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Aurelia vs AngularJS - Round One: FIGHT! - I Like Kill Nerds Things just got real in the front-end framework space. Durandal developer Rob Eisenberg and once upon a time short-term core Angular 2.0 developer has announced a new framework called Aurelia. A beautifully designed full-stack SPA framework with support for ECMAScript 6 syntax right out of the box and some clever design decisions. Not only does it allow you to build applications using ES6, but it supports all forms of alternative abstraction syntax out of the box like TypeScript, AtScript and even CoffeeScript. The syntax What we are seeing in Aurelia is undoubtedly the vision that Rob had for syntax in Angular 2.0. The way you bind to variables declared within your application class is absolutely beautiful and simple. Check out this example taken from the docs for binding to a variable: Beautiful. Another example from the documentation showcasing the explicit syntax (in this case, two-way binding): Sweet. Being able to write web applications using ES6 is not a new thing.

StudentRND Prism Next-gen JavaScript Framework "Aurelia" Brings Adaptive Databinding Engine Rob Eisenberg, formerly of AngularJS, has released Aurelia: a next-generation JavaScript framework with a "a first of its kind 'adaptive' databinding engine." Eisenberg announced his departure from Angular last November, saying "After almost ten months with the Angular 2.0 team, I've come to the conclusion that it's time to part ways." He clarified that he was not saying Angular 2.0 was going to be bad, simply that it was "no longer fundamentally the same thing" he had originally been hired to help build, and that it was not compatible with his vision for the future with Durandal. Eisenberg's vision for the future with Durandal is already taking shape with early previews of Aurelia. Answering the fundamental question "What's so spcial about Aurelia?" Aurelia has a first of its kind "adaptive" databinding engine allowing rich two-way databinding between vanilla JavaScript and DOM (including Web Components). Elaborating further on the vision of Durandal, Esienberg said:

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ServerGrove PHP Hosting, Symfony Hosting, Zend Framework Hosting Creating a Next Gen JavaScript Application with Aurelia 2015 brings with it the finalization of the ECMAScript 6 specification and with that the confidence to build modern, superior applications in JavaScript. The current landscape of JavaScript frameworks is dominated by the recognizable giants AngularJS and React both of which are aiming in some way, shape or form, to incorporate new ES6 features into their paradigms. There is however, another player that while new and relatively secretive, looks elegant in its use of modern JavaScript features. I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Aurelia. Aureli-who? Aurelia is a next generation framework that leverages modern concepts like ES6, Web Components, and modularization to help you develop performant, futureproof applications. Aurelia is the natural progression of Durandal, an AngularJS competitor built by Rob Eisenberg. New Technologies As I said, Aurelia is a “next generation” framework and as a consequence the tools it uses may be new to some of you. Gulp ES6 Module Loader Polyfill jspm

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