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Designing Libraries - University of Birmingham's £44 million new library. 22 September 2016 The building, described as heralding a new generation of libraries in UK higher education, opened its doors at the University’s Edgbaston Campus on Monday, September 19.

Designing Libraries - University of Birmingham's £44 million new library

The milestone building will provide state-of-the-art facilities for students, staff and researchers, as well as a cultural hub for the University and the city, with some facilities being open to the public. An inspirational learning space With some 62 kilometres of shelving, including 12km of open access bookshelves, the library will provide a new home for the thousands of books and publications owned by the University while also delivering what the University’s Director of Library Services Diane Job has described as ‘inspirational learning spaces embracing new and emerging technologies’. These include a new vanguard audio listening room and four video editing suite booths. Hoseo University Library by DongWoo Architects. 7 Reasons Libraries Are Our Only Hope In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse. When the zombie apocalypse rises from out of nowhere, as The Walking Dead has shown us it will, there will more than likely be wide-spread confusion as to where everyone should run to.

7 Reasons Libraries Are Our Only Hope In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse

Do you have a zombie apocalypse plan? The hospital is out of the question, since that has the highest chance being the cause or at least responsible for the mass-spreading of the disease. Staying at home will clearly do you no good, unless you've built yourself an apocalyptic survival cave underground. Then there's always CostCo or giant warehouses, but there might already be a ton of people heading there. As someone who took a college course on zombies in popular media (I'm a professional, people), you can trust me. Academic libraries are usually somewhat massive, which means they'll be able to hold a lot of people. 1.

Academic libraries, similar to college campus lock-downs, already have a security system in place for when things go wrong. 2. 3. 4. 5. What's the best weapon in the world? 6. 7. Design committee has high praise for new Temple library. “Sophisticated poetry.”

Design committee has high praise for new Temple library

That’s what Cecil Baker, the bard of Philadelphia’s Civic Design Review Committee, had to say about the design of Temple University’s new library. “Where have you been?” He asked Margaret Carney, the university architect, just an hour after giving a somber send-off to the developers who are planning to tear down the vacant Mt. Sinai hospital in South Philadelphia and replace it with townhomes. “I see your project and I get filled with hope,” he said. The new library is a four-story, 215,000-square-foot building at 13th Street and Pollet Walk, in the heart of Temple’s main campus.

The building, designed by Snøhetta architects, has two big eyes, like those of a fish, facing southeast and southwest. Carney said the building is meant to be inviting and to reinforce the core of Temple’s campus. “There are moments of beauty,” Carney told the committee, “but there are a lot of places where the campus does not feel particularly safe or welcoming.” The 25 Best University Libraries in the World. Granted, libraries are often quite boring to look at.

The 25 Best University Libraries in the World

Thankfully, though, along the ages some universities thought they would make a bold statement and build fascinating libraries instead. Some of them have magnificent, historic interiors, whilst others are brand new and modern. We promise they’re all amazing! Take a look at what we think are the 25 best university libraries in the world! 1 – St. Cambridge University’s oldest library is no longer used as such, but is still open on weekdays for College members and guests. 2 – Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University (New Haven) Built in 1931, the Sterling Memorial Library is the focal point of Yale University’s campus. 3 – The George Peabody Library, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore) Formerly known as the Library of the Peabody Institute, this library is without a doubt one of the world’s most impressive. 4 – Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, University of Chicago (Chicago) 5 – Geisel Library, University of California San Diego (La Jolla)

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