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Beginners Guides to InDesign

Beginners Guides to InDesign

A Love Affair with Ballpoint and Felt-tip Pens Beautiful mixed-media drawings by Paul Alexander Thornton. View more art at his blog. Photos and artwork © Paul Alexander Thornton Link via Escape Into Life Design a Sleek Google+ Icon (Plus Free Google+ Icon Set Download) Design a Sleek Google+ Icon (Plus Free Google+ Icon Set Download) Final Image Here is a preview of the image that we are going to be creating: Find Us on Google+ You can now connect with FanExtra/PSDFAN at Google+. Connect with FanExtra at Google+ Step 1 We’re going to be creating our icon at 128X128 (although you can use this tutorial to create an icon of any size). Start by creating a new document (128X128px). Vertical Guides: 0px, 32px, 64px, 96px, 128px Horizontal Guides: 0px, 20px, 128px Step 2 Now go to image>canvas size. Your guides will remain central. Now create a new layer called ‘background’. Step 3 Now use your guides to create a rounded rectangle shape in the center of your canvas (128X128px). Ensure that your fill color is 343434 and your shape radius is 20px. Step 4 Now rasterize this layer (layer>rasterize>layer). Duplicate it a total of 4 times. Now use your marquee selection tool and your guides to cut away parts of each layer. You can see your five layers isolated below: Step 5 Step 6

How To Create a Vibrant Cloud Icon in Photoshop Follow this step by step Adobe Photoshop tutorial to create a colourful and vibrant cloud icon. We’ll be using plenty of gradients and lighting effects to produce a really cool icon perfect for a modern website design or mobile app. The cloud icon we’ll be creating features plenty of vibrant colours to create a three dimensional appearance. A flow of purple to blue provides the colourful base while the highlights help illuminate the icon and lift it from the screen. View the full size icon design Open up a new Photoshop document and begin by filling a black circle with the elliptical marquee tool on a new layer. Back with the elliptical marquee tool, draw a slightly larger circle and a slightly smaller circle each overlapping the original left and right circles. Fill in any gaps in the centre to finish off the graphic as a recognisable cloud shape. Double click the layer to open up Photoshop’s layer styles window and add a Gradient Overlay. Our vibrant cloud icon is now complete.

Photoshop tutorials Remove bags and blemishes from portraits using the patch tool in Photoshop Leave a Comment The patch tool is perfect when you need to retouch a large area. After you have created a Stamp Visible (Shift+Alt+Optn+E), make a selection around the area you would like changed. These areas will include skin blemishes, under eye bags, wrinkles, dark spots, scars etc. Final Image Video tutorial

How to Create a Vector Image Slider in Adobe Illustrator Image sliders have been a common element of website design over the past few years, especially in portfolio designs. In today's tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create an image slider in Adobe Illustrator. Step 1 Hit Command + N to create a New document. Next, you'll need a grid every 5px. Step 2 Using the Rectangle Tool (M), create a 540 by 220px shape, fill it with R=28 G=117 B=188 and go to Effect > Stylize > Rounded Corners. Step 3 Next, you'll need this image. Step 4 Open the Transparency panel (Window > Transparency). Step 5 For this step you'll need this image. Step 6 Reselect the image and the white shape made in the previous step, open the fly-out menu of the Transparency panel and click on Make Opacity Mask. Step 7 Focus on the left masked image. Step 8 Reselect the black rectangle made in the previous step, focus on the Appearance panel and add a second fill using the Add New Fill button. Step 9 Step 10 Step 11 For this step you'll need this image. Step 12 Step 13 Step 14 Step 15

How to Create a Gradient on Stroke Effect in Adobe Illustrator CS5 In Adobe Illustrator CS6, Gradient on Stroke was introduced. Although you can't do this in an earlier version, we're going to show you a work around for it in Illustrator CS5. We're going to do this by creating a Blend from a Gradient and even show you how to modify it using the Width Tool (SHIFT + W). We'll then go on to create a quick trumpet illustration to show you what you can do with the Gradient. 1. Using the Rectangle Tool (M), click on the Artboard to open a dialog box. 2. With the shape still selected go to Object > Expand. Now open the Layers panel and expand the Group by clicking the arrow to reveal a Clipping Path. 3. Next open the Brushes panel (Windows > Brushes). 4. With your Pen Tool (P) draw a line similar to the one shown. Now, using the Width Tool (SHIFT + W) manipulate the line until you get the desired effect. 5. Use the Pen Tool (P) while holding SHIFT to draw a straight vertical line for your valve. 6. Draw a large circle with the Ellipse Tool (L). 7. 8. 9. Ta Da!

Creating a Bazinga! Text Treatment in Adobe Illustrator With this tutorial I'll show you how to create a Bazinga text effect made famous by Sheldon from the sitcom The Big Bang Theory in Adobe Illustrator. We'll be using some techniques to add multiple effects to a single shape, also duplicating and copying objects quickly, as well as creating a pattern and even rotating that pattern without disrupting the shape it's applied too. Tip: Please be aware that you may have to install fonts before you open Illustrator in order for it to show up in your list of fonts. 1. Create a New Document Let's start off by preparing our document. 2. Step 1 Now we'll create the very background color that our text will fit ons. Step 2 With the rectangle created let's style it. Step 3 You're welcome to stop here but let's give the background some depth and also add a gradient. 3. To finish the background select the Ellipse Tool (L) then click once on the document and create a circle 580px wide and 580px high. 4. 5. Now we'll adjust the angle our text is on. 6. Step 4

40 Handy Photoshop Tutorials of 2013  We are almost entering in second quarter of year 2013 and all designers are working hard and creatively in their respective field either web or graphic designing and we choose something from this period because we would like to update our audience with latest and modern adobe Photoshop tutorials. Check below great tutorials that created by professional designers and artistes. Every designer should learn about contemporary designing techniques to produce best and award winning designs such as posters, print advertisements, logo designing, mixed media collage designs, photo manipulations, abstract arts, Photoshop 3d effects, Photoshop and illustrator mixed designs, text effects, photo effects, photoshop lightening effects, instagram effects, grunge and retro design with brushes, textures and third party elements usage techniques are here. Add depth to mixed-media collages – Photoshop Tutorial Create an Earth Shattering Disaster Scene in Photoshop Iron Man In Illustrator And Photoshop