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StudentRND Backbone.js Apache Solr 4 Cookbook eBook: $26.99 Formats: $22.94 save 15%! Print + free eBook + free PacktLib access to the book: $71.98 Print cover: $44.99 $44.99 save 37%! Free Shipping! UK, US, Europe and selected countries in Asia. Overview Table of Contents Author Support Sample Chapters Learn how to make Apache Solr search faster, more complete, and comprehensively scalable Solve performance, setup, configuration, analysis, and query problems in no timeGet to grips with, and master, the new exciting features of Apache Solr 4 Book Details Language : EnglishPaperback : 328 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]Release Date : January 2013ISBN : 1782161325ISBN 13 : 9781782161325Author(s) : Rafał KućTopics and Technologies : All Books, Big Data and Business Intelligence, Cookbooks, Open Source Rafał Kuć Rafał Kuć is a born team leader and a Software Developer. Sorry, we don't have any reviews for this title yet. Code Downloads Download the code and support files for this book. Submit Errata Errata - 4 submitted: last submission 19 Nov 2013 In Detail

JavaScriptMVC Emmet LiveStyle — live bi-directional CSS edit of new generation TodoMVC Alphabet arabe, Prononciation (avec le son), Ecriture des lettres LEXILOGOS Alphabet arabe voir aussi le test en ligne Certaines lettres n'ont pas la même graphie lorsqu'elles sont placée au début, au milieu ou à la fin d'un mot Prononciation & translittération Les lettres présentées sur ce tableau avec une majuscule sont emphatiques (elles sont transcrites avec un point sous la lettre : ḥa, ṣad, ḍad, ṭa, ẓa) : elles se prononcent comme si l'on avait la bouche pleine. Le ẖa (kha) se prononce comme la jota espagnole (ou le ch allemand). Les lettres ṯa, ḏal (tha, dhal) se prononcent comme le th anglais :tha comme le th anglais de thing,dhal comme le th anglais de this. La lettre ghayn se transcrit aussi ġayn. Alphabet & langue arabe L'alphabet arabe est une chose, la langue arabe en est une autre. À l'origine, la langue, la culture et la religion arabe concerne l'Arabie, la patrie de Mohammed, le fondateur de l'islam. À l'est, les Arabes ont conquis la Perse, l'actuel Iran. Il en est de même avec les Turcs.

Official iATKOS Website - Home Page Installer Mac OS X dans VirtualBox (AMD) | Aprogia Ltd MP3Juices - Free MP3 Downloads & Top Music Search os-x-mavericks-10-9-retail-vmware-image-t7981468 Full release notes can be found here: First version of the OS X Mavericks Retail VMware Image. Contains OS X Mavericks GM, and is compiled entirely from stock. Xcode can be installed via the App Store, as it functions *perfectly* as a Mac. Works with Player, Workstation and Fusion, both old and new versions. Please note: The Hardware Bypasser included was created using Tola's Patching Engine 2.03b and packaged using UPX 3.07, which results in false reports from certain virus scanners. If you wanna follow my work/releases follow us at

How to change Bluestack App's Resolution in Windows | GeekWake Hey guys today we are gonna explore one trick. Everyone knows about Bluestacks right, Bluestacks is providing platform where you can play any android game or you can run any android application simply on your Desktop/PC. So we gonna mass up with BlueStacks Application. Mass up in the sense, Many of you have tried to change the Bluestacks resolution, nop its not possible to change resolution directly. we have found one way to change your Bluestacks App resolution. One of our GeekWake Team member Dharmin Shah. Features: Bluestacks Stack Hacker Tool Simply change the ResolutionChange Shared Folder LocationBypass checking Graphic DriverEtc

The Next Big Programming Language You’ve Never Heard Of | Enterprise Getty Andrei Alexandrescu didn’t stand much of a chance. And neither did Walter Bright. When the two men met for beers at a Seattle bar in 2005, each was in the midst of building a new programming language, trying to remake the way the world creates and runs its computer software. That’s something pretty close to a hopeless task, as Bright knew all too well. Alexandrescu, a graduate student at the time, could’ve said the same thing to Bright, an engineer who had left the venerable software maker Symantec a few years earlier. Andrei Alexandrescu.Photo: Ariel Zambelich/WIRED The result is a programming language that just might defy the odds. C++ is an extremely fast language—meaning software built with it runs at high speed—and it provides great control over your code. Among the giants of tech, this is an increasingly common goal. In the past, the programming world was split in two: the fast languages and the simpler modern languages. The Cape of a Superhero For Alexandrescu, D is unique.

Which Linux distros are the best? - Renewable PCs Ubuntu[1] - The flagship distro of Canonical, Ltd., Ubuntu (which is an ancient African word meaning "humanity to others") has the Unitydesktop shell that runs on top of GNOME 3 in its most recent version. Ubuntu is extremely user-friendly, which makes it an excellent choice for Linux beginners. Because it is based on Debian, Ubuntu shares the ability to run .deb files and has many of the same features. Click on the picture above to see a larger screenshot of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin," which has the Unity desktop environment. My Rating of Ubuntu: The recommended minimum requirements to run Ubuntu in the default Unity desktop are: 1 GHz x86 processor 1 GB of system memory (RAM) 15 GB of disk space Graphics card capable of 1024x768 resolution Either a CD/DVD Drive or a USB port (or both) The system requirements will be less with Ubuntu running in the Xfce desktop environment as Xubuntu, or in LXDE as Lubuntu. My Rating of Linux Mint (Ubuntu-based versions): My Rating of Kubuntu: