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World's finest selection of logos.

World's finest selection of logos.
Logo of the Day - Swisscom goodlogo!com is dedicated to the artform of the logotype and its accompanied corporate identity. We hope to serve you here with the finest selection of logos, selected and submitted by everyone from all over the world. With our voting and rating system and our classification in categories we would like to give you a multidimensional view on the best logos for different purposes. We accomplish this by letting you select different categories and styles per top-listing.

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Stop Designing Forgettable Logos This guest post was written by Paul Galbraith, a freelance logo designer based in the UK, who works with clients worldwide to produce successful logos, identities and rebrands for all types of businesses. With thousands of logos being created each year, it makes it extremely difficult for new ones to be designed that have something distinguishable to make them stand out, whilst staying simple enough to be memorable. This difficulty could well mean you’re producing logos that, although well designed, are far too forgettable to be successful for the businesses you’re designing them for. Let’s be clear here, the main purpose of a logo is for it to act as an identifier of a company, so that over time it can become associated with that business and even a quick glimpse and consumers will instantly know who it represents. Where would your logos chart?

Logo vs. Brand - Definition And Tips A common misunderstanding these days seem to be people confusing the two, thinking a Logo and a Brand is the same thing. This isn’t quite the case. You can have one and not the other, you can have none – and you’d most likely want both to be successful with your business. In this article we’ll have a brief look at what these two mean and things you should think about when you’re working with them. 20 Stylish Retro Logos Retro never seems to go out of fashion. Especially recently it’s come into play with in lots of different things including clothing, cars, gadgets and even photos. Logo design has also taken a huge trend towards retro styles and many modern logos now have classic looks. Make sure to check out these other related posts:15 Beautifully Designed Logos With Hand Drawn Type 30 Classy Logo Designs 35 Minimally Minimal Logos | Inspiration Author: Oliur Rahman All posts by Oliur Rahman

Low-Poly [Isometrics] Illustrations for Kapstone Paper Company. Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration2014 SNCF - Défi Ingénieurs 2 (Engineers Challenge #2)Animation, Art Direction, Digital Art2014 Concept art for Flippfly's new upcoming puzzle game, Hexarden.Digital Art, Game Design, Illustration2014 A commissioned piece for someone's home. Printed at 20" x 20" and displayed inside the owner's home.Architecture, Digital Art, Illustration2014 Illustrations for MakerBot's new 'Famous Flyers' model collection.Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration2014 An illustration commissioned by BBH-London to be printed in-house as a mural in celebration of Weetakid.Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration2013 Conceptual illustrations for Amplify, an educational service using tablets in schools. Digital Art, Illustration, Landscape Design2013 Commissioned re-design of YoungBlood Brass Band's cover art for their album, "Pax Volumi."

Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Austin, TX. More… products we sell Flaunt: Designing effective, compelling and memorable portfolios of creative work. Brand New Conference videos / Individual, downloadable videos of every presentation since 2010. The Characteristics of a Good Logo Design Anyone can make a logo, but making a truly good logo design is something that takes more than just a PC or mac with the required software. There are many guidelines you should have a look at before deciding which logo design you choose in the end. Remember that your logo will be part of your brand and for that reason it needs to be taken seriously. If you’re a designer you would want to look out for these tips. If you’re someone ordering a logo from somewhere – make sure the provider can give you a logo fitting most of these criteria. It should fit your image and be relevant

Top Best Logo Design Inspiration Galleries Sponsor- – Need logo design inspiration? Below we feature 10 of the best logo design galleries for all of your inspirational needs. Logo Lounge Logo Lounge is the largest and my favourite logo design inspiration gallery… however, it is a paid service. It is $99 a year but it is totally worth it. Keep your logo simple but smart Think it's a fluke that an apple is an iconic symbol of technology greatness for Apple Inc., a check-mark like "swoosh" represents athletic prowess for Nike, and some people get hungry when they see the golden arches of McDonald's? These and other company logos share important qualities: They're simple and distinctive, but far from being no-brain designs. "Logos that are simple [and]clean are the most remarkable in sticking in people's minds," says Rosy Gocher, who founded the Victoria, B.C., company RowCDesign in 2007 after moving to Canada from Mexico six years earlier.

2014 Logo Trends on If home is our first place, and work is our second place, then mobile screens have definitely become our third place. Smart phone use has increased from 21 percent in 2010 to more than 63 percent today, and with 83 percent of all Americans online regularly, that percentage of mobile users is bound to keep edging up. The fact that so many people now view the world through a window the size of a business card has spelled an inevitable change in logo design. Menno Aden - Room Portraits Menno Aden_Room Portraits Works Room Portraits_about Tubes Over Head Tracks and Fields Parallel Home Panel Flats Grids About Exhibition Views Press Review Curriculum Vitae Contact Home Personal Logos: How to brand yourself as a designer Creating a personal logo is one of the most important things you can do as a designer. It’s the first step towards building your professional brand and should be used to communicate a lot about what type of designer you are. Identify your brand Consider how you want to be perceived as a designer.

7UP's New Logo Goes Old School 7UP, your favorite "uncola," has renewed its branding with new logo and packaging designs. We'll take a quick look at the new design and turn the conversation back to you to see what you think. 7UP Logo History 7UP is by no means a newcomer in the soft drink game. The 7UP brand launched way back in 1936! In fact, it's even older than that.