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RabbitMQ - Messaging that just works Cloud Application Platform for Spring – Java Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloud Computing Services Enomaly: Elastic / Cloud Computing Platform: Community Eucalyptus Community Start page – collectd – The system statistics collection daemon The Apache Cassandra Project Cloud computing Cloud computing metaphor: For a user, the network elements representing the provider-rendered services are invisible, as if obscured by a cloud. Cloud computing is a computing term or metaphor that evolved in the late 1990s, based on utility and consumption of computer resources. Cloud computing involves application systems which are executed within the cloud and operated through internet enabled devices. Overview[edit] Cloud computing[3] relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale, similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network.[2] At the foundation of cloud computing is the broader concept of converged infrastructure and shared services. Cloud computing, or in simpler shorthand just "the cloud", also focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources. Cloud vendors are experiencing growth rates of 50% per annum.[11] History of cloud computing[edit] Origin of the term[edit] The origin of the term cloud computing is unclear.

Welcome to Apache™ Hadoop™! CEO Sheng Liang Discusses Open-Source Cloud Computing & Asia CEO Sheng Liang was the lead developer on Sun Microsystems' original Java Virtual Machine (JVM) team. Today he is a co-founder and CEO of, based in Cupertino, CA. The company delivers an open-source platform for both Public and Private Clouds, and will be discussing all this at the upcoming Cloud Expo In New York June 6-9. also has a significant focus on Asia. Here are a few things we discussed in a recent interview... 1. We believe datacenter operators will build Cloud infrastructure using best-of-breed open source software. Beyond the infrastructure control layer additionally develops proprietary software products that enable our customers to run successful Cloud Computing businesses. 2. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) experience showed me how a new computing paradigm can be developed and can be accepted by the mainstream IT. 3. customers are datacenter operators. 4. 5. 6.

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