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Introducing a new Google Docs

Introducing a new Google Docs

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OFSTED Excellence Gateway Assessment is the process by which learners demonstrate their understanding of an area, usually to prescribed national standards. It may include demonstrating competence in practical areas as well as theoretical knowledge. How do your assessment practices compare with that of the most effective provision seen on inspection?

Blogging Innovation » Create a Culture of Successful Failure Very often the best way to test an idea is not to analyze it but to try it. The organization that implements lots of ideas will most likely have many failures but the chances are, it will reap some mighty successes too. By trying numerous initiatives we improve our chances that one of them will be a star. As Tom Kelley, general manager of the design and development firm IDEO, puts it, “Fail often to succeed sooner.” Google for Work The Apps Show presented by Google Play all The Apps Show highlights tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Google Apps at work. Join every Tuesday our Googlers for brand new episodes. Stay tuned! 1:07 4:11 4:48 4:33 3:59 6:06 3:43 5:06 4:55 3:47 3:44 4:29 View 100+ more This item has been hidden What's New for G Suite Admins Play all Noticed our new name? Introducing G Suite → place for G Suite Admins to get info on the latest updates and features in context and with demos. Released monthly to cover the past months updates.

Google Apps for Education UK User Group On February 15th the Google Apps for Education UK User Group will convene for the first time at Loughborough. @LboroResStaff will be there to keep an eye out for anything eyecatching from a research staff perspective, and may well tweet using #guug11 if anything interesting pops up. Research e-Resource Officer at Lboro, based in the Research Office with responsibilities in the Graduate School, and close collaboration with the e-Learning Team (Teaching Centre) and the Library. Top 100 Lamest Excuses for Not Innovating - by Mitch Ditkoff Recognize any of these? If so, find your way pass the 100th and learn how to go beyond them. Takes less than five minutes. (Or maybe a lifetime).

5 Ways Google Tools Can Make Education More Exciting Google’s no stranger to the education space. Teachers have been benefiting from the tools they create for years. Every time Google adds a new product or tool to their offerings, teachers get to work figuring out creative ways their students can benefit from it. Whether or not you’ve been using Google tools in your classroom for years or are just now starting to consider their potential, a little inspiration never hurts. If you want to break outside of some of the obvious uses and give your students something fun and exciting to work on with Google, one of these ideas could do the trick. Assign Students Expert Interviews with Google Hangouts

Watershed School The Watershed School selects Google Apps Education Edition to manage its cutting-edge curriculum The institution Located in Boulder, Colorado, Watershed School was founded in 2004 as a cutting-edge, experiential middle and high school. Google for Education It’s “Wednesday Wake Up” at the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (PALCS). Ms. Kofeldt’s 9th grade English students log into Tackk to review her latest prep materials for the upcoming Keystone exam. PALCS is unique because it is a public cyber charter school and each student attends class on the Internet. Ms.

The Downside Of Cloud Computing In Education The Downside of Cloud Computing in Education Cloud computing, in recent years, has become the focus of intense educational debates and arguments. Basically, cloud computing is one of the top products of the latest internet technology. As such, just like much of the products of the era, this technological breakthrough carries with it so much potential. In fact, cloud computing has been used even by the education sector in order to make the delivery of their services more effective and efficient. How Executives Are Using Social Media The time constraints on today’s executives are more numerous than ever before. Between the economic downturn, ever-changing industry regulations, fast-moving information and simple day-to-day management tasks, corporate executives are trapped in the virtual jail cell that is today’s business climate. The unintended result of executive “information-imprisonment” is a workplace where they may have little insight into employee morale, culture, and general goings-on during the workday. Blinded by the reflection of their own to-do-lists, executives are turning to consumer social networks to stay connected to the people that execute on daily tasks inside their organizations. According to The Society for New Communication Research (SFNCR), 92 percent of executives are users of LinkedIn, 51 percent are on Facebook, and 41 percent are on Twitter because these tools are “a great way to keep track of peers and colleagues.”

The Gooru Some pretty big changes are going on at Google Gooru! The first of which was our brand new logo which we introduced yesterday (8/6), and today we're giving our newsletter subscribers and followers a sneak preview of our new website. The New Google Gooru site will launch officially tomorrow (8/8), so I wanted to give you guys a brief tour before we made the switch.

JISC Legal Cloud Computing and the Law Toolkit (31/08/2011) We're pleased to present our free Cloud Computing and the Law toolkit for FE and HE professionals. Whether you work in a teaching, research, management or support capacity, our aim is to help you to make confident, informed decisions about implementing cloud computing solutions in your institution. Below is a brief introduction to the toolkit presented by our Service Manager, Jason Miles-Campbell.