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Why Is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colors In Marketing

Why Is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colors In Marketing
Editor's Note: This is one of the most-read leadership articles of 2013. Click here to see the full list. Why is Facebook blue? Not highly scientific, right? So how do colors really affect us, and what is the science of colors in marketing, really? First: Can you recognize the online brands just based on color? Before we dive into the research, here are some awesome experiments that show you how powerful color alone really is. Example 1 (easy): Example 2 (easy): Example 3 (medium): Example 4 (hard): These awesome examples from YouTube designer Marc Hemeon, I think, show the real power of color more than any study could. How many were you able to guess? Which colors trigger which feeling for us? Being completely conscious about what color triggers us to think in which way isn’t always obvious. Black: Green: Blue: Clearly, every one of these companies is seeking to trigger a very specific emotion: When we feel compelled to buy something, color can play a major role.

New York Street Fair Vendor License, Permit, and Sales Information Could New York City summer street fairs be a big money opportunity for your company? Find out how to get your street fair vendor license and sign up to participate in street fairs in New York City. How to Register to Sell At a New York Street Fair To sell your products or services at New York street fairs, the first step is to register with a street fair’s producer or sponsor to become a vendor. How do I contact specific street fair sponsors? DCA Licensing Center 42 Broadway, 5th Floor New York, NY 10004 For more information, call 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside of New York City) This list is updated monthly and includes contact information for the sponsoring organizations. How Much Does It Cost to Become a Street Fair Vendor? Clearview Festival Productions -- Clearview is producing more than 100 street fairs and festivals in the five boroughs in 2010.

JamFactory || Associate Training Program JamFactory JamFactory is a unique cultural organisation promoting good design and fine craftsmanship through its widely acclaimed studios, galleries and shops. It is an iconic institution within South Australia and is recognised nationally and internationally as a centre for excellence. Associate Training Program JamFactory’s Associate Training Program provides high-level skills and business training for artists, craftspeople and designers working in the areas of Ceramics, Glass, Furniture or Metal Design. As a JamFactory Associate you will: • Improve your design, making and business skills • Further develop your own work and creative identity • Enhance your presentation and communication skills • Increase your profile and expand your professional networks • Be exposed to significant career development opportunities • Have access to outstanding specialist facilities Key activities as a JamFactory Associate include: Fees and Income Applications Applications are available for 2015

Contemporary art jewellery " La sal de Gema " 2012 " Cosas de Família " 2010 "Tenderness" 2010 When the pain is part of the everyday life, "The Tenderness" towards oneself is the first step of healing. " Cold Winter " 2009 When I met to him I never imagined that one day I would be in Lapland, walking on the forest, smelling, feeling the white and the green. Another place, new destination, with a heart´s shape view in an air map, Brussels. " The dangerous " 2009 " The peculiar " 2008 " The everyday " 2008 " The forgotten " 2008 " Desert " 2008 " Criaturas equilibradas " 2004

Walka Studio jewelry design unique handmade jewelry images jewelers Walka, Vitacura, Chile. Awards and Fundings: 2013 “Revolt” Contest, Selected, Legnica Gallery, Legnica, Polonia 2012 “Ritual”, Honor Mention, The Gallery of Art in Legnica, Poland | FONDART Funding for Artists, Department of Art and Culture, Chile2011 Contest Cupper Creation, Honor Mention, Museum of Contemporary Art MAC, Santiago, Chile | "CREA National Contest of Craft and Design”, SERCOTEC Chilean Gobernement, 4 works selected, Chile | FONDART Funding, Department of Art and Culture, Chile 2010 FONDART Funding, Department of Art and Culture, Chile | FONDART to participate in Walking in the Gray Area. Culture Department, Chilean Government. | "CREA National Contest of Craft and Design” Diseño", SERCOTEC Chilean Gobernement, 4 works selected, Chile2009 "CREA National Award of Craft and Design" SERCOTEC Chilean Government. 2 collections awarded 100 best Chilean products.| Innova CORFO Funding. Curatorial experience:2011 Argentinian, Brazilian and Chilean Design: ABC Design.

Comercio Justo » Fair Trade — Brooklyn Metal Works Ruudt Peters Art Jewellery Historia del vestuario: Inaugurar Nada más bello que el vestuario de las películas del canal TCM, donde aparece una joven Sophia Loren en el antiguo Egipto o una perfecta Tippi Hedren dirigida por Hitchcock. Vestuario complejo, lleno de detalles, que nos deja imaginando la realidad del revestimiento de otras épocas: ¿Qué contextos habrán generado que sean esas las formas y no otras?. Con esta interrogante decidimos inaugurar este recorrido – “viaje” basado en una observación retrospectiva a través de la Historia del Vestuario, para identificar así el origen y la data de muchos de los estilos – aspectos que hoy nos revisten, revisando nombres, materiales, cortes, tallas y texturas. Comencemos el trayecto: Hay tres fundamentos generales, que “hacen ser” al revestimiento humano. a. b. c. La necesidad como origen del primer vestario: En las zonas menos gélidas, el taparrabo fue el revestimiento común: los hombres la pasaban por entre sus piernas y la ataban a la cintura.

