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The Ultimate Lifehack for 2013: 200+ Incredible Sites & Services Are you ready to ruin any chance you had of getting any work done today? This list represents “the best of the best” of the tech world’s resources DailyTekk curated over 2012. Culled from nearly 30 top 100 lists, this exclusive roundup represents the top 10 Editor’s Choice selections from our most popular lists of last year. Grouped together they form a powerful mega-life-resource that you can refer to again and again. Whether you want to find some new music to listen to, creating an infographic or an app or getting married, the coolest sites and services are here neatly categorized for your enjoyment. How cloud computing will change the way you do business You may not know it yet, but cloud computing is going to change the way you do business. Gone will be the days of provisioning hardware and software, creating space to house them, doing data backup and paying for maintenance. Instead, companies are paying a monthly fee and having that all done for them, says Ben Grele, director of the IT services practice group at Burr Pilger Mayer. “You could compare cloud computing to a utility such as electricity, where no one is running a generator to power their business,” says Grele. “Yet everyone expects that when they flip a switch, the light comes on. Cloud computing offers that same value proposition, where all you do is log in and off you go.

JavaScript Form Validation : quick and easy! Using client side JavaScript is an efficient way to validate the user input in web forms. When there are many fields in the form, the JavaScript validation becomes too complex. The JavaScript class presented here makes the form validations many times easier. Contents How to add JavaScript Form Validation quickly

Fri ljudredigerare och -inspelare Audacity is available for Windows®, Mac®, GNU/Linux® and other operating systems. Check our feature list, wiki, and forum for more information. februari 05, 2014: Audacity Unconference (AU14) Further to our recent announcement, our planned "Audacity Unconference (AU14)" will now take place on 11th and 12th July 2014 at UCLan in Preston, England.

Supersize your free cloud storage to 100GB or more Just a few short years ago, cloud storage services that synced files and folders across multiple PCs and mobile devices were just a dream. But thanks to the rapid rise of entities like Dropbox, SugarSync, and Google Drive, cloud storage and syncing services are nearly ubiquitous today, acting as hard drives in the sky that help you do all kinds of things—such as creating a bulletproof (almost) backup system or turbocharging your productivity to blistering new levels—no matter where you are. If you have the space, that is. Truly wondrous setups require robust cloud storage capabilities, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop dollars for extra gigs. Most services offer free accounts with modest quantities of complimentary cloud storage. In isolation, these pittances don’t amount to much, but merged into Voltron-like unity, the free storage from several services can achieve mammoth totals.

HTML5 Responsive Form Generator Create HTML5 responsive forms that you can embed into your website with the HTML5 responsive form generator. If you need to post the contents of your form via email, you can also generate all the PHP you need as well. Easy-to-use interfaceFull HTML & CSS code generationGenerate PHP email scriptLive previewSave your codeAccess to templates All 56 developer tools Community Templates Online Data Backup - Offsite, Onsite, & Cloud - CrashPlan Backup Software Only CrashPlan offers totally free local and offsite backup. A subscription to our cloud backup service gets you continuous backup, mobile file access and lots more. For the ultimate in computer backup, get all three, from the same easy application. Free local backup Zero worries about data caps or network speed makes backing up to an external drive the fastest, easiest way to back up – and get back – your files. Free offsite backup Offsite backup doesn't get any friendlier than CrashPlan.

I Want Cloud Apps, Not Just Cloud Servers! – Part I It is amazing how I continue to hear people talk about how they are still not familiar with “cloud”, what it is and how it will help their specific business. Just the other day I spoke to a customer prospect who believed they had a private cloud – as it turns out they had a virtual server farm which still could not be accessed through a self-service portal. But I am not surprised – after years of “cloud-washing” incumbent IT management solutions that cost a lot of money, time, and resources to implement, vendors have dictated how YOU should use the cloud. But, you need to figure out how the cloud actually applies to your specific business. untitled TL;DR: Serving web-app users a good offline experience can be tricky if they become disconnected from the internet. Providing offline functionality is important for UX, and some recent technologies make it easier for developers to accomplish it. In this article, we focus on the service worker API and find out how to use it with a library called UpUp to make our apps offline-first. Application users are no longer restricted to devices that are always connected to the internet, so it's more important than ever that applications can handle poor or no network connection. Ideally, apps should still work when the network connection is lost, with a mechanism for local data storage synced with a remote database.

File Sync & Online Backup - Access and File Sharing from Any Device - SugarSync Sharing Large Files Using SugarSync Sharing large files and folders just got easier. Generate a public link for any file or folder and share it on Facebook, Twitter, email, IM, or on your blog. Cloud Computing Befuddles Consumers, Despite Use: Study Those "to the cloud" television commercials and the cloud-focused airport advertisements may be a bit premature, as the majority of consumers don't yet know what cloud computing is despite using cloud services, a recent study found. According to recent research from The NPD Group, only 22 percent of consumers in the U.S. are familiar with the term "cloud computing." What's more, The NPD Group found, is that those unfamiliar with the term "cloud computing" frequently leverage cloud services. The research found that 76 percent of U.S. respondents used some form of Internet-based cloud service within the past year, whether e-mail, tax preparation software, online gaming or another service. Regardless, nearly one quarter -- 24 percent -- of U.S. consumers reported purchasing computer-based software applications within the last six months, showing that cloud services have not fully supplanted desktop-based applications.

HTML5 Quick Start Web Application Download - 7 MB Background I started learning more about HTML5 from December last year. Cloud Backup Software & Solutions from SOS SOS Online Backup is the best value in online backup. Hands down. Backup up to 5 computers Included mobile apps full backup and restore for iPhone and Android Schedule backups hourly, daily, and weekly

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