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ShapeBootstrap - Free Bootstrap template. jQuery. RESPONSIVE. Carousel - Slider -SlideShow. StackOverflow. Html - How to remove the underline for anchors(links)? Server. MARKDOWN. VECTOR. FIREWORKS. Quora Questions. Emacs. QR Code Generator – create QR codes for free (Logo, T-Shirt, vCard, EPS) Cheat sheets - Creative Punch. Which Linux distros are the best? - Renewable PCs. Ubuntu[1] - The flagship distro of Canonical, Ltd., Ubuntu (which is an ancient African word meaning "humanity to others") has the Unitydesktop shell that runs on top of GNOME 3 in its most recent version.

Which Linux distros are the best? - Renewable PCs

Ubuntu is extremely user-friendly, which makes it an excellent choice for Linux beginners. Because it is based on Debian, Ubuntu shares the ability to run .deb files and has many of the same features. Like many other Linux distros, Ubuntu can be downloaded and burned to make a live DVD or live USB to run and test the operating system before installing. Click on the picture above to see a larger screenshot of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin," which has the Unity desktop environment. My Rating of Ubuntu: The recommended minimum requirements to run Ubuntu in the default Unity desktop are: 1 GHz x86 processor 1 GB of system memory (RAM) 15 GB of disk space Graphics card capable of 1024x768 resolution Either a CD/DVD Drive or a USB port (or both) Convert HTML to HAML.


APP. Ruby. GIT. Ruby On Rails. GitHub. YouTube. All Topics. ILLUSTRATOR. Hapi JS. Sublime Text. Tutorials. GRAILS. CODIO. FLASK. DB. LARAVEL. The Next Big Programming Language You’ve Never Heard Of. Getty Andrei Alexandrescu didn’t stand much of a chance.

The Next Big Programming Language You’ve Never Heard Of

And neither did Walter Bright. When the two men met for beers at a Seattle bar in 2005, each was in the midst of building a new programming language, trying to remake the way the world creates and runs its computer software. That’s something pretty close to a hopeless task, as Bright knew all too well. “Most languages never go anywhere,” he told Alexandrescu that night. Alexandrescu, a graduate student at the time, could’ve said the same thing to Bright, an engineer who had left the venerable software maker Symantec a few years earlier. Andrei Alexandrescu.Photo: Ariel Zambelich/WIRED The result is a programming language that just might defy the odds. C++ is an extremely fast language—meaning software built with it runs at high speed—and it provides great control over your code. Among the giants of tech, this is an increasingly common goal. In fact, Facebook is working to bridge this gap with not one but two languages.


Web Designer. WORKOUT. What could replace Adobe Fireworks? UI/UX Design Tools comparison.Tawhid Khan. MARIAH CAREY. US Singles Top 100 - Music Charts. How to change Bluestack App's Resolution in Windows. Hey guys today we are gonna explore one trick. Everyone knows about Bluestacks right, Bluestacks is providing platform where you can play any android game or you can run any android application simply on your Desktop/PC. So we gonna mass up with BlueStacks Application. Mass up in the sense, Many of you have tried to change the Bluestacks resolution, nop its not possible to change resolution directly. we have found one way to change your Bluestacks App resolution.

Yeah now you can resize the Bluestacks Resolution. One of our GeekWake Team member Dharmin Shah.


Just Usefull. YouTube. NICE DESIGN WEB. WordPress. LINUX. Apache Solr 4 Cookbook. eBook: $26.99 Formats: $22.94 save 15%!

Apache Solr 4 Cookbook

Print + free eBook + free PacktLib access to the book: $71.98 Print cover: $44.99 $44.99 save 37%! Free Shipping! UK, US, Europe and selected countries in Asia. Overview Table of Contents Author Support Sample Chapters Learn how to make Apache Solr search faster, more complete, and comprehensively scalable Solve performance, setup, configuration, analysis, and query problems in no timeGet to grips with, and master, the new exciting features of Apache Solr 4 Book Details. Durandal. StudentRND.


CSS. Python vs. Ruby. RAILS. DESIGN. HTML. EmberJS. JavaScript. Design. Xtreamer Q. Emmet LiveStyle — live bi-directional CSS edit of new generation. Alphabet arabe, Prononciation (avec le son), Ecriture des lettres LEXILOGOS. TodoMVC. NODE.JS. Package Control - the Sublime Text package manager. AngularJS. Stress Test Demo. PYTHON. Relational Databases for Dummies. Official iATKOS Website - Home Page. Installer Mac OS X dans VirtualBox (AMD) Pour des besoins de tests avant une installation client, j’avais besoin d’un Ordinateur Mac avec OS X Lion.

Installer Mac OS X dans VirtualBox (AMD)

Acheter un mac pour justes quelques tests n’étant pas dans les moyens du client (ni de mes propres moyens), j’ai donc décidé d’installer le système d’exploitation sur une image virtuelle dans VirtualBox. Malheureusement, tous les tutoriaux disponibles pour cette version affirme que cela ne marche pas sur un ordinateur avec processeur AMD ce qui est mon cas. et pourtant… Notes : Cette installation nécessite les élément suivants :Virtualbox : Cette suite de virtualisation est libre, et même si elle n’offre pas de support officiel pour la virtualisation de Mac OS X, elle fonctionne assez bien et sera suffisante pour des testsiATKOS: Il s’agit d’une distribution de Mac OS X Lion modifié pour fonctionner sur un PC classique.

Télécharger VirtualBox, l’installer, et de l’ouvrir. Cette procédure est assez simple et ne demande pas à être détaillée. Edit du 29/08/2012. MP3Juices - Free MP3 Downloads & Top Music Search. MrZackehhSoul. Os-x-mavericks-10-9-retail-vmware-image-t7981468. Full release notes can be found here: First version of the OS X Mavericks Retail VMware Image.


Contains OS X Mavericks GM, and is compiled entirely from stock. Boots on average around a minute although it can be in as little as 25 seconds sometimes., but make sure to give up to 10 just in case. Recommended you watch the setup video contained in the download to get it working properly and avoid unobvious mistakes, anything covered in that won't be addressed in the comments. First boot will be slower compared to future startups. Xcode can be installed via the App Store, as it functions *perfectly* as a Mac. Works with Player, Workstation and Fusion, both old and new versions. - GSM phone reviews, news, opinions, votes, manuals and more...