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Uk.businessinsider. PartnerTalk: Social Media in the Library: Discovering Best Practice - Special Libraries Association Special Libraries Association. Home / Blog / SLA PartnerTalk: Social Media in the Library: Discovering Best Practice Sign up today for this free SLA PartnerTalk on February 25, sponsored by Taylor & Francis.

PartnerTalk: Social Media in the Library: Discovering Best Practice - Special Libraries Association Special Libraries Association

The ways social media tools are selected and used in the library change regularly in an evolving digital and social climate. With so many tools available, multiple uses, and many librarians making use of these tools in their libraries, Taylor & Francis has produced a white paper that analyzes the challenges and opportunities presented by social media as a communications tool in the library. The white paper considers social media use in the library, the most useful social media tools, and the best applications of these tools in a library setting. Use of Social Media by the Library: Current Practices and Future Opportunities is based on findings from focus groups in the U.K., the U.S. and India, in-depth telephone interviews, a Twitter party, and an extensive survey.

Date: Wednesday, February 25 Time: 2:00 p.m. 4 Ways Academic Libraries Are Adapting For The Future. For academic institutions seeking to thrive amidst the constantly shifting world of higher education, libraries have become the heart of the spirit of collaboration and innovation—going beyond being places to merely access knowledge to become hubs to truly explore and create.

4 Ways Academic Libraries Are Adapting For The Future

Telegraph Books sur Twitter : Gorgeous gallery: 10 unusual #libraries. 10 unusual and beautiful public libraries. Robert Dawson spent 18 years travelling across the United States to photograph hundreds of public libraries.

10 unusual and beautiful public libraries

Above: Library built by ex-slaves, Allensworth, California, 1995. Allen Allensworth began his remarkable life as a slave in Kentucky in 1842.


Extra: T is for Training Usual Suspects named 2010 Movers and Shakers « T is for Training. This Book Is Overdue! - MARILYN JOHNSON. "Marilyn Johnson's marvelous book about the vital importance of librarians in the cyber-age is the very opposite of a "Shhhhh!

This Book Is Overdue! - MARILYN JOHNSON

" It's a very loud "Hooray! " ever so timely and altogether deserved. Move over, Google-- make way for the indispensable and all-knowing lady behind the desk. " -- Christopher Buckley, author of Losing Mum and Pup. "To those who have imagined a dalliance with a librarian -- and there are millions of us -- Marilyn Johnson's new book, chocked as it is full of strange, compelling stories, offers insight into the wildness behind the orderly facade of the humans who are at the controls of our information.

" --Pete Dexter, author of Spooner and Paris Trout. " The author speaking at the Katonah (NY) Village Library annual meeting. Lauren’s library blog - about. Lauren Pressley is the Head of Instruction and an Associate Librarian at the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University. In this role, Lauren collaboratively manages the library’s instruction program, plans and manages professional development for librarians who teach, administers the LIB100/200 program, represents library instruction to various audiences, and serves as library representative on teaching-related committees including the Teaching and Learning Center advisory board. Lauren’s professional interests include strategic thinking, advocacy, the library’s role in the teaching and research missions of the university, and mentoring new and emerging professionals in the field.

She particularly likes helping people think about the changing information landscape and what it means for them as consumers and producers of information. Todos los negros tomamos café… « Es jugo rico, fuego suave, sin llama y sin ardor, aviva y acelera toda la ágil sangre de mis venas.

Todos los negros tomamos café… «

El Café tiene un misterioso comercio con el alma; dispone los miembros a la batalla y a la carrera; limpia de humanidad el espíritu; aguza y adereza las potencias; ilumina las profundidades interiores y las envía a fogosos y preciosos conceptos a los labios. José Martí Los cubanos somos tomadores habituales de café. Esa tacita mañanera no falta en ninguna casa de la isla. Sin ella, el día comienza incompleto. Es tradición ofrecerlo en cortesía a los visitantes de la casa, de manera que si estás por estos lugares, saludando amigos, te será muy difícil evitarla, todos te brindarán un buchito de café como bienvenida: negro, fuerte y en tacita pequeña. Helene Blowers: Applying the ownership strategy to libraries?

Just finished reading Robert Fabricant’s FastCompany article, Is the Kindle Destined for Skymall? And found his ownership analogies related to business strategies interesting. Here’s the five he outlined: Own a killer app… the Tivo strategyOwn a library… the iTunes strategyOwn a device … the Wii strategyOwn a marketplace… the Apple Store strategy Own a community… the MySpace strategy You’ll need to full article (a fast read) to get the gist of his analogies, but after reading these, it had me thinking about how this “ownership” analogy applies to the future of the physical library. If you had to fill in the blank to this question what you answer. Handheld Librarian Online Conference – Sending out an SMS. Library binding. Purpose[edit] In addition, many libraries re-bind damaged books in library bindings regardless of whether they were originally paperback or hardcover.

Library binding

Methods and materials[edit] Most library binders use a method of bookbinding called oversewing to secure the volumes. Oversewing involves cutting or milling off the spines of the volumes, creating a block of loose pages. Then the loose sheets are combined into small units or signatures, which are secured with overlock stitching. L’Œil de la Médiathèque » Look to Your Library : Libraries are a great investment - Weekly Vista.