Walking the Gray Area Footnotes of a Stead Valeria Vallarta Siemelink So what we are really doing when we walk through the city is thinking, and thinking in such a way that our thoughts compose a journey, and this journey is no more or less than the steps we have taken, so that, in the end, we might safely say that we have been in a journey, and even if we do not leave our room, it has been journey, and we might safely say that we have been somewhere, even if we don’t know where it is. Paul Auster The work of Estela Saez has repeatedly turned to the intermingling, even reciprocity, between identity-construction and physical space (land-home-shelter) and its contingent shaping of memory and time. Former collections of the Spanish jewellery artist bearing titles such as Terra, Goodbye Nest and Recovered Connections, document her preoccupation with reconciling mobility and belonging and alternate conceptual and material references to earth and sky, tradition and modernity, permanence and ephemerality.

Inside Rio | The Studio - Jewelry Blog by Rio Grande Mother Earth Day Apr 24, 2013 Earth Day was Monday, and Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday, May 12. According to its website, "Since 1989, Trees for the Future has helped 1 million people in thousands of communities in over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America plant more than 80 million trees." Chocolate Wood Necklace Bust Display Thanks to BeadworkDreams for leaving this one! Rio's Wood Cone Jewelry Displays Rio’s wood cone displays are hand-carved from sustainable mango tree wood grown in Bali and have hand-rubbed finishes. Throughout the Display & Packaging section of the catalog, sustainable products feature green stock numbers to let you know that they are made from recycled materials, renewable materials, and/or are produced using manufacturing processes that employ ecologically sound methods. Every time you see the familiar sustainable logo, you know that, with these products, you are helping to take care of the Earth for future generations. Comment on this article BOO!

On Curating Unexpected Pleasures-The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery: Susan Cohn in conversation | Art Jewelry Forum Design Museum, London, England December 5, 2012 – March 3, 2013 National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia April 20 – August 26, 2012 Susan Cohn has a longstanding career working across the art-craft-design divide. Ben Lignel: What did you learn during this experience? Susan Cohn: The first “lesson” I learned from the project is that really not many people in the world know about contemporary jewelry. The second and probably most important thing I got out of this project is an overview of the field. How did you select the work for the show? Susan Cohn: I really wanted a democratic form of application process. I received a total of 553 submissions, featuring roughly 2500 pieces, and did a first selection of the work based on the following criteria. During this first phase, I would put potential themes next to each submission. Obviously, during this second stage, I was accountable both to the field at large and to the exhibition and how it made sense as a show. London was different.

7 artesanos modernos nacionales - Social ICE - La Nueva Vida Social Porque los oficios son disciplinas casi en inmediatas vías de extinción y solo algunos se atreven a dedicar su tiempo y su talento a crear con sus propias manos. A continuación destacamos a 8 personajes y emprendimientos nacionales notables que rescatan el valor artesanal de la manufactura: 1. Con una marcada estética retro, las mochilas y bolsos Coyote tienen un moderno diseño planeado para almacenar y trasladar lo que una persona necesita actualmente , incluído el tan necesario computador. 2. Este es un notable colectivo que ofrece todo tipo de vasos, platos, ensaladeras, bowls, cojines, candelabros… etc. y se autodefinden como ”un pequeño grupo de diseñadores y artesanos independientes establecidos en Santiago dedicados a la creación y elaboración de productos para el hogar. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ¿Quieres iluminar un espacio?

Quinta trends: VeraVivanco: joyas que nacen del arte Las pasiones son difíciles de contener. Por mucho que las disfracemos de pasatiempos, siempre terminan poseyendo parte de lo que somos. Algo así le pasó al historiador del arte y restaurador Sebastián Vera Vivanco. La propuesta de Vera Vivanco “Mis joyas buscan ser protagonistas del look, entregando color y formas atractivas. Los factores que influyen en el desarrollo de colecciones de Vera Vivanco “Influye lo que esté estudiando o investigando en el momento. Ahora estoy trabajando en otra línea que se llama Up, y está inspirada en la película del mismo nombre. Por último mi formación profesional es la historia del arte y la restauración, por lo mismo el mundo del arte es lo que me nutre y me mueve al momento de crear”. Una mirada a la escena de la joyería de autor chilena “Me parece que está en un súper buen momento, hay gente muy talentosa e iniciativas como JoyaBrava, que es la primera agrupación de joyeros de nuestro país. El futuro de Vera Vivanco (Fotos gentileza de Vera Vivanco)

Jewelry Design Create a luxurious ornament, a precious keepsake, a fabulous fashion statement What was true for Cleopatra 2,000 years ago is still true today: A fine piece of jewelry is no less than a masterful work of art, one we display on ourselves rather than on a wall. These treasures from past and present can be seen in museums around the world. Today, the creation of fine and costume jewelry is a multibillion-dollar global industry, offering many opportunities for talented people with the right professional training. FIT’s program is closely tied to the industry, with a faculty of experts who bring firsthand knowledge of today’s market into the classroom. In intensive classes that emphasize traditional techniques, you’ll master hand-rendering and casting, and analyze and appraise gemstones. Highlights In this program, you’ll: meet industry leaders and have extensive opportunities to create a network of contacts.