an individual. Psychology[edit] Social process[edit] Serial position

The Street Work of Banksy: British Graffiti Artist | Design Cookbook Banksy is the pseudonym of a British graffiti artist, political activist and painter, whose identity is unconfirmed. Using a unique stenciling technique Banksy’s artistic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world. Here we’ll show you some of the best work from this international street artist Banksy. Be sure to check out And the Online Shop Shop Sponsored Links © 2011 Design Cookbook.

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