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Dropbox est en cours de téléchargement - Simplifiez-vous la vie

Dropbox est en cours de téléchargement - Simplifiez-vous la vie
Keep your files safe, synced, and easy to share. Install the appropriate package if you want to use Dropbox on your Linux Desktop.If your distribution is not listed then choose "Compile from Source". Note: These packages install an open-source helper application. The version of this application does not change as frequently as the main Dropbox application. These packages will always install the latest version of Dropbox for Linux.View release notes Dropbox Headless Install via command line The Dropbox daemon works fine on all 32-bit and 64-bit Linux servers. 32-bit: cd ~ && wget -O - " | tar xzf - 64-bit: cd ~ && wget -O - " | tar xzf - Next, run the Dropbox daemon from the newly created .dropbox-dist folder. ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd If you're running Dropbox on your server for the first time, you'll be asked to copy and paste a link in a working browser to create a new account or add your server to an existing account.

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6 free remote desktop sharing and screen sharing solutions Working in IT for 5 years, I’ve learned that desktop sharing/screen sharing software applications make life a lot easier for both the users and for the administrators. It’s not only a great way to supply technical support to users, but it’s also a fabulous way to share data and collaborate with others remotely quickly and easily. I’ve been using remote desktop sharing software for a while now and it’s worked wonders for our team. Multiple people in different locations around the country can work on a presentation or a project plan simultaneously from their desktop computers! As you can imagine, sharing your screen with a friend or family member is also something that comes in handy a lot more than you would think. My father recently bought a Mac and since he was a PC user all his life, he needed my help learning OS X.

How to get started with cloud computing Opinion By Beth Schultz February 7, 2011 12:49 PM ET Network World - 1. Configure ownCloud Last week the source code from ownCloud moved from Gitorious to GitHub. With this move, the core and the apps where splitted. If you now do a “git clone” of the core only the Files app will be available. To get the core and all apps together, we use the apps_paths option in config/config.php and clone the apps repoistory into the apps2/ directory: There are more options available to fine-tune the apps behaviour, like disable the appstore to get more control over apps updates/installs. GoogleSketchup Sketchup is a freely downloadable 3D modeling application first introduced for MS Windows in 2000. As of Wine-1.0, Sketchup 6 and 7 both run on Wine, at least with Nvidia graphics cards, although you may have to jump through some hoops to get it working. If you've been waiting to run Sketchup in Linux, wait no more! Please test it against wine-1.1.11 or later, and file bugs at for any new problems you find. Tips:

Tomboy : Simple note taking Login Tomboy Simple note-taking. 10 cloud career skills Network World - Cloud computing demands a mix of technology skills, negotiating skills, business acumen and people skills. Here are 10 key skills that can help boost your career into the clouds. MORE ON CLOUD CAREERS: Steer your career to the cloud Installation ownCloud provides ready-to-deploy packages for popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and openSUSE. Clicking on “Continue” will forward you to the ownCloud community page at the openSUSE Build Service, which hosts the repositories for all distributions. Further instructions on how to install ownCloud for your distribution are also provided there. How to Use Wine on Linux: 14 Steps Edit Article Edited by MA, Flickety, Puddy, Darrelljon and 6 others Wine is a open-source software application that allows Linux users to run Windows programs. This can be helpful for programmers who have to test the compatibility of programs and scripts with Windows. Wine also includes a software library (Winelib) to allow developers to compile applications for Windows on Unix-like servers.[1]

Papyrs Tour - Intranet as a Saas Organize, share and discuss all your information. A powerful editor to design your own intranet pages. Write rich text documents. Add discussions, custom forms, images, check lists, social media and much more. Predicting Egypt – Could Cloud Computing Have Helped? On January 25, 2011 the overthrow of the Egyptian government began - quietly at first, with non-violent demonstrations of long-held grievances. But, by February 11 Mubarak had resigned, the government of a long-stable country had been overturned and the future of the entire region was altered forever. With the overwhelming amount of web content and social media we are compelled to ask: "could we have seen this coming?"

10 Awesome Tools to Enhance Your Dropbox Dropbox is an amazing cloud service that has totally revolutionized the way people used to store their data. It is easy to use, extremely handy and useful. Dropbox is a lot more than just a simple online storage website. Many apps work side by side to ameliorate your Dropbox experience. These apps can prove to be really useful as they allow you to do a lot of cool things with your Dropbox account such as backing up your site to Dropbox, creating a simple site with Dropbox, automatically organizing your Dropbox files, or even emailing file attachments straight to your Dropbox account. All these things would definitely make your life a lot easier and enhance your Dropbox experience.

Brasero What is Brasero? Brasero is an application to burn CD/DVD for the Gnome Desktop. It is designed to be as simple as possible and has some unique features to enable users to create their discs easily and quickly. Features Supports multiple backends: cdrtools, growisofs and libburn(optional). Note: compiling against libburn is not enough. More Than 6 Million Users Work Online With Zoho With Zoho, you focus on your business while we take care of the rest with apps that help you get more sales, get paid, support your customers and make your business more productive. "One of our favorite cloud office suites comes from Zoho" "Zoho is the most comprehensive suite of web-based programmes for small businesses..." "I typed this story in Zoho Writer, even though I had never even tried it until this week. So far, so good..."

Cloud computing: reshaping IT market Companies in India will increase the adoption of cloud competing technology over the next five years. The total cloud market in India, currently at $400 million, will reach $4.5 billion by 2015. Of which private cloud adoption will dominate and account for $3.5 billion in revenues, growing at over 60 per cent, according to a study.

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