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Bois de Jasmin : Perfume Blog and Fragrance Reviews

Bois de Jasmin : Perfume Blog and Fragrance Reviews

Scented Oil Recommendations from French Marie Claire : From Sexy to Couture The summer took over Brussels overnight. I went to bed on a cold, rainy day and woke up to dazzling sunshine. As the mercury levels starting rising, my colorful summer dresses came out of their hiding spots in the closet as did my strappy sandals and kitten heels. I also resumed my passionate love affair with big white floral perfumes that bloom particularly well in hot, balmy weather. I felt a pang of sadness as I always do when I realize that the summer vacation is drawing to its end. I’m a big fan of dry oils, and Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse has been a part of my beauty arsenal for the past ten years. Moreover, dry body oils make summer grooming effortless–they can be used in the morning after the shower for moisturizing the skin or mixed into the evening bath. Voluptuous Caudalie Divine Oil (Huile Divine), 21 €/100 ml Marie Claire calls this oil from Caudalie voluptuous, but I would also add elegant. A special thank you to my reader Andrea for bringing this great product to my attention!

5 Things That Impact Fragrance Longevity | scent bound Creed Millesime Imperial is like a workaholic girlfriend: you’ve barely spent 20 minutes together and she has to run. Millesime Imperial and I had a great time together but it never lasted more than half an hour at a time. The blog community warned me that’s how Millesime Imperial is – it smells great but it doesn’t last very long. I thought, well, that’s them, maybe with me it will be different. I fell hard for it – the fresh melon note, the salty calone, the mild iris, it was just perfect…for 20 minutes. First, I got on this guilt trip. So, after thinking long and hard about it, I had to do what I had to do: I cut Millesime Imperial loose. 1. Generally speaking, perfumes don’t like staying around on dry skin. One way to improve longevity in the case of dry skin is to make it oilier. 2. We often determine the longevity of a perfume by how long we can smell it. The key word here is “detect”. 3. In very simplified terms, the smell molecules fall into two categories: simple and complex.

DIY Your Own Solid Perfume © Technoplastique on Instructables We've all been there: on a bus or in a meeting with someone who has decided that if one spritz of perfume or cologne is good, then ten must be better! Whenever I'm in one of those situations, I'm never thinking "wow, what a great floral scent!" I'm usually thinking how much better actual flowers smell than whatever perfume the person is wearing. In addition to my dislike of the cloying scent of most commercial perfumes, a look at the ingredient list does nothing to improve my opinion. On average, commercially-produced perfumes contain anywhere between 10 and 250 ingredients, including: Ethyl acetateAcetophenoneAcetoneDenatured alcoholPhthalates In addition, an article published by Rodale highlights a study in which ten popular commercially-produced perfumes contained ingredients that caused everything from allergic reactions to possible sperm damage and hormone disruption. I'm pretty sure we can do better. How to Make Your Own All-Natural, Solid Perfume

